Blogetting – Blogetter

Blogetter – the word I coin from the two words, blogger and marketer. In the same way Blogetting from blogging and marketing.

To earn money, a marketer promotes a product. In the same way, if a blogger wants to earn money from his blog, s/he has to promote a product/service in his blog.

When a blog is used as a platform to promote something, it’s blogger is doing marketing. He is marketing a product to his visitors. So the blogger becomes blogetter and the blogetter is doing blogetting.

The review blogs or tech blogs are earning money than any other type of blogs, because they promote a product – mobile phone, hand held devices, a software and etc. ‘Review Blogger’ or tech blogger are actually doing blogetting.

If you want to earn money from your blog, choose a product or product of your passion which is highly demanded by society, especially by the internet accessing society. Then transform yourself a blogetter, start doing blogetting. That’s it.

Successful Blogging

Content is the king of Internet. Bloggers feeding the Internet with ‘contents’. Many people becoming bloggers today. It is not all the bloggers who succeed or failed. Moreover ‘blogging’ cannot be termed as success or failure. No need to assess blogging.

But some bloggers may be earning from their blog. So this is not meant that they succeed. But many writers(?) start blog for earning. Registering domains, purchasing hosting account, hiring freelance programmers and etc. But no earnings from their blog.

If you start blogging for money sooner or later you will ‘stop blogging’. You will close your site. Due to expectation and frustration you will forget your blogging site out of depression.

Successful bloggers, those who earn money from their blogs, started their blog not for earning money. In their early stage they started blogging with a passion and spirit rather than with a lust for money. They never thought of selling their blog for huge amount in the future.

They had some interest, concepts, and opinions. They like to share it with the world. They like to brainstorm the world by their blogging. For personal satisfaction, for happiness they blog. Blogging was their hobby. They write about something what stirs them, what moves them emotionally.

Even if they do not earn anything from their blogs, they will be happy. They are happy at blogging. Blog for the sake of blogging. Just to deliver their stuff to the world. Writing for sharing, educating and satisfaction. They have writer spirit. They have cultivated a ‘blogging attitude’. They write about what they like to write and when they can write.

Successful bloggers have the spirit of writing. Have the bloggers attitude. They do not target the money lurking behind their blogs. They love blogging like people love their pets. They enjoy blogging, like how people enjoy when involved in their hobby. Blogging becomes one of the way to loose the consciousness of ‘Time, Space, Self’.

If you have such attitude and spirit start blogging. Otherwise do not waste your time, energy and money in blogging. Blog for earning money by advertisement will change your focus from creating true and quality content to money making. Your blog will be full of pay per click advertisement with poor content. This is not going to work in long run. Soon you will have Blogging Stress.

Successful bloggers do not blog for money. But money may come to them for their true blogging spirit.

Blogs are Literature?

Are Blogs literature? There are plenty of content written in Blogs. Are they part of Literature?

There may be copied content in Blogs. People simply copy content from another websites and post it their website with or without changing the words. This is eGarbage.

There is another type of copying is cGarbage. cGarbage is Concept Garbage. This can be referred as tGarbage – Theme Garbage too.

God Divinity Salvation
The concept of Milton’s Paradise Lost is God or divinity. The concept of Pilgrim’s Progress By John Bunyan is God or Divinity. There are various and countless works written woven around God, Divinity, Salvation. These three are copied as concept or theme for many or countless early literary works.

Love is the theme of millions of literary works from all over the world in all the languages. From Romeo and Juliet to Lila Majnu all sharing the central theme Love.

There are common themes like Revenge, Society, Humanity, Charity and etc.

There is no single concept which is unique and not copied over. Billions of books written for Personality Development.

When cGarbage can be called as Literature, eGarbage also can be called as Literature.

Existence of Blogs in Olden Days
Baccon’s essays, Charles Lamp’s essays and other coffee house publications after Renaissance can be considered as forerunner to Blogs. Those works were written in the form of blogs but in printed format since 15th century. Now the blogs are written electronically in Internet. Earlier there were few people who are educated among educated few ‘contribute’ to English Literature. Now many are educated and many are writing blogs but are the bloggers contributing to Literature?

Yes, the bloggers contributing to literature. Literature reflects the Society. Blog reflects every aspect of life in detail. Some body write about politics, some write about environment, some write about divinity, some write about health care, some write about tourism, everything from personal perspective about every aspect of life.

