Spiritual Life Vs Materialistic Life – relation

How spirituality related to materialistic life? Spirituality has no impact on materialistic life and materialistic life has no impact of spirituality. A spiritually enlightened man can be either rich or poor. Enlightenment does not decide your materialistic wealth. Rich or poor life, does not enlightened you. Enlightenment decides your feelings, emotions to the events, happening in material life. It does not control events happening in material life.

Material life has it’s own rules and measurements unique to person to person by divine chaos, which are completely not related to spirituality. If you want to study well, you have to read, memorize, write, practice repeatedly to score good marks. If you are enlightened or worshipper or go to temple or meditate or do prayers, which will not guarantee that you will score good marks in your school or college or competitive exams.

Being wealthy, healthy, respectful, proud is entirely related to material life. You cannot claim respect from others in material life because you are spiritually enlightened. Material world has its own value system and measurement as how to respect or treat a person based on wealth and productivity. If you demand respect from material world, you have to fulfill what material world is expecting. If you want to travel in first class in train, then you should be in a position to pay(money) for first class ticket. Which means you should have enough money or earn enough money to buy first class ticket. No compromise.

Becoming enlightened or not is the only choice given to human. Rest, everything is determined subjectively by person to person. There are rules and there are exceptions. No theory fits for all in materialistic world.

A poor man can be enlightened, and a rich man can be enlightened. A poor man need not be enlightened, and rich man need not be enlightened. Enlightened has no relation with wealth or any materialistic resources.

If you want materialistic benefits, then you have to provide what it wants, be adhere to it’s process. Fifty Fifty. To achieve anything in materialistic life, your effort is 50% and divine chaos favoring to you is 50%. To pass you need 70% from both your effort and fate.

Your effort and your fate, decides how you live in materialistic life. But your spiritual life is 100% your choice. You can choose to be enlightened or not. If you are enlightened, it influence your feelings and emotions to events in materialistic life. It does not control happenings in materialistic life.

You need to put your effort to achieve anything in materialistic world provided you have God’s blessings(fate) for the same. You are working in a company. You want to be well paid. To be well paid, two things need to be good. One – you have to perform well, you have to contribute. Second – your company has to perform well in the industry or market. Both are tandem, complementing each other. You are performing well, but your company is not performing the business well, then you will not be paid. Your company is performing it’s business well, but you are not performing well, then you will not be paid. Both you and your company are not performing well respectively, then you will not be paid. In order to be paid well, both you and your company have to perform well. Tandem.

To be rich in material life, you need not be spiritually rich. To be spiritually rich, you need not be wealthy. This applies to health too.

Reason for Diseases – BP, Sugar, Heart Attack

We do not know the true reasons for BP, Sugar, and Heart Attack.  If we are affected by any of these diseases, we will undergo treatment.  We do not know how to prevent.

Truly, we do not know how to prevent from getting sick.  If we are sick, we will have treatment.  There are many Sayings about to how to prevent.  All are hypothesis, just belief, not fact.

If we know the reason why we have disease, then we could prevent it. We know the reason for Polio, so we found a vaccine to prevent it. 

There are many illness, we do not know why they attack us.  If attacked, we will have medicine to recover or manage it.

We are reactive to diseases, not proactive, and we could not be proactive.

We do not have medicine to prevent BP, Sugar, heart disease, cancer, viral fever, cough and flu.  We have medicine to treat them after diagnosed with them.

Diet, exercise, meditation, yoga – nothing can protect you from getting sick.  Indulge in these activities as long as you like to practice.  Do not compel yourself to do anything or stop doing anything in a belief that it could help in being healthy.  Fact is you do not know the true reason why you are healthy or why you are sick.  Health is beyond reasoning.

Reduce Belly

Having big belly is not because of eating too much or not doing exercise. We can reduce belly even without doing exercise and diet control. Belly is coming out of wrong life style and wrong diet timings.

Here is how we can reduce belly without physical work out.

