Can we kickstart Pulsar NS160 BS6 with a Dead Battery?

Can we kickstart a Pulsar NS160 BS6(Fuel Injection – FI) with a dead battery?

NS160 comes with a kicker even though it has FI – Fuel Injection. When starter motor has problem or push button (self start) has problem, then you can use kicker to start the bike provided battery in good condition.

FI – Fuel Injection and it is controlled by ECU – both require steady current/voltage from battery to function. If there is no current/electricity from battery to Fuel Injector or ECU from battery, then you can not start the bike using self start and kicker and manual push start. Nothing works with a dead battery to BS6 motorcycle including NS160 BS6.

Sometime, battery may be low and it may not have enough current to rotate starter motor/self start, but battery has some low power which is enough to function the FI and ECU. In such case, you can use kicker to start the bike temporarily. You should replace new battery soon.

In short, as long as steady sufficient current flows from battery to function FI and ECU, you can use either self start, kicker, manual push start – whatever is working. If the battery is dead, no current from battery to FI and ECU, then nothing will start BS6 motorcycles.

BS6 or Fuel Injection – FI motorcycles need a good battery to start even with kickstarter. Kickstarter is an alternate to self start, but not an alternate to battery.

We can not kickstart Pulsar NS160 BS6 FI with a Dead Battery