Writing can control Mind, cure obsessive compulsive disorder

Mind is fast. It is difficult to control it. Especially when it is obsessed with some repeated thoughts. Ego stimulated feelings or negative feelings like jealous, angry will stir your thought like anything. No need to say about sexual feelings. Emotional hijack is the final stage.

People suggest yoga, medidation, pranayama and other highbrow breathing concepts to control the mind. But ordinary people cannot practice such things. Many people do not have time and ‘mind’ to learn and practice.

Silicon civilization is the busiest civilization on the earth. Even human breathing length is shortened here. Too busy to have a relaxed breath.

Instead of controlling the mind, we can divert the mind. Diversion is easier than controlling.

Writing is one of the easy ways to divert the mind. When you start writing, mind changes its focus to the topic you are writing. You can not write one issue and think about another issue. Mind is synchronized with writing. Without your effort mind will change.

You get angry with somebody in your workplace or neighborhood or while traveling or etc. But you are not able to express your feelings. You can not express your angry feeling to your boss. You can not express your angry feeling to your teacher. You can not express your angry feeling to your spouse.

You can express your all feelings freely if ‘Unconditional Love’ exists.

All your suppressed emotions come out as thoughts. You shout, beat the source of your angry. You design diligent plan to put ‘them’ down. All in day dreams or thoughts or imagination. While working, eating, speaking to somebody your mind is busy developing angry thoughts. Not only angry thoughts , suppressed sex feelings completely hijack your mind. Mind will be busy generating sexual thoughts.

In this situation you can not stop your mind. Why you have to stop your thoughts? that’s you have to decide. If you wish to stop proceed further.

All this ‘smoldering’ thoughts and stress increase the relevant stress.

If you are angry at a person, then start writing the good features of that person. Immediately mind will switch to produce good thoughts. If that person is inhuman and does not have a single good character from your point of view, then write about your good friends or good things or places you like or people you like.

Then your mind stops producing the obsessive thoughts. It becomes cool and happy by thinking about what you like.

What you stuff in the mind that will reflect in thoughts. Suppressed emotions can lead to obsessive thoughts. If you stuff anger, it will produce angry thoughts, if you stuff sex, it will produce sexual thoughts, if you stuff fear it will produce fearful thoughts. To counter fear you need to stuff courage into your mind.

Just start writing about what is opposite of echoed in the mind. That is all. Mind will divert easily.

If you have angry thought, just write about what you like. If you are sad, then write about what is happy to you. If you have too much of sex urge, then write about divinity.

Write about opposite of running in mind or something different or strange from what is running in mind. This will change your thought flow.

This type of writing habit can cure obsessive compulsive disorder. Writing for minimum on one or two pages is enough. If you practice this type of writing, you can feel the drastic change in your mental health.