Eat Early in the Morning
Have your breakfast before 7:30AM in the morning. If you delay or do not have breakfast in the morning, the HCL acid starts secreting in the stomach. It starts interacting with the bowls and release gas. This gas fills your belly and blow it little bit. Eating early in the morning avoids gastric stimulated blown belly.

Observe your environment, those who used to complete breakfast early in the morning may not have belly. Well if you are not able to see any body who wakes up before 7:30AM…OOPs.

Eat in Little Quantity
Eat in little quantity in more intervals than stuffing too much at a time. This also increase the size of the bowl and eating more becomes the habit, we do not have the feeling as bowl filled. We increase its size by eating more at a time. Not eating more keeps the bowl size normal.

Eat Early in the Evening
Finish your dinner before 7:30PM in the evening. Go to bed by 10PM exactly. So before you go to sleep the food stuff in your stomach would be almost digested.

Stop thinking too much
Thinking too much or having over brain activity syndrome may lead to increase belly. Thinking without sleeping increase acidic activity in stomach which ultimately lead to have big belly stimulated by gastric.

Sleep Sufficiently
Sleep 6 to 8 hours per day. You are not eating and thinking when you sleep, so sleep more.

You can reduce your belly if you follow the life style mentioned above. In the long run, without any physical exercise, you can reduce belly.

I have seen few people who follow the pattern in their life and their life style allows them to follow it. They do not have big belly. They have flat belly. They do not do any exercise to reduce belly or burn fat.

I write this not out of my first hand experience, this is my second hand experience.

I am not following anything mentioned above. I do not have a flat belly, having ‘little big belly’. I am not trying to reduce my belly. My life style does not allow me to follow it.

I observe that the people who follow such pattern, have no need to reduce belly.

Observer your environment as who have reduced their belly without doing any exercise and diet control. Observe their diet timings and diet pattern. The person you observe must be more than 40 years old.

Gene Therapy – Color blindness Cure

Color blindness can be cured by Gene Therapy. It is proven and tested with monkeys. Human is yet to be tested for curing color blindness.

Color blindness is not curable for centuries. Some of the job profiles rejects people with color blindness. Police, Military and other defense jobs rejects people with color blindness.

Gene Therapy is still at the research and testing level with animals. So far I have not heard any news as a Human is treated by Gene Therapy. If you have heard any news like that, please share.

Regarding color blindness it is successfully tested with monkeys and monkeys are able to differentiate the colors. They were not able to detect Red and Green spots before the treatment.

Those who want to cure their color blindness can undergo Gene Therapy. No human with color blindness is not yet treated with Gene Therapy. I do not think people will risk their vision for curing color blindness. Let us live with color blindness instead of total blindness.

Because, still Gene Therapy can not assure that it has no side effects. People also afraid of changing the gene code, no one can guess what will happen if gene recoding goes wrongly.

If Gene Therapy used to give vision to a blind man, blind people may boldly turn up for getting vision. If the mission failed nothing to loose. Since they are already blind, continue to be blind. If the Gene Therapy succeeds, they get their vision to see the world.

If a cancer patient is destined to die in six months and the Gene Therapy could challenge the cancer, the patient will be ready to change his gene code for a try.If the genetic re-engineering succeeds, the patient will survive, otherwise the patient will die as destined or die six months earlier.

Gene Therapy should be applied in disabilities or disease like nothing to loose if treatment failed. So people will come forward for a chance. The more number of success rates, will revolutionize the human way of thinking about God, disease, medicine, and life.

The growing genetic engineering can be boon to many disabilities, diseases in the future. Gene Therapy will become a new branch in modern medicine.

Camphor – Natural Mosquito Repellent

Camphor is a Natural mosquito repellent. You do not need to burn it.

Have a cup of water. Let the cup or plate or vessel has wide opened to mouth to easy evaporation of water.Drop the Camphor into the water. Keep the cup with water and camphor in your sleeping room. The quantity of water and camphor may differ from room size. Let the windows be closed as usual.

Camphor dropped in water is a natural mosquito repellent.

