Successful Blogging

Content is the king of Internet. Bloggers feeding the Internet with ‘contents’. Many people becoming bloggers today. It is not all the bloggers who succeed or failed. Moreover ‘blogging’ cannot be termed as success or failure. No need to assess blogging.

But some bloggers may be earning from their blog. So this is not meant that they succeed. But many writers(?) start blog for earning. Registering domains, purchasing hosting account, hiring freelance programmers and etc. But no earnings from their blog.

If you start blogging for money sooner or later you will ‘stop blogging’. You will close your site. Due to expectation and frustration you will forget your blogging site out of depression.

Successful bloggers, those who earn money from their blogs, started their blog not for earning money. In their early stage they started blogging with a passion and spirit rather than with a lust for money. They never thought of selling their blog for huge amount in the future.

They had some interest, concepts, and opinions. They like to share it with the world. They like to brainstorm the world by their blogging. For personal satisfaction, for happiness they blog. Blogging was their hobby. They write about something what stirs them, what moves them emotionally.

Even if they do not earn anything from their blogs, they will be happy. They are happy at blogging. Blog for the sake of blogging. Just to deliver their stuff to the world. Writing for sharing, educating and satisfaction. They have writer spirit. They have cultivated a ‘blogging attitude’. They write about what they like to write and when they can write.

Successful bloggers have the spirit of writing. Have the bloggers attitude. They do not target the money lurking behind their blogs. They love blogging like people love their pets. They enjoy blogging, like how people enjoy when involved in their hobby. Blogging becomes one of the way to loose the consciousness of ‘Time, Space, Self’.

If you have such attitude and spirit start blogging. Otherwise do not waste your time, energy and money in blogging. Blog for earning money by advertisement will change your focus from creating true and quality content to money making. Your blog will be full of pay per click advertisement with poor content. This is not going to work in long run. Soon you will have Blogging Stress.

Successful bloggers do not blog for money. But money may come to them for their true blogging spirit.