Real Honey

Buying Real Honey or Raw honey is not so easy, since deforestation or climate changes all over the world.

When I was a boy, I went with my Grandfather to buy Honey from the local tribes near our village. Those tribes live in the forest. They sell the products they ‘collect’ from forest to villagers. In turn, villagers sell those products to city people.

My grandfather always told me “don’t buy honey from shops, they are not real honey, they may be synthesized or duped honey.”

He also specify tips to Identify a real honey.

Take a glass of water. Let the single drop of Honey should fall into the glass. See how the honey drop dissolves in the water.

First honey drop should reach the bottom of the glass, without dissolving. If it starts dissolving before reaching the bottom, it is not real honey. After reaching the bottom, it has to wait for a while, before starts dissolving in the water.

It has to start dissolving slowly. If dissolving is quicker, it is not a real honey.

How long a honey drop takes to dissolve in the water, that is one of the way to identify it’s quality.

My grandfather took to me tribes in the middle of the forest. Then we walked with them. They have already spotted a honey hive. After reaching the honey hive, they asked as to smear a natural cream(?) over our exposed body parts.

Then, they started heating the honey hive. They seems to be get used with bee sting.

Once bees left the hive, they claimed the tree and cut the parts of the hive, and squish it, capture the squished honey in the vessel, they carry.

Then we returned to their hut. They pour the honey collected just now in the bottles and handed over to my grandfather. He paid money to them.

It took half a day to reach the tribe’s hut by foot. Almost full day time spent in buying raw honey directly from tribesmen. My grandfather used to say, this is real honey. Raw honey is real honey.

It is not possible to get raw honey directly from tribes or forest when monsoon fails or drought times. Bee collect honey from Flowers. If no rain, there will be no trees, plants and there will be no flowers. If there is no flowers, there will be no natural honey. We used to buy honey from shops, supermarkets though they are synthesized or duped in these periods. Something is better than nothing.

We buy from tribesmen through village mediators even nowadays. There are known and unknown health benefits of Honey to mankind.

Quran recommends Honey. Which means, honey is a God recommended food.

Silicon Civilization

We are living in Silicon Civilization. Human history has witnessed various known and unidentified civilizations.

Every civilization has its own life style, comfort level, technical expertise, cultural and economic system, and of course Spirituality and God.

In stone age people were having expertise in using stone for their extra comfort in hunting, fighting and sheltering.

Like that, we had Steel age during the Industrial revolution. With the expertise in chemicals we had ‘Plastic Age’.

Now, we are in age of Semi-Conductors. From poor to rich are using semi-conductors in one way or other way. From cell phone to Rockets, chips are every where.

The world is shrinking closer and closer from civilization to civilization. People across the continents can communicate just like that in silicon civilization. No other civilizations have achieved such a technical advancement than silicon civilization.

The main difference among civilizations is Technical Expertise.

There are other minor conceptual differences among civilizations. There are definition of Sin and Crime, create of God, preaching of spiritual leaders, commodity pricing, freedom and role of women. Above all, the overall conscious of people.

Collective Conscious of society is different from civilization to civilization. Each civilization has its conscious. The people believe something, and practice something. Many people have a search in their life without the clarity of what to be searched.

Is the technological advancement and its impact in the day to day life formatting the conscious of people or growth of brain? OR Are the conscious or growth of brain leading to technical advancement?

Conscious is not static. It is keep changing. Why it is changing, and how it is changing is still a mystery. In a man’s life, the conscious of childhood, boyhood, adulthood, middle age and old age are different.

Conscious is the only source of self identification or ‘I am’. ‘I am’ is keep changing within a life span of man.

Conscious is the crux of sense of well being.

The actions we do and the actions acted upon us, the thought we generate and the thought generated for us, the level of comfort, the level of stress all are changing our conscious slowly without our awareness. Change may be either in positive or negative way.

Everything in and around us shapes our conscious.

When you do not watch TV for a year, you may notice a slight difference in your conscious from others.

If you receive an appreciation and you are receiving scolding, both mount two difference conscious respectively.

By and large, conscious of all the civilizations are not same. Each civilization has its unique consciousness.

Silicon Civilization has attained the highest technical expertise compare to all other civilizations. Does it give the best sense of well being to its people compared to other civilizations?

The living standard and level of comfort in day to day life of silicon civilization is the best among all other civilizations. There is no doubt in it. But is it eco-friendly?

The more technical advancement leads to more harm to eco-system. No other civilization has done such a damage to earth like silicon civilization. More indulgence in material life, lead to less involvement in human values.

Moreover, it is the most complex living system.

Is Silicon civilization the best civilization in terms of sense of well being, complexity, and stress level in individual and society.

Does every individual have sufficient biological space in the age of Semi-conductors?

