How to increase Programmers Productivity

To Programmer

Keep yourself energetic and relaxed. More you are relaxed and energetic you will have more productivity.

Do not check your email while working. If you are in bench or without any work, check your personal email, otherwise do not check it. The amount of strain and energy to read emails are more than what you think. Above all, the diversion from the work is very high. It will dilute your concentration in your office work.

Another important thing is never never use mobile phone while working. You are diverted from your work immediately. Continues use of mobile phone and checking personal email at work place gradually reduce your productivity in long run.

Stop working when you feel tired either mentally or physically. Have a small break as change then continue the work. It is good to take rest before you get tired.

If there is emergency, you can work extra time for one or two days, but never work over time often, which eventually reduce your productivity.

Take leave at proper intervals. Every three to four months take one week leave. Every year once have one month vacation if possible.

Sleep minimum of six to eight hours a day. You must have such life style and work style to have sufficient sleep.

Never engage in any part time or additional work unless your salary is very low. Programming is brain work. One mind one concentration yields better results.

When you do not have any work, please switch off your monitor and speak with your colleagues or listen to some music or get up from your seat and look around. Keep on starring the monitor and browsing the dirty web pages will waste your energy.

Every one or two hour wash your face, hands and legs.

To Management
Try to keep a working environment which is free from fear and relationship stress as possible you can.

If any programmer who is in project for more than three months to six months, give them one week forced leave. Change and rest will re-charge them.
Continues usage will result in low productivity.

If you find any good programmer, preserve him/her like anything. They are like missile hitting the target precisely. You do not know, how much stress and tension you will have when you are dealing with low quality fake programmers.

So if a programmer is not giving any work related tension to you, try to make him/her feel comfort in the office.

If possible give leave to programmers in bench. Empty mind is devil’s factory. Programmer in bench make dirty surfing and dirty mega downloads. They actually increase traffic and higher bandwidth, Which indirectly slow down the work of programming and project.