Stress in Decision Making

Taking decision is not stress free. If we postpone taking decision, our stress level will increase. Actually decision making is stressful if we don’t have sufficient data.

Decision by Fact vs Hypothesis
When we have facts, we do not need to take decision, because facts will tell what to do. When we do not have facts, we have to make decision by hypothesis.

To take decision we need bravery rather than intelligence. Of course intelligence is must, but bravery is best for taking decision. The decision making ability is must for an administrator. It needs for all human being, but for administrator it is essential.

Foregone decision must be avoided. Decision according to situation or circumstance is best. Circumspect is a man of decision. He knows the decision to be taken according to the environment.

Worrying after taking decision is useless and foolish. It is better to think thousand times before taking decision. But decision should not be retreated after embracing it. It is impossible like recalling an arrow after bowing it. Like words, decision is a slave to us before taking it. After taking decision, it will be our master.

Taking decision is the one of the major ingredients of leadership quality. A leader without the ability to take decision is like a pen without nip.

We should not expect all our decision would be right. To take a right decision, it needs larger experience and greater analytical power. Out of two analytical is important. Do not worry about the wrong decision, because right decision can be taken from the experience gained at wrong decision.

It is best to take right decision. It is acceptable to take wrong decision. But, it is worst of all to be indecisive rather than taking decision.
While taking decision do not be worrying as it may go at astray. Do not fear to take decision. Decision must be taken at any cost. Right decision makers are like winners in the game. Wrong decision makers are like runners in the game. ‘Indecisivers’ are spectators to the game. So take decision when and where it is to be taken.

There are very rare and few circumstance when decision should not be taken.
A problem is solved by a right decision. It is left as it is by indecision. But become worse by wrong decision. In such situation it is better to avoid taking decision. Time can solve many problems.

First, find out whether this situation/problem really needs a decision/solution. If it is true, take the decision without hesitation. If it is not true then leave it as it is. Whether to take decision or not is also a decision.