When to monetize your blog

Bloggers can earn money from their blog. By showing advertisement from (PPC) advertisement companies bloggers earn. But this is not true for all the bloggers. All the bloggers are not earning.

If you start a blog today and install a pay per click program’s JavaScript code and looking for dollar ($) tomorrow, soon you will get depressed out of keep checking your ppc account. You will see no click and single or two digit impressions, which is also by search engines robots.

If you keep seeing this poor reports everyday then checking your account will be stress to you. Facing something, which keeps you disappointed, will lead to frustration and depression.

Successful bloggers took months and years of blogging to reach the current stage. They have huge visitor base to their blogs.

Unless you are a popular person already, your blog will not get popular immediately. If Virat Kholi is starting a blog, it becomes instant popular. If a nonentity starts a blog it needs time and quality content to mature.

Visitor count is the key factors in monetizing your blog. If you have poor visitor count it is best to avoid approaching PPC programs. With poor visitor traffic you will die out of poor click through rate and impression report. Assess your traffic honestly before start monetizing your blog.

Moreover, your concentration will be diverted from blogging to tracking visitors. You start finding ways to increase your visitor traffic. Your blog will be empty but your head is full of ideas to bring visitors. What is the use of bringing visitors, if your blog do not have quantity and quality. Empty blogs with more visitors is not going to alter the CTR/impression report any way.

Stop trying to monetise your blog till you have sufficient visitor traffic, otherwise you will be shouting at ‘Deaf Ear’.

Set a goal for you as hundred visitors or thousand visitors per day. Do not rush to reach that level. Let it come naturally, and you keep blogging. Once visitor traffic reach certain level try for advertisement. Let the traffic be natural. Do not try for it. Let it be natural. If you concentrate on visitor traffic you will loose blogging. If you concentrate on blogging your visitor traffic will grow slowly and steadily. Without 250 visitors or 500 page views minimum per day do not try to monetize you blog.