Mobile Blogging

Mobile blogging will be the next technical buzz in the internet as well as mobile phones. It has been long since Internet and Mobile phones trying to merge. The recently released Samsung Star Touch seems to be a pioneer in the endeavors to merge Internet and Mobile phone.

Mobile bloggers will emerge and write for mobile phone users. Concise contents. All the top blogging sites like wordpress, blogger, blogspot, drupal and etc. will release their mobile version of site administration to post content from mobile phone.

The SMS senders can quickly emerge as mobile bloggers since they have better dexterity in keypads of mobile phones rather than computer bloggers. Whatsapp addicted people may be successful in mobile blogging.

Content posted from mobile phone on the move, both text and graphic contents. This is the only difference from normal blogging. In normal case, the content is posted from computer.

Mobile bloggers can post/blog on the move. This will be more useful for travelers and travel blogs and journalists. They can catch things on the spot and post immediately. Wherein computer blogging they need to find a computer at home or office or at cafe to post things.

Apart from the device where content is posted, there will be no big difference or limitation to mobile blogging. Mobile bloggers can type lengthy content depending upon their patiency and fingering skills.

There are many widgets available to upload/send graphic elements from mobile phone to web. Take snap in the mobile phone camera and post in the photo blog instantly.

Mobile blogging will come under the domain of mobile computing. We can not predict whether mobile computing will replace desktop computing.

So far, Laptops have not replaced desktop computing. Hope mobile and laptop and desktop computing will exists without eliminating one another.