Impact Blogging and Informative Blogging

With my little experience, I distinguish the blogs into two types. Impact blogging and Informative blogging.

After reading a impact blog, there will be a change in your attitude or temperament. It may be short or long. Your belief system or the way you see the world and yourself will change. The blog you read influence you. It motivates you either positively or negatively. It has a scope to change your life.

The best example for impact blogging is It really influence its readers.

After reading the informative blog, the reader will get some data, some information to take a decision. It expand the knowledge of the reader. For example, price comparison of the IPOD will help reader to purchase the IPOD. Technical blogs, review blogs, blogs about gadgets, movies and etc. are informative blogs.

The best example for informative blog is

What type of blogger are you? Find it.

Impact Blogging

If you are an impact blogger, your chances of earning money through your blog is less or nothing by and large. You will have less traffic. There may be exception too.

An impact blogger should not expect money from his blogging. Impact blogger never thinks about what to write. Subjects explode from him spontaneously. It is spontaneous. The morals, philosophy, concept or the topic find its way through the impact blogger to reach its readers.

Impact blogger lives, observer himself, others and the life. Just record his feelings and thoughts. That’s all.

Impact blogger is not the owner of the content or concept he express in his blog. The content choose the blogger to come out and reach.

Impact blogger will not be in an urge to write. Writing happens to them. Impact blogs take its own time to find its readers. Sure it will find.

Impact blogger can stop blogging at any time. He will not loose his traffic/readers and the money he ears from his blog(if so). Because, impact concepts are in evergreen demand, but in fewer demand only.

Informative Blogging

Informative blogging is a sort of journalism or news paper, which deals with current affairs of the topic being written. If you are a informative blogger, you should be vigil on the topic you are blogging.

If you are passionate about mobile phones, you should be writing about current trend in mobile phone industry, arrival of new mobile phone models.

It is a laborious task to keep giving quality and authenticated information to your readers.

Unless you are passionate about what is the information you provide, you can not give original content. Otherwise, you will be creating ‘e-garbage’. E-garbage is not possible with impact blogging.

Information blog has good traffic and scope to earn from blogging. Within a short span, information blogs earn money from its content.

If the information blogger stop writing, his traffic and income will reduce drastically.

As long as you blog, you will have money. Residual income is not possible in information blogging.

For quick and easy money, information blog is the right choice.

Majority of blogs in the internet are informative blogs. It is easy to start a informative blog even by stealing content from other blogs, books.

The readers will find their information from informative blogs. Whereas in impact blogging, the content will find its readers.