Struggle for Being Fit

Being fit is a big challenge nowadays. The life style demands more from us. 24 hours a day is not enough. Finding time for exercise or any activity for being fit is difficult. You need to catch the cab or bus in the early morning and late night returning only to sleep.

Somebody knows the time as when they have to start from their home in the morning, but do not know when they will finish up the evening. No definite idea about end of day closing time.

In this busy life style, it is a struggle to be fit. Even we have to spend time with ‘Traffic Jam’ and ‘everlasting mobile calls’ , but not for being fit.

But we have to succeed in our struggle for being fit.

Walk as much you can. Try to have a ‘walk’ in your everyday journey to workplace. Avoid using phone(intercom) within the office as much as you can. Just walk to the person’s place to whom you have to talk.

Bargain with your employer as you need a flexible time either in the morning or evening. Morning is always the best choice for both you and your employer.

Nobody knows the schedule in the evening. There are many cases you will get the task between 5pm and 6pm. Many boss’s keep you busy from the evening.

Get a flexible morning reporting hours, have time for exercise at least for 30 minutes.

It is better find out any Gym near by your work place, which you can easily access from office. The best practice is find out a niche for your workout near by your office.

The best way to do what you like to do is, mingle with people who have same interest in your day to day life or create interest with the people you share your day.

Find out interested colleagues and form a group. Without hesitation, initiate this. Then you will be automatically have the habit of doing exercise.

At least once a week have a swimming session for couple of hours. Try to avoid working in companies which has six working days per week.

You may or may not be doing exercise in your teen ages and college time. But once you begin your career or if you are in your middle ages you must begin the activities to be being fit. It is a great challenge but the struggle for being fit must be succeeded.