Upfront Decision

When we take decision and we do not know our decision is right or wrong, then how do we move forward?

Unless we walk in the path, we do not know about the path.

The best way to rely on taking a decision is depend on our experience.  Experience matters when taking decision.  Experience will help us to make decisions correctly.

If we do not have sufficient experience then, only way to know the result is execute the decision – walk in the path.  In such NO EXPERIENCE scenario, we can take UPRONT DECISION

Upfront Decision is, take a decision, execute it, and try your best.  If it works out, then continue else revert from your decision.  When you are starting a business, spend less money, time, energy initially – If the business takes off, then involve more, else ramp off.  Upfront decision is try out your plan for a while with less expenditure and without expectation.  If your plan fails, then nothing to loose big.

When we do not know, what will click, then we could try many Upfront Business Models.

We should not take upfront decision in marriage or life partner,  We cannot take upfront decision in buying a home.  We can try upfront decisions in renting homes. I wanted to buy a MTB cycle.  But, I am hesitating whether MTB will suit me.  If it does not suit me, then it becomes useless, money spent to buy the cycle will be waste.  If I manage to rent the MTD cycle for a day or week and ride it, will help me to know whether the cycle will suits me or not.  If it suits me, I will buy it, otherwise I will drop.  Renting before buying is upfront decision.

The Blunder called Belief

Belief is a cognitive blunder in the evolution of mind.

When we believe something, which means it does not exist in reality.  We expect it to be. We do not need to believe a fact.  We believe in God, we believe in religion, we believe in this that.

When we are not certain about something, we develop a belief about the uncertainty to make it certain as per our convenience or as per our like.

Somebody believe in God, somebody do not believe in God.  Both are believes.  Both parties believe something.  In reality, we do not know whether God exists or not.

In day today life, we have various believes about relationships, events, products we use.  We believe soap could kill germs.  We believe education will secure source of income.  We believe good things will happen to good people, bad things will happen to bad people.  We believe struggling for money, being middle class is a symptom of good nature.

We believe in savings is good.  We believe spending is bad.  We have a belief about money, we believe somebody is good and somebody is bad.

Without logic and without facts, we have many believes in life.  We have to question our belief.  Assume something and believe the assumption, this is the way our belief system develops.

Depend on logic and facts.  When facts are not available, then have a belief as per your like but understand that it just a hypothesis.  Be ready to remove your belief when facts available against your belief.  Do not be adamant with your belief when facts are against it.

Identification with Education

We have a strong deep-rooted identification with our educational system. We are driven mad by our attachment with education.

We have our ego clubbed with education.  We look education as a source of income to make a living.

Respect, pride, money, economy, ego are all embroiled with education.

My 10-year-old son is not going to school often.  He takes leave often.  He is telling that he does not like school.  Recently, he was adamant as not going to school.

I was afraid that he might be a school dropout from 5th standard.  I could not digest my son is without education – a college degree. There was a trauma, cry from me at the moment when this Dropout thought raised.  Sub-consciously, I have strong identification with education.  When it is shaken, I have bad emotions, I became weak.

I feared what my son will do in future without education. What job will he do without a degree?  What level of respect will he receive from the society? Will he not feel inferior in front of educated people?

I could not accept to my son without education.

I see education as a recognition, source of income, an entry into corporate companies, a resume for sky scrapping salary, a security from fear of unknown, a source of confidence.

 For many centuries, education was not attainable to majority of people.  Education was circling in a closed circle.  Many people lived without education for centuries.

I am a second-generation graduate.  Back to my grandfather onwards nobody was educated.  My father is the first graduate in his clan.

In the last 50 to 75 years, education spread across the country and reached its peak now.  You cannot join government job without a degree.

I have to get rid of my identification with education.  It is a delusion that education is everything; it is a belief that without education life will be futile.

I am limiting myself with my identification.

I am putting my son within a frame of identification.

The belief system over education, make me do certain actions, and prevent me from doing certain actions.

I have to see myself without educational identity.  When I try it, I feel myself light.  Once I shed my educational identification, I would be able to see my son without education.

There are limitless possibilities for a man without education.  Don’t let my son restricted by the possibilities of education alone.