Does silicon civilization gives the best conscious to its people compare to all other civilizations?

Tribute to Photographic Film

More than a century photographic film is in use. For Photography and Movies they were blood lines.

Photographic film is a big industry where millions of people lived by production and sales. It was a big sales item in travel and tourism and social functions.

After serving the humanity for more than 100 years, it is time to say goodbye to Photographic film.

The impact of Digital Camera, has made the ‘film roll’ as obsolete and an article for museum. Slowly but steadily photographic and movie industry is changing to digital camera usage.

There are so many products come to the market, and disappear soon due to technological development. But it is the ‘film’ which last for more than a century.

Pager came into the market and made useless by cell phones. Pager did not survive for even a decade. Now cell phones are in the market for nearly two decades. But soon they will be outdated by satellite phones. Video cassettes and video player has survived for around 50 years in the market, but they are outdated by VCD/DVD players.

Many products has short life span in the market, and some has long. But it is rare to find a product which has life span of more than 100 years in the fast changing world. ‘Photographic Film’ has such reputation.

Let us show gratitude and appreciation for the great product which is going to be not in use completely within a decade. Once the digital camera prices are come down, the coffin for film will be ready.

Relationship changes

Relationship is born, grow, changed, maintained, died, and killed.

Relationship is born between two different entities. The tone or flavor in relationship with a same person/entity is keep changing.

There are many good friends become enemy after becoming partners in business. There are intimate lovers become ‘divorced’ after getting married. There are good colleagues who become enemies after working in same project.

When you newly join to a company, in that first day your relationship with your company is different from after 3 or 6 months. Your relationship after 6 months will be not the same after 1 year.

Every second the relationship is changing. .

You may keep distance from your colleague A at the beginning, but later on you get close to colleague A, then you get close to colleague B and forget colleague A, meanwhile colleague A is promoted instead of you, then you stop speaking to colleague A. Now your relationship with Colleague A is dead. When you realize you are acting by your ego, you voluntarily speak to colleague A. Now the relationship is re-born.

The reason for change in relationship may be anything or no reason at all.

You get close to your neighbor, you share your feelings to them. Later they moved to another city. You lost contact with them. After few years if you meet them by chance, you do not feel the intimacy or comfort you had when they were your neighbors. Now the relationship is different.

We may hate a person, to whom we had good intimacy in the past. We may stop speaking to a person, to whom we had unlimited talking in the past.

The relationship between husband and wife at the time of marriage is not the same after few years. If a house wife is going to job, her relationship with her husband will change. Husband has to adapt to the change, otherwise there will be friction between the husband and wife.

If you do not accept the change in relationship, your relationship will be broken.

Relationship between same individuals changes due to following factors. Economy, Educational, Social status, Geography(re-location or moving to another city), Age, Body changes, Hobby, Self-Esteem, Ego, Career, Weather and fight among other relatives.

If your wife and sister have friction in their relation, it will definitely change your relation with both.

As long as you are comfortable with a person or your expectations are satisfied by the person you like to maintain the relationship alive. You know a person for so many years. If you record the moods you have when you are with him, you can see there are lot of changes in the mood.

Keep watching your relationship changes. You can maintain it.

Relationship is growing like tree grows. The reason for change may be anything. If the change gives comfort and good mood, it is positive change. If the change gives discomfort and the rapport collapsed, it is negative change.

You will come to know the value of a relationship only after killing it. If the tree is giving disturbance, do not cut the tree, instead cut the branches. It is very hard or time consuming to have another tree like that. It is applicable to relationship too.

Less expectation and a readiness to accept change and giving the freedom to say ‘No’ will maintain the relationship.

We should learn to maintain relationship at least to say ‘Hi’ when we meet in person by chance.

Social Networking in Olden Days

Social networking is not new. It is existing before the advent of internet. The concept of social networking is existing since man started to live in communities(group).

Today, the medium is internet. Earlier it was the trees and community places. Every village has one or two big trees or halls in temple or belongs to local panchayat. People gathered there when they have free time, especially in the evenings. They discuss about everything interested to them. Have fun and relaxation. Some people initiate the topic. Then the topic will revolve for many hours or days.

Today majority of villages are getting empty. Villagers are moving to cities to be a part of silicon civilization. There is not big trees in the cities. Few parks are there, but they are occupied by people waiting for their coffin and adolescent lovers. So no proper place for ‘In Person’ social networking.

But the inner call for ‘social talk’ is smouldering like smoke. Human is a social animal, social activity is must. The need for social activity is satisfied at ‘social networking’ sites. Social networking portals are ‘Silicon Trees’, where people of silicon civilization can interact when they are free under the shadow of silicon tree.

The feelings get under ‘Real Trees’ and ‘Silicon Tress’ both are same. Man is eliminating wooden trees, instead nourishing ‘Silicon Trees’ to sit, gather, discuss, speak, shout and relax.

