Opportunities in Recession

Psychologist have good opportunity during recession. There is boom in depression, suicidal attempts/victims, frustration among jobless people. Doctors have to do their business in full swing to attend the recession stimulated mental patients.

Cell phone sales is not slowed down during recession, instead it may be increasing. Cell Phone Servicing will have high demand and job openings irrespective of recession. Learn Cell phone servicing and become a cell phone technician. Mobile phone industry is not affected in recession.

Sales jobs are always having openings irrespective of recession. Those who lost their ‘sitting job’ can try out a sales job, which also reduce their fat level accumulated in their ‘sitting job’.

Human resource development and personality development have scope to improve the confidence level of emerging graduates/freshers since no openings for them. So self development firm can conduct interview training, interpersonal skills, etc. to keep them engaged.

During recession or economic crisis government may initiate major construction projects. So civil engineers , contractors, mason labors have good job opportunity.

Collection Executive jobs will have more openings in recession. Many who took loan before recession can not repay the EMI, so more collection executives will be deployed to dodge loan/credit card defaulters to get the money.

Recession will create a restlessness, confusion among people. This may be headache to ruling government of developed nations. So to divert the people’s attention from recession, developed countries may engage in war with weaker countries. So there may job openings in military and weapon related industry.

News papers and publishing medium have permanent headline or topic to scream called recession. Reporters will collection information and statistics about global recession all over the world and keep the public panic. There may be small job opening in journalism or more if developed countries start the war.

Spiritual Gurus or corporate Gurus and their missionaries and assistants will be busy dealing with depressed people, giving solace and hope for a better tomorrow. Good opening is always in the spiritual sector.