By reading a blog, it is possible to study about the country and its culture. If you read the technical blogs you can understand technical penetration in day today life of the country the blogger belongs to.

At the same time, efficiency in writing is different from simply writing. I am able to speak is different from, I am an Orator. But all are speeches. The quality of writing may differ but what ever is written is content and it is literature.

Blogging is Literature.

In the next centuries, Blogging literature will be studied as part of English Literature. Blogging Literature is global as well as local. Like American Literature, Indian Literature, Blogging Literature will have its niche in English Literature.

Impact Blogging and Informative Blogging

With my little experience, I distinguish the blogs into two types. Impact blogging and Informative blogging.

After reading a impact blog, there will be a change in your attitude or temperament. It may be short or long. Your belief system or the way you see the world and yourself will change. The blog you read influence you. It motivates you either positively or negatively. It has a scope to change your life.

The best example for impact blogging is It really influence its readers.

After reading the informative blog, the reader will get some data, some information to take a decision. It expand the knowledge of the reader. For example, price comparison of the IPOD will help reader to purchase the IPOD. Technical blogs, review blogs, blogs about gadgets, movies and etc. are informative blogs.

The best example for informative blog is

What type of blogger are you? Find it.

Impact Blogging

If you are an impact blogger, your chances of earning money through your blog is less or nothing by and large. You will have less traffic. There may be exception too.

An impact blogger should not expect money from his blogging. Impact blogger never thinks about what to write. Subjects explode from him spontaneously. It is spontaneous. The morals, philosophy, concept or the topic find its way through the impact blogger to reach its readers.

Impact blogger lives, observer himself, others and the life. Just record his feelings and thoughts. That’s all.

Impact blogger is not the owner of the content or concept he express in his blog. The content choose the blogger to come out and reach.

Impact blogger will not be in an urge to write. Writing happens to them. Impact blogs take its own time to find its readers. Sure it will find.

Impact blogger can stop blogging at any time. He will not loose his traffic/readers and the money he ears from his blog(if so). Because, impact concepts are in evergreen demand, but in fewer demand only.

Informative Blogging

Informative blogging is a sort of journalism or news paper, which deals with current affairs of the topic being written. If you are a informative blogger, you should be vigil on the topic you are blogging.

If you are passionate about mobile phones, you should be writing about current trend in mobile phone industry, arrival of new mobile phone models.

It is a laborious task to keep giving quality and authenticated information to your readers.

Unless you are passionate about what is the information you provide, you can not give original content. Otherwise, you will be creating ‘e-garbage’. E-garbage is not possible with impact blogging.

Information blog has good traffic and scope to earn from blogging. Within a short span, information blogs earn money from its content.

If the information blogger stop writing, his traffic and income will reduce drastically.

As long as you blog, you will have money. Residual income is not possible in information blogging.

For quick and easy money, information blog is the right choice.

Majority of blogs in the internet are informative blogs. It is easy to start a informative blog even by stealing content from other blogs, books.

The readers will find their information from informative blogs. Whereas in impact blogging, the content will find its readers.

Elizabethan Age Society – Shakespeare Literature

Shakespeare’s dramas mainly written over royal society of Elizabethan age. Shakespeare did not deal with peasants, potters, and people who lived in the ‘edges of the life’. He did not deal with the people who live by serving to Royal section of England.

There may be few dramas written over about ordinary people. But what are the dramas are famous and prescribed to schools and colleges are dealing with the plots of kings and lords of england.

For Example: King Lear, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet , Hamlet and etc are having the main characters from royal sections.

The feelings and emotions dealt might be common to all the people. But the characters who express the feelings are Kings and Lords.

A society compromises all sort of people, and living standard. The main society includes sub-systems and sub-societies. Literature can not record all the sections of a society where it was written.

Through Shakespeare literature, we can study royal society of Elizabethan age. Other sub-systems/sections of the Elizabethan age are not covered in Shakespeare’s literary contributions.

Not only Shakespeare, until the 19th century or beginning of Industrial revolution all the literature dealt with kings and lords and high society. It is natural that literature or media deal with popular individuals, individuals in power, individuals with wealth, and individuals who has the attention of common public.

Life of the common man was started recorded in literature during western colonization was questioned. T.S. Eliot, John Osborn(Look Back in Anger), Earnest Hamingway are the beginning of new stage where kings and lords were completely forgotten by Literature. Moreover during their period there were no kingdoms and kings.

