Ignore the Office Politics to Reduce Job Stress

Office politics and work stress are closely related. Ignore the office politics to reduce stress. It is not the workload alone which is the reason for stress. It is our mindset and smouldering negative emotions, which create stress.

Your stress level mounts when your mind is obsessed and got feverish with negative thoughts or negative emotions. Work load is not an issue if you are happy and you have sense of well being.

You will have detractors if you are skillful and talented. You will have competitors, you will earn jealous of others. The existing employees or senior by date of joining have fear or jealous at you. You will have tough time if you are smarter than your immediate boss or superior. You will be insulted directly or indirectly. What they want is to get you out of the company and let them be on top always.

Your relationship stress mounts if you react to the above scenario negatively.


My friend is a programmer. He is well talented with high productivity. He was a quickly promoted to higher levels. The programmers working in the company who are senior to him by date of joining get jealous at him. They represent the management. They insulted him directly or indirectly. They always teased him, put him down many times.

Those who are close to management or acting as immediate boss or superior expect others to be meek to them in all the aspects. Those who are better than them will be tossed like anything.

My friend who had got friction with such people. He started to develop angry feelings, and negative emotions. He did not fight with them explicitly. He kept ‘bottle necking’ his angriness and negative feelings. Even after office hours, he was thinking about them. He was always having the angry feelings and frustrations. His head was overloaded with angry thoughts. He was obsessed or got feverish with his detractors thoughts.

He did not think about his girl friend, his parents, God, brothers and sisters, and friends. But, kept thinking about his competitors.

His productivity in the work got reduced slowly. He was not able to concentrate in his work. His productivity reduced due to wasting his mental strength by having a non-stop ego friction. His workload was also increased. All led him to severe stress and depression problems.

He met me and discussed his problem. He said that he was not able to concentrate in his work. He had some health problems. He suddenly started speaking about his office detractors. He was about to quit the company due to these problems.

I understood his real problem. I explained the real reason for his mental tiredness and lack of concentration. I suggested him to stop thinking about his office detractors. I told him that he would get back his mental strength if he ignores their ill treatment, if he forgives them.

Company pays him, he does not need to bother about others. I told him few tips for how to ignore his detractors.

Office politics is everywhere. Learn to ignore it. Just concentrate on your work. As long as, company is paying you and the workload is bearable ignore other things.

My friend realized the his problem. It is not the work load or his immediate boss which give him stress. It is the way how he responded, which actually give stress to him.

My friend develops pity at his detractors in the office. He is happy that he is skilled enough to earn jealous of other people. He thinks about what he likes and who like him. His angriness disappears. He regains his form and productivity. He is rising to further higher level in his career.

Slowly and steadily, his detractors skip him. They will find another rising star for screwing. My friend is happy and healthy both mentally and physically.