So the core concept of social networking is existing since man lived in caves. Social networking or virtual life is going to boom. Every section or group of people need a ‘space’ to express their social networking calls.

Importance of Having Fun in Life

Importance of playing and having fun in life.

From childhood to college days, we play, have fun during our free time. But when we go to job, or after becoming adult we stop playing.

Playing and having fun are vital for healthy and happy life both mentally and physically. During childhood our mind is filled with games and fun. During adulthood our mind is filled with tensions and problems. We do not satisfy with what we have in hand. We keep searching something. Never ending search. We do not have time to play. Neglect playing and having fun. We leave them as they are kiddies activity.

Play, having fun, laugh are like antibodies to prevent tensions, fear, stress of adulthood life. While playing we forget everything, mind is free from all, which are unnecessarily hooked with our mind. You can experience the body in full action only if you have fun and play.

Ignore all your urges, throw away your fears and tension, create friends to play, have fun, laugh like mad. Suddenly you will be relieved from the past and the future and you will be in pleasureful present.

Having fun in life and playing may slow down the aging process.

Opportunities in Recession

Psychologist have good opportunity during recession. There is boom in depression, suicidal attempts/victims, frustration among jobless people. Doctors have to do their business in full swing to attend the recession stimulated mental patients.

Cell phone sales is not slowed down during recession, instead it may be increasing. Cell Phone Servicing will have high demand and job openings irrespective of recession. Learn Cell phone servicing and become a cell phone technician. Mobile phone industry is not affected in recession.

Sales jobs are always having openings irrespective of recession. Those who lost their ‘sitting job’ can try out a sales job, which also reduce their fat level accumulated in their ‘sitting job’.

Human resource development and personality development have scope to improve the confidence level of emerging graduates/freshers since no openings for them. So self development firm can conduct interview training, interpersonal skills, etc. to keep them engaged.

During recession or economic crisis government may initiate major construction projects. So civil engineers , contractors, mason labors have good job opportunity.

Collection Executive jobs will have more openings in recession. Many who took loan before recession can not repay the EMI, so more collection executives will be deployed to dodge loan/credit card defaulters to get the money.

Recession will create a restlessness, confusion among people. This may be headache to ruling government of developed nations. So to divert the people’s attention from recession, developed countries may engage in war with weaker countries. So there may job openings in military and weapon related industry.

News papers and publishing medium have permanent headline or topic to scream called recession. Reporters will collection information and statistics about global recession all over the world and keep the public panic. There may be small job opening in journalism or more if developed countries start the war.

Spiritual Gurus or corporate Gurus and their missionaries and assistants will be busy dealing with depressed people, giving solace and hope for a better tomorrow. Good opening is always in the spiritual sector.

Mobile Browsing

Converting normal websites to ‘mobile browsing’ is really needed? If needed, how to implement it easily?

Right now there is no such traffic or data transfer from mobile devices like desktop or laptop. There is no guarantee that people will switch to mobile browsing to surf the internet as on date.

If we compare the previous history of desktop browsing, I predict sooner or later mobile phones will be used for browsing more than desktop computers.

Desktop browsing increased when the bandwidth capacity increased by Internet Service Providers (ISP). Because of the high speed broadband connections at affordable cost, video and audio streaming is made possible to the internet.

Desktop browsing got momentum because of high speed internet connection and higher bandwidth.

In the same manner speed and bandwidth of wireless/GPRS internet connectivity increased, mobile browsing will get momentum.

Mobile browsing will generate more traffic than desktop computers when the speed and bandwidth of wireless internet connectivity increased.

The SMS communication among present generation youngster makes sure that they have better ‘dexterity’ with mobile phones than computers. When this ‘present’ generation matures to middle ages they prefer mobile phone than computer to browsing.

Technology growth has great impact in life style changes.

Desktop browsing may be obsolete when ISPs increase the speed and bandwidth of wireless internet connection.

At one point of time, most websites will have dual versions. Once for desktop browsing and another for mobile browsing.

Techie guys will manage with the single website for both desktop and mobile browsing with little compromise in user experience. This site is such one. I do not maintain two different domains for desktop and mobile browsing. You can view this site both desktop and in cell phone browser with ease.

Heart Attacks False Belief and Hypothesis

Sugar, Blood Pressure and Heart Attacks. Which is the worst disease? Can diet and exercise prevent them? Are they genetically induced?

The above three are not induced by external bacteria or virus. They are body’s by products from our diet and depending upon the metabolic rate of our body. Metabolic rate varies from individual to individual.

There are various belief system or hypothesis prevailing in the society about heart attack.