There is a life beyond education. Schooling has become such a stress nowadays.

Reason for Diseases – BP, Sugar, Heart Attack

We do not know the true reasons for BP, Sugar, and Heart Attack.  If we are affected by any of these diseases, we will undergo treatment.  We do not know how to prevent.

Truly, we do not know how to prevent from getting sick.  If we are sick, we will have treatment.  There are many Sayings about to how to prevent.  All are hypothesis, just belief, not fact.

If we know the reason why we have disease, then we could prevent it. We know the reason for Polio, so we found a vaccine to prevent it. 

There are many illness, we do not know why they attack us.  If attacked, we will have medicine to recover or manage it.

We are reactive to diseases, not proactive, and we could not be proactive.

We do not have medicine to prevent BP, Sugar, heart disease, cancer, viral fever, cough and flu.  We have medicine to treat them after diagnosed with them.

Diet, exercise, meditation, yoga – nothing can protect you from getting sick.  Indulge in these activities as long as you like to practice.  Do not compel yourself to do anything or stop doing anything in a belief that it could help in being healthy.  Fact is you do not know the true reason why you are healthy or why you are sick.  Health is beyond reasoning.

Future is Lay down not Predicted – PHP

Is future predicted or determined or neither predicted nor determined? It just flows on its own.  People are just aligning with future.

I never predicted my future 14 years back.  I never determined my future 14 years back.  I started my career as a PHP programmer 14 years back. I neither predicted nor deterministic in planning my career.

I grow as PHP grows.  My salary increases as scope of PHP increases.  I worked in small companies when PHP was thriving in small companies and in small projects.  I started working in big companies, when PHP was accepted for big projects, and accepted in big companies.

I did not plan anything.  But, Apple’s journey was deterministic.  Steve Jobs changed the way people listening music.  Steve jobs and Apple lay down their future.

Bill Gates and Microsoft built their future.  Bill Gates revolutionized the way people living.  He lead the computer to masses.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs changed the way people living.  They are pioneers in the path they walked, because they lay down their path.

People are expecting electric vehicles to revolutionize the way of commuting.  But it is not happening right now.  High upfront cost, long charging time, and low mileage are challenges in adapting electric vehicles.

Someone successfully changed the way people living.  Pioneered in the path they walk and path is lay down by him/her. He/She harvest the initial profit.  She/he maintains monopoly.  Once the path is successful, rest of the population started walking in the success path.  Later people earns some benefit and survive in life.

I am one among the many who walked in the path, which is lay down by Rasmus Leardorf.  Rasmus found the path to build the web in faster and easier way.  PHP made web development is easy and faster comparing the web development technologies in the years 2000.  PHP made the hosting cheaper.  Hosting companies and PHP revolutionized web development.

Fourteen years back I am driven to walk in the path, which was successful till date.  It was not my conscious decision to choose PHP.  In 2004, when I was looking for a job very badly, I got a Job offer as PHP programmer since PHP needed huge man power to built the web.  There was a need for PHP programmers at affordable cost in huge numbers around year 2004.  Internet was blossoming and it requires simple technology and huge cheap labour to grow.  So PHP reached India.

I slipped into PHP river and just float on its way.

Rasmus addressed the web development challenges at early stage and accelerated the web.

Pioneers address a problem, find a solution, changed the way people living.  They are deterministic to change something.  When the change is accepted and requires further human resources to get implemented, next set of people join the bandwagon and make a living.  Next set of People are just align into the path.  They do not build their future.  If the path they walk is successful, then they become successful.  They do not build their success.  They just walk in the path of success laid by innovators.

Innovators, creators build the future.  Followers just align with Future created by innovators.

If you are a mass follower, in order to be successful, walk in the path of successful revolution, something changes the way people living.  You will survive at least, if you do not have luck to thrive.  Choose a revolution – a change, which will last for 20 to 25 years

Is Facebook useful to man

Is Facebook useful to us?

Facebook has become a connecting medium. That’s the only use, I see. Whatever good and bad happen in all the connecting medium, all is happening here too like in public gathering, mlm meetings, marriage, festivels. People use these platforms as per their need and interest.

Somebody promote their business- use the connecting medium for marketing or get new friends or keep in touch with friends, relatives or use Facebook for self exaltation.