Water evaporate at normal temperature. Camphor slowly started dissolving in water. The water evaporates with Camphor smell. Adding little bit hot water gives instant action. No boiling water, little bit hot with comfortably drinkable.

Camphor is a auspicious item used in worshiping God in India. The Local name of Camphor is ‘Karpuram’.

Many people do not aware of the Mosquito repellent power of Camphor. A simple solution without side effects and cost effective.

Mosquitoes still do not re-engineered their gene code to defend camphor.

Struggle for Being Fit

Being fit is a big challenge nowadays. The life style demands more from us. 24 hours a day is not enough. Finding time for exercise or any activity for being fit is difficult. You need to catch the cab or bus in the early morning and late night returning only to sleep.

Somebody knows the time as when they have to start from their home in the morning, but do not know when they will finish up the evening. No definite idea about end of day closing time.

In this busy life style, it is a struggle to be fit. Even we have to spend time with ‘Traffic Jam’ and ‘everlasting mobile calls’ , but not for being fit.

But we have to succeed in our struggle for being fit.

Walk as much you can. Try to have a ‘walk’ in your everyday journey to workplace. Avoid using phone(intercom) within the office as much as you can. Just walk to the person’s place to whom you have to talk.

Bargain with your employer as you need a flexible time either in the morning or evening. Morning is always the best choice for both you and your employer.

Nobody knows the schedule in the evening. There are many cases you will get the task between 5pm and 6pm. Many boss’s keep you busy from the evening.

Get a flexible morning reporting hours, have time for exercise at least for 30 minutes.

It is better find out any Gym near by your work place, which you can easily access from office. The best practice is find out a niche for your workout near by your office.

The best way to do what you like to do is, mingle with people who have same interest in your day to day life or create interest with the people you share your day.

Find out interested colleagues and form a group. Without hesitation, initiate this. Then you will be automatically have the habit of doing exercise.

At least once a week have a swimming session for couple of hours. Try to avoid working in companies which has six working days per week.

You may or may not be doing exercise in your teen ages and college time. But once you begin your career or if you are in your middle ages you must begin the activities to be being fit. It is a great challenge but the struggle for being fit must be succeeded.

Wound in Mouth

Wound can be happened anywhere in the body. But few parts are exception. Out of all the parts mouth is most important part. Because through mouth only we intake the foods. If any harm happen in the mouth, intake of food will be disturbed. This stringiest supply of food, reduce energy supply. This will lead to lot of tiredness. The irritating pain render by mouth is unparalleled by other pains. The skin inside the mouth is very sensitive. Lot of nerves gather there. This prolong, constant and irritating pains disrupts the mental stability. Unable to take food adequately, severe and cruel paining., both spoil, both body stamina and mental stability. Finally this lead to the crashing down of the victim.

Since my childhood I have been invaded by various decease, wound and internal anomalies. Each in it own course of time seems to be big, unable to tolerate. But all gives problem concerning with respective decease respectively. Constipation affect mental calmness reduce the blood circulation to brain, increases brain temperature. But all can be bearable. Viral bacterial or external attacks kill the man or at least leave the man to live. But most of them do not torture cruelly, they give fever and take away all strength. They do only their major function. Even loose motion is favorable. Ordinary cold is for nothing. Wounds do not disturb the body at large scale. Wounds are dangerous when injection is going on in wounds. But wounds at joins or elastic muscles or parts like ankles take long time to cure, because of the friction there.

But problem inside mouth does major troubles to man. Along with their taking food is reduced. For strength, immunity, repercussion we have to take our food. If do not take food, we cannot augment our energy, intensify our immunity. This leads to the down fall of the total body. Once intake of food stopped completely for more than three days then we cannot even scrawl. Mucus membranes do not have capacity to clear off even dust. Because of disturbing food process, problem at mouth can be considered as a dedicated place should be prevented from any harm.

This is the first time in my life, I am suffering mouth pains. After deep analysis, I think anomalies or decease at mouth is suitable for a person, who wants to became thin from his bulkiness.