Blogging Becomes Stress

Bloggers are booming. Blogging open the way for everybody to write. You do not need to be high-educated scholar to blog. With average language skills able to describe that’s all. It is free hand writing.

But this Blogging becomes stress when you blog for money. You may hear about stories of Successful Bloggers. Blogs can be monetirised. All this can make you believe that blogging can be an easy way for earning money.

This is not true. If you blog for money, you will loose writer’s spirit. You skip from blogger’s attitude. Successful bloggers blog when they like to blog. But bloggers for money try to blog all the time; they like to fill their blog with anything and everything. It is not the quantity but quality makes the different.

You will keep searching for topic, and ideas to blog. Instead of writing about something, which moves and stirs you, you try to write a diary. Sometimes you start to steal. You use your office hours to blogging. You hate to do office works. You hate to spend time with your friends and family. You always want to keep writing or filling your blog. You have urgency or hurry to get your blog filled. Your mind will be obsessed with blogging.

You dream that soon you are going to earn huge money from your blog. So you rush to get your blog filled. Each and every second something come to your mind to fill your blog.

This is a sort of stress called Blogging Stress. When you blog casually when you can and what you like, it is a hobby. You can enjoy blogging hobby. True bloggers do not expect any monetary return from their hobby. They expect a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. But when you see blogging is a business opportunity you loose the pleasure of blogging. Blogging becomes a work to you.

You schedule your timing to blog. You pressurize you to write blog without motivation. Even your creativity is empty; you do not wait for it to come up. You do not wait for something to blossom in you to write. All this because you see blogging is a source to make money through advertisement. Sooner or later you will get depression by becoming forceful blogging machine. Too much of anything is bad, including blogging.

True bloggers do not work for blogging. They write when something move their spirit. They blog when they like to share something. Like flower blossoming, blog blossoms to them. They do not fix time frame or join the race of filling their blog. In a spontaneous moment they start writing.

If you see blogging as a source of financial freedom, then sooner or later you will develop blogging stress. If you have blogging stress please stop blogging. Stop vomiting many things instead of writing few things with creativity.

Keep blogging, if you have the true blogging spirit. Otherwise you will be wasting your resources like time, money and energy.

There is no true financial freedom. Even if you start earning from your blog, you are not secure financially. Somebody may hack your site or your hosting server may go down or your advertiser (pay per click) company may change their policy. So blog if you have the spirit of blogging, please do not let the blogging be one more factor for stress.

Let the blogging be a hobby and pleasure, not a business until it really starts yielding business.