Apart from these what is the use. Does Facebook stop me from rushing to office by Monday morning. Anything, which is not helping a man in his efforts to fulfill his basic needs, are making money out of him. Earlier we used tap-recorder, grammaphon, Walkman to listen music. Steve made the musical system much more easier than what was yesterday. But a man’s struggle for existence is not shared or reduced by these tech giants.

Still millions of people out there, who can not afford for an iPad or computer or smartphone. Technologic advancements are not empowering these majority section of people financially.

These technologies don’t reduce the price of basic need of a common man. Technology is addressing the comforts of people, but not needs. There is no technology which produce surplus rice, vegetables, cloths to distribute them at free of cost – where people no longer struggle for basic needs.

If you buy the technology, it will give you comfort, but it will not stop you from going to job or work to make a living.

Google Vs Youtube

Google was the major source of coding for programmers. Not only techies, but for anything and everything google was the reference point.

But, Google days are over now.

It is time for youtube. Log of video tutorials for techies in youtube. From kitchen to nano technology anything can be seen from youtube.

I started using youtube rather than google. One screenshot is equal to thousand words. One video is equal to thousand screenshots.

“Google it” is over, it is time for “Youtube it”.

Google bought youtube few years back diligently. So text or video content Google Inc is still the provider.

How God Punish You

When you born in this world, you are not deciding your relatives, siblings. When you go to new home, you are not deciding your neighbors. When you go to new office, you are deciding your colleagues.

If you are not deciding your people around you, who decides it. It may be Fate or ‘by chance’. Sometimes the relationship between you and your ‘people’ may be comfortable to you and dis-comfortable to you in other times.

Somebody has to ‘fight’ with their spouse throughout their life, For somebody their spouse is ‘made for each other’.

Brothers and sisters are affectionate to somebody and irritating to somebody.

Level of Jealous, Fear, Ego, tolerance, giving room for privacy, admitting the biological space, love, sacrifice and many attitude and economy related factors decide the flavor of your relationship with others.

If you lost peace of mind by the people around you, do not get angry at them. It is the fate or God’s plan. When God wants to punish or test you, He would not come in person. He punish you through the people around you.

God strikes you through your wife/husband, if He is in very angry with you.

If you have bad relationship with your Boss/immediate supervisor, God wants to show your how would you suffer in the hell fire.

If your mother and sisters see you as their enemy, often engage in verbal violence or execute domestic violence with you after your marriage, God alone can save you, because God wants to show you ‘love with expectation’ is fragile.

If you have a bad neighbor, God get aversion at the sight of you.

If you have tense relationship with your sons and daughters in your old age, God wants to show you, what is wealth and health.

When you are tortured by a person whom you have to interact often, please pray to God. Either God is testing or punishing you. God alone can save you.

If you retaliate or fight back, God will show you what is hell in this human life, your soul will be burning when you are alive.

Praying God is the only solution rather than ‘doing’ anything.

Remember, you are completely broke in selecting your parents, siblings, relatives, and neighbors. ‘Broke’ means, something can sooth you or harm you but you can not control what is suppose to happen at your will. You are lost. You can only ‘accept’. You have to let things happening to you. Now you are broke.

When you are broke, leave things to God and hope for the best. Things will happen at the will of God.

Do not judge a person or relationship. A relationship can be changed upside down at the will of God. When a relationship sooth you, be thankful to God. When a relationship hurts you, Pray to God for peace. Never Never Never, retaliate your parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, spouse, Boss, and Kids.

Real Honey

Buying Real Honey or Raw honey is not so easy, since deforestation or climate changes all over the world.

When I was a boy, I went with my Grandfather to buy Honey from the local tribes near our village. Those tribes live in the forest. They sell the products they ‘collect’ from forest to villagers. In turn, villagers sell those products to city people.

My grandfather always told me “don’t buy honey from shops, they are not real honey, they may be synthesized or duped honey.”

He also specify tips to Identify a real honey.

Take a glass of water. Let the single drop of Honey should fall into the glass. See how the honey drop dissolves in the water.

