Why cycles can’t be used by IT and Corporate Employees for Commuting in Chennai

Cycles can be used to commute if the distance between office and home is around 5 km.

Present day, corporate and IT employees travel 50 kms per day on average. Guys travel from Guduvanchery to GUINDY, AMBATUR to Siruseri – by and large one end of the city to other end. Provided many late night shuttling. In this life style cycling is not possible for commuting.

Cycling was possible to older generation where they live near to their work place. Like living near to their factory. Factories had cycle stand too.

But in present life style, even walking is not possible.

I use cycle with a conscious effort though my life style does not need a cycle in my day today life like people consciously walk in the morning.

We can’t blame ourselves as not being healthy as previous generations. Nowadays, our life style has less scope for natural physical activities.

Living near the work place will reduce the pollution like anything.