Things changed when patrons of literature changed.

Literature is written for its patron. When kings and lords were the patron, literature was written for them. When common public become the patron, literature,is written for the common public. The plots of literature changed when its patrons are changed.

Even today, see what is the most discussed items in News Media including TV, Internet and Dailies and weeklies. Individuals who are able to have their impact on the common public in anyway are the target of Media. This is by and large. There are few exceptions too.

Shakespeare’s literature reflects Elizabethan Society

Anyone interested in knowing the royal life style and the character traits of the Elizabethan society, you can read Shakespeare Plays.

Macbeth shows the hierarchy practiced in the kingdom. Knights were allowed to keep their own army and wealth. When a king moves, what are the living and non living accessories accompany him is visible in macbeth. When Duncan moves to Macbeth palace, it is described.

Well, the three witches. It shows the level of black magic accepted in the Elizabethan Age. Macbeth the general, having command over huge army, is highly disturbed by the oracle of witches. Either Macbeth is mentally weak to listen the witches words or it is a society where witches are treated with high reliability.

Macbeth, King Lear, Hamlet, Othello and etc. are written woven around royal characters and their life.

Shakespeare was good in defining a character of his age and makes it common for all the ages.

Well, If you study the works of Ben Jonson a contemporary of Shakespeare, you can come across the pompous of the royal people and the court. He has a satirical flavor in his writings. He writes for the masses of the Elizabethan age. Shakespeare writes for the Royal people of Elizabethan society.

Ben Jonson was more popular than Shakespeare during the Elizabethan age. He is more popular among masses. His comedy can be understood if you know the society and life style when it was written.

So as the age passes, Ben Johnson fades slowly, whereas Shakespeare stand forever because of his everlasting characters.

To be honest, works of Ben Johnson describes the Elizabethan England more than Shakespeare.

Jane Austen novels reflects Victorian age of England. The plots of her novels written woven around marriage market, the hunt for young men with estates, and plight of parents who have more daughters.

The love, romance, and marriage practices of middle and upper class life of Victorian England can be sensed through Jane Austen’s novels.

Look Back in Anger by John Osborne reflected the economic conditions prevailed in England after World War II.

There was no proper opportunity and employment for youngsters of 1950s England. In the history it was written as Allied nations defeated Axis nations in the world war II. But in true both group of countries lost their strength, prosperity in the war. If you study Look back in Anger, you can understand though England won the world war II, but defeated economically. The anger 1950 youths of England is register in the play Look back in Anger.

Today’s novels and literary work will reflect the current culture, society, economy, overall temperament of the people to the next generations.

Internet Literature

Is everything written in internet are literature? There are plenty of content written in Internet. Are the part of Literature?

If a word spoken is language, everything written is literature. There may copied content in Internet. People simply copy content from another websites and post it their website with or without changing the words. This is eGarbage.

There is another type of copying is cGarbage. That is Concept Garbage.

God Divinity Salvation
The concept of plot of Milton’s Paradise Lost is God or divinity. The concept of Pilgrim’s Progress By John Bunyan is God or Divinity. There are various and countless works written woven around God, Divinity, Salvation. These three are copied as concept or theme for many or countless early literary works.

Love is the theme of millions of literary works from all over the world in all the languages. From Romeo and Juliet to Lila Majnu all sharing the central theme Love.

There is no single concept which is unique and not copied over. When cGarbage can be called as Literature, eGarbage also can be called as Literature.

Efficiency in writing is different from simply writing.
I am able to speak is different from, I am an Orator. But all are speeches. The quality of writing may differ but what ever is written is content and it is literature.

Internet is Literature.

In the next centuries, Internet literature will be studied as part of English Literature. Internet Literature is global. Like American Literature, Indian Literature, Internet Literature will have its niche in English Literature.

Mobile Blogging

Mobile blogging will be the next technical buzz in the internet as well as mobile phones. It has been long since Internet and Mobile phones trying to merge. The recently released Samsung Star Touch seems to be a pioneer in the endeavors to merge Internet and Mobile phone.

Mobile bloggers will emerge and write for mobile phone users. Concise contents. All the top blogging sites like wordpress, blogger, blogspot, drupal and etc. will release their mobile version of site administration to post content from mobile phone.