First honey drop should reach the bottom of the glass, without dissolving. If it starts dissolving before reaching the bottom, it is not real honey. After reaching the bottom, it has to wait for a while, before starts dissolving in the water.

It has to start dissolving slowly. If dissolving is quicker, it is not a real honey.

How long a honey drop takes to dissolve in the water, that is one of the way to identify it’s quality.

My grandfather took to me tribes in the middle of the forest. Then we walked with them. They have already spotted a honey hive. After reaching the honey hive, they asked as to smear a natural cream(?) over our exposed body parts.

Then, they started heating the honey hive. They seems to be get used with bee sting.

Once bees left the hive, they claimed the tree and cut the parts of the hive, and squish it, capture the squished honey in the vessel, they carry.

Then we returned to their hut. They pour the honey collected just now in the bottles and handed over to my grandfather. He paid money to them.

It took half a day to reach the tribe’s hut by foot. Almost full day time spent in buying raw honey directly from tribesmen. My grandfather used to say, this is real honey. Raw honey is real honey.

It is not possible to get raw honey directly from tribes or forest when monsoon fails or drought times. Bee collect honey from Flowers. If no rain, there will be no trees, plants and there will be no flowers. If there is no flowers, there will be no natural honey. We used to buy honey from shops, supermarkets though they are synthesized or duped in these periods. Something is better than nothing.

We buy from tribesmen through village mediators even nowadays. There are known and unknown health benefits of Honey to mankind.

Quran recommends Honey. Which means, honey is a God recommended food.

Silicon Civilization

We are living in Silicon Civilization. Human history has witnessed various known and unidentified civilizations.

Every civilization has its own life style, comfort level, technical expertise, cultural and economic system, and of course Spirituality and God.

In stone age people were having expertise in using stone for their extra comfort in hunting, fighting and sheltering.

Like that, we had Steel age during the Industrial revolution. With the expertise in chemicals we had ‘Plastic Age’.

Now, we are in age of Semi-Conductors. From poor to rich are using semi-conductors in one way or other way. From cell phone to Rockets, chips are every where.

The world is shrinking closer and closer from civilization to civilization. People across the continents can communicate just like that in silicon civilization. No other civilizations have achieved such a technical advancement than silicon civilization.

The main difference among civilizations is Technical Expertise.

There are other minor conceptual differences among civilizations. There are definition of Sin and Crime, create of God, preaching of spiritual leaders, commodity pricing, freedom and role of women. Above all, the overall conscious of people.

Collective Conscious of society is different from civilization to civilization. Each civilization has its conscious. The people believe something, and practice something. Many people have a search in their life without the clarity of what to be searched.

Is the technological advancement and its impact in the day to day life formatting the conscious of people or growth of brain? OR Are the conscious or growth of brain leading to technical advancement?

Conscious is not static. It is keep changing. Why it is changing, and how it is changing is still a mystery. In a man’s life, the conscious of childhood, boyhood, adulthood, middle age and old age are different.

Conscious is the only source of self identification or ‘I am’. ‘I am’ is keep changing within a life span of man.

Conscious is the crux of sense of well being.

The actions we do and the actions acted upon us, the thought we generate and the thought generated for us, the level of comfort, the level of stress all are changing our conscious slowly without our awareness. Change may be either in positive or negative way.

Everything in and around us shapes our conscious.

When you do not watch TV for a year, you may notice a slight difference in your conscious from others.

If you receive an appreciation and you are receiving scolding, both mount two difference conscious respectively.

By and large, conscious of all the civilizations are not same. Each civilization has its unique consciousness.

Silicon Civilization has attained the highest technical expertise compare to all other civilizations. Does it give the best sense of well being to its people compared to other civilizations?

The living standard and level of comfort in day to day life of silicon civilization is the best among all other civilizations. There is no doubt in it. But is it eco-friendly?

The more technical advancement leads to more harm to eco-system. No other civilization has done such a damage to earth like silicon civilization. More indulgence in material life, lead to less involvement in human values.

Moreover, it is the most complex living system.

Is Silicon civilization the best civilization in terms of sense of well being, complexity, and stress level in individual and society.

Does every individual have sufficient biological space in the age of Semi-conductors?

Does silicon civilization gives the best conscious to its people compare to all other civilizations?