Had Crush with Apache RR310 – RR150

Recently, I had Crush with TVS Apache RR310. I started watching videos and reading contents about this bike. I liked the full faired look and feel of the bike.

Then, realised that, I am not going to ride 120 km/hr speed. After riding Pulsar NS 160 in different speeds, I realised my comfort zone in speed.

I am most comfortable in 50 to 60 km/hr speed, for me it is fun to ride around 70 km/hr speed. So, by and large, I cruise between 50 to 70 km/hr. That’s it.

Buying RR310, and riding it 65 km/hr speed in highway is waste of money, fuel.

So I stopped the crush with RR310.

But, if TVS produces RR150 with same hardware but with a 150CC engine, with reduced price, definitely I will consider buying it.

Internet is flooded with touring, long ride, high speed cruising, higher CC bikes. Youngsters and biking enthusiastic are wrongly motivated as speed is fun, thrill.

To be honest, everybody is unique. One philosophy cannot be applied to all. What speed is enjoyable is different from person to person.

We should not allow market, media, trend to hypnotise ourself to believe something, in which we are uncomfortable. Right now, we are forced to believe what is happy to us.

We are forced to believe what is happy to us and pursuing it.

Not everybody is a tourer, but everybody likes to buy a touring machine.

I enjoy 3 to 4 hours of sprint, not touring, not long ride.

What is happy to you is unique to you, you have to find it, rather believe or assume something and pursue it.

Try to know, what is your Sudhama in riding and speed and buy a bike according to it, don’t be hypnotized by the market and trend.

Right now, only faired 150CC bike with upright sitting posture in india is Gixxer SF, but I don’t like the look and feel.

If Bajaj produces RS150 or RS125, I will consider buying them, but RR150 is my crush.

I don’t like the lean forward sitting posture of R15 or KTM RCs. I like the full faired bike with sitting posture of Pulsar NS with moderate power and better mileage.