Digital Renaissance need NEW God, Religion, Philosophy.

Humans are in their age of semi-conductors, internet, digital money, AI. We are in digital Renaissance.

The Gods, religions, philosophies induced by agrarian social model will not work out any more in digital era. They are obsolete, outdated.

The human invention of God, philosophies, religions, spirituality have taken humans from barbaric or cannibalism to peaceful resource sharing society. Countries, big societies are formed due to this inventions. They helped humans to organise in a larger scale or build unity.

We have a organised ways of resource sharing across billions of people. When I say resource sharing I mean, food, shelter, sex, cloths, etc. The way resources were shared in barbaric society was ruthless. Agrarian society has a better “competitive resource sharing practices” when compared to barbaric or savage society. Evolution of Marriage played a vital role in agrarian society. Though there were inequalities here and there, by and large agrarian model was better than barbaric model. Now resource sharing practices of agrarian model is failing in digital society. Marriage is failing frequently and leading to disappointment and frustration mostly in digital age. Economically independent woman does not require a role called “husband” in long run. Financially independent wife is in no need to serve a “husband” forever unconditionally till either one dies. Digital age need new resource sharing practices better than agrarian model. Marriage has to be abandoned or better child care and old age care process has to be evolved as per digital age.

The life values of agrarian social system are expired or diluted in Digital society. We used a ladder to claim from barbaric to agrarian social setup. We cannot attach to that ladder anymore. We need new lift to claim from digital era further. Drop the ladder which we built and used to claim. Now we have to build and use a modern elevator to claim from digital Renaissance.

We need new God, religion, spirituality, philosophy to claim further from digital age.

If we continue to use the age old ladder, the nemesis will be worse and unimaginable like we consume expired medicine or rotten food.

If we, let it evolve on its own, it will take it’s sweet time to evolve, and many people will suffer in various ways or die out of resource to live during this evolving period.

After attaining freedom from British, India wrote it’s Constitution immediately. It did not wait for the Constitution to evolve. Like that, it is time now for World to create it’s new God, religion, philosophy, spirituality, resource(food, shelter, clothing, sex, comfort, luxury,status,pride) sharing practices globally according to digital era. No time for experiment, trial and error. Consciously create a new belief system and values.