Is Facebook useful to man

Is Facebook useful to us?

Facebook has become a connecting medium. That’s the only use, I see. Whatever good and bad happen in all the connecting medium, all is happening here too like in public gathering, mlm meetings, marriage, festivels. People use these platforms as per their need and interest.

Somebody promote their business- use the connecting medium for marketing or get new friends or keep in touch with friends, relatives or use Facebook for self exaltation.

Apart from these what is the use. Does Facebook stop me from rushing to office by Monday morning. Anything, which is not helping a man in his efforts to fulfill his basic needs, are making money out of him. Earlier we used tap-recorder, grammaphon, Walkman to listen music. Steve made the musical system much more easier than what was yesterday. But a man’s struggle for existence is not shared or reduced by these tech giants.

Still millions of people out there, who can not afford for an iPad or computer or smartphone. Technologic advancements are not empowering these majority section of people financially.

These technologies don’t reduce the price of basic need of a common man. Technology is addressing the comforts of people, but not needs. There is no technology which produce surplus rice, vegetables, cloths to distribute them at free of cost – where people no longer struggle for basic needs.

If you buy the technology, it will give you comfort, but it will not stop you from going to job or work to make a living.