Reduce Belly

Having big belly is not because of eating too much or not doing exercise. We can reduce belly even without doing exercise and diet control. Belly is coming out of wrong life style and wrong diet timings.

Here is how we can reduce belly without physical work out.

Eat Early in the Morning
Have your breakfast before 7:30AM in the morning. If you delay or do not have breakfast in the morning, the HCL acid starts secreting in the stomach. It starts interacting with the bowls and release gas. This gas fills your belly and blow it little bit. Eating early in the morning avoids gastric stimulated blown belly.

Observe your environment, those who used to complete breakfast early in the morning may not have belly. Well if you are not able to see any body who wakes up before 7:30AM…OOPs.

Eat in Little Quantity
Eat in little quantity in more intervals than stuffing too much at a time. This also increase the size of the bowl and eating more becomes the habit, we do not have the feeling as bowl filled. We increase its size by eating more at a time. Not eating more keeps the bowl size normal.

Eat Early in the Evening
Finish your dinner before 7:30PM in the evening. Go to bed by 10PM exactly. So before you go to sleep the food stuff in your stomach would be almost digested.

Stop thinking too much
Thinking too much or having over brain activity syndrome may lead to increase belly. Thinking without sleeping increase acidic activity in stomach which ultimately lead to have big belly stimulated by gastric.

Sleep Sufficiently
Sleep 6 to 8 hours per day. You are not eating and thinking when you sleep, so sleep more.

You can reduce your belly if you follow the life style mentioned above. In the long run, without any physical exercise, you can reduce belly.

I have seen few people who follow the pattern in their life and their life style allows them to follow it. They do not have big belly. They have flat belly. They do not do any exercise to reduce belly or burn fat.

I write this not out of my first hand experience, this is my second hand experience.

I am not following anything mentioned above. I do not have a flat belly, having ‘little big belly’. I am not trying to reduce my belly. My life style does not allow me to follow it.

I observe that the people who follow such pattern, have no need to reduce belly.

Observer your environment as who have reduced their belly without doing any exercise and diet control. Observe their diet timings and diet pattern. The person you observe must be more than 40 years old.