The SMS senders can quickly emerge as mobile bloggers since they have better dexterity in keypads of mobile phones rather than computer bloggers. Whatsapp addicted people may be successful in mobile blogging.

Content posted from mobile phone on the move, both text and graphic contents. This is the only difference from normal blogging. In normal case, the content is posted from computer.

Mobile bloggers can post/blog on the move. This will be more useful for travelers and travel blogs and journalists. They can catch things on the spot and post immediately. Wherein computer blogging they need to find a computer at home or office or at cafe to post things.

Apart from the device where content is posted, there will be no big difference or limitation to mobile blogging. Mobile bloggers can type lengthy content depending upon their patiency and fingering skills.

There are many widgets available to upload/send graphic elements from mobile phone to web. Take snap in the mobile phone camera and post in the photo blog instantly.

Mobile blogging will come under the domain of mobile computing. We can not predict whether mobile computing will replace desktop computing.

So far, Laptops have not replaced desktop computing. Hope mobile and laptop and desktop computing will exists without eliminating one another.

Blogging Literature reflects life

Does Blogging literature reflects life? There are plenty of content written in Blogs. Are they qualified to be Literature?

Blogging is a Digital Literature. It reflects the life in all the aspects when it is written.

Blogging reflects the life of the blogger from individual point of view to traditional and national level. It reflects the current trend his time and place. By reading a blog we can come to know about the person who writes it. By reading the blogs of particular language or particular country it is possible to extract the information about the country. If we read the blogs for period of time, we can know the trends and currents in those period.

Five years back there were more technical content in internet. Now more personal content. Now more product reviews, personal review of a products are available. In the future something may be dominating as content which may be different from now. The trend of a time, trend of a place is clearly and vividly recorded in blogs.

Blogs help us to study regional wise, national wise, race wise.

Blogs of Israel tell the happenings in Israel. Tech blogs tell the technical advancement in the society.

Samsung Marine a mobile phone is introduced in India. By reading an Indian blog an European can come to know about Samsung Marine, which is not sold in Europe.

Culture and traditional changes of every society and country is clearly reflected in blogs.

Blogging does the role of ancient literature to us. When our period becomes ancient to future generations our blogs will help them to study of life, history, culture like we study the ancient time through its literature.

Visitor Tracker in Blogs

Do you know how dangerous it is to use third party visitor tracker in your blog? It affects number of organic search driving traffic to your blog (visitor coming to your site by searching in the search engines) . It will definitely reduce your blog’s page rank and increase the page rank of the free script provider you are using.

I have a bitter experience with using third party free tracker script.

Last year I wanted to track my visitors. I searched in the net and found a tracker site, which offers free tracking service. All you have to do is register in their site, you will be provided a javascript to integrated in blog (In all the pages). Later you can login to the site and check/view your visitors.

I do not like to tell their name.

I integrated the javascript code which tracks my visitor.

After two days, I was excited to see the visitors movements in my blog. An average 30-40 unique visitors per day. All have landed to my blog by search engine results. I checked the referrer url of every visitors. This was going well. There are many repeated visitors.

After a couple of week, I noticed that users driven to my site by organic search results get reduced. They are now from 20 – 30, or some time 15.

I doubted that, there might be fluctuation in the traffic spike. It is common.

After a month or two, this figure does not improve. Average users driven by organic search result was 20. Before integrating the Third party tracker code it was 40.

The tracker code inserted in all the pages of my blog by integrating in to the template. So in every page there is an out going link or out bound link.

Any webmaster can understand the importance of having more inbound links and less outbound links.

What is the impact of more outbound links? Outbound links which are irrelevant to your site. Search the net and know it.

So without my awareness, I created hundreds of out bound links from my blog by integrating tracker code, which points to a domain out of my domain.

After tracing out this issue, I removed the visitor tracker code from my site.

After a month, the visitors driven by search engines got increased. It comes to previous figure. I hope it will increase.

Well, I need to track my visitors, and how they are navigating, what are the pages they are visiting, etc.

So, I decided to have a visitor tracker software deployed in my server/domain.

The software should not increase the load of my server.

I decided my own visitor tracker script, with simplified or limited features.

I developed it in PHP/MySQL. It is simple one.

I installed it my server. I integrated its tracker code.
Now the tracker code points to a subfolder in my server. No links pointing out of my domain. A visitor tracker without creating outbound links

So my search engine driven traffic will not get affected by visitor tracker script, since it is operated withing my domain.