Avoid eating oily foods to prevent Blood Pressure and cholesterol. It is really true? I am not sure and nobody gives guarantee for that. You consult a doctor, ask him a written guarantee as you will not have Blood Pressure Or cholesterol or heart diseases if you avoid oily foods. OK, include meat in the avoiding list. You become vegetarian.

Now consult a doctor and ask a written guarantee from him as you will not have sugar, BP, and heart diseases. Doctor will not give a written guarantee.

Because, he can not also give a written guarantee as people eat oily foods, meat must have sugar, BP, and heart diseases.

In reality there is no rule that eating oily foods, meat, and a heavy diet should bring sugar, BP, heart diseases.

In the same way, there is no rule that avoiding oily foods, meat, and a heavy diet should not bring sugar, BP, heart diseases..

Got it?

There are various hypothesis about foods and its effect in body.

The impact of food over body varies from individual to individual depending upon the metabolic rate.

Eating rice will bring Sugar, so eat Chappati(wheat). Eating Chappati will increase your body weight. So you will have Blood Pressure. Anyway you will have Sugar or Blood Pressure even though you avoid Rice or eat rice.

Skipping break fast will bring heart attack. Drinking hot water reduce cholesterol level.

Is it a scientific fact or hypothesis?

If a disease is genetically programmed to you by birth, what is the role of food in bringing the disease. If Sugar is genetically programmed, irrespective of you eat rice-sweet items or don’t, you will be a Sugar patient sooner or later.

If you cholesterol is secreted by your body which is programmed genetically, damn sure you will die by heart attack even you avoid meat and oily foods.

The role of Gene and Diet in bringing the disease is still a mystery, so leading to countless hypothesis and belief and ‘sayings’.

I like bajji (Capsium and onion) very much, but because of the fear of Blood Pressure, fat, cholesterol and heart attack I avoid eating it. There are list of foods I avoid because of the fear of disease and death irrespective of my likings.

I am not sure if Bajji brings the disease or I am genetically programmed.

I walk nearly four to five kilo meters a day to avoid disease. You must know it is painful to walk everyday when you are walking because of the fear of disease rather than you like to walk.

Walking for the sake of interest and walking for the sake of disease are totally different.

Act by fear and Act by like – both have drastic different. I feel walking by fear of disease brings other sort of disease psychologically or physically. It is better to stop walking out of fear, which may land you up on some other misery or mystery.

Walking can prevent the killer diseases or it can not prevent the killer diseases. I am not sure. I feel believing anything is a hypothesis. Because it works for somebody and does not work for others.

What works for me may not work for my brother or sister or friend. But what I do is if anything works out for me I started creating a new hypothesis and spread it. Rest of the people blindly follow it.

If a doctor cures your disease you immediately start recommending everybody to that doctor. But there is no guarantee that he can cure all.

When I look into the ‘sayings’, practices, prevention tactics, diet controls and etc to avoid Sugar, Blood Pressure, and Heart Attack, I feel the whole humanity is living by hypothesis. Life is full of hypothesis.

Heart Attack is not a disease. It is a call. Call to bid farewell to this world. It is better to die by heart attack within minutes rather suffering for years and years in Sugar and Blood Pressure.

Even many saints and yogis ‘leave this world’ by heart attack, because it is quick and easy.

Preventing Sugar, Blood Pressure, Heart Attack is not going to stop you from Death. It is a fact not hypothesis.

Whether you follow diet control, exercise, regular checkup with doctor all may help you prevent the killer diseases, but you can not escape from Death. You may not die by sugar, bp or heart attack, but you will be die by some other disease or by accident.

The worst disease is ‘Health Conscious’, not Sugar or Blood Pressure or Heart disease.

‘Health Conscious’ prohibits you from eating what you like to eat and doing what you like to do. It forces you to eat what you do not like to eat and do what you do not like to do.

Health conscious people do exercise, maintain their diet to avoid Sugar, Blood Pressure, and cholesterol.

By having too much health conscious some people avoid those diseases but bring uncurable mental disease called fear.

Fear of disease, fear of death itself a psychological disease.


Right now everybody has Coltan in their hand, pocket, and bags. It is kept close to human chest and head.

Coltan at micro level mingles with everybody in the Age of Semi Conductors.

Coltan is a hard ore used in high performance semi conductors as capacitors to control the current flow. It is notable for its high heat resistance.

Coltan is widely used in mobile phone and hand held devices industry. It is used in Laptops and IPODs too.

There is a sudden demand for Coltan since 2000 due to expanding mobile phone market.

Awareness of Coltan and its impact in Globe especially in Central Africa is not known to common man who use mobile phones. It’s awareness is at the techie level.

Common man should have the awareness of Coltan and its appliances and its impact to humanity and environment.

A Century back Coal and Fossil fuels were unearthed. Now we face the nemesis. Now Coltan is unearthed, who is going to face its nemesis in the future.