Rashad Khalifa Quran – English Translation

Rashad Khalifa’s english translation of Quran is awesome. Everyday reciting has improved my English language. Precise usage of word. Simple sentence. Improvement to vocabulary.

When I read it, I get the feeling like, I am reading something which is universal to All Humanity, rather than something which is restricted to a specific people/sect who identify/group themselves in dress code, long beard, specific names to be called.

I am not worrying whether Rashad Khalifa is a messenger or not. What I enjoy is his beautiful English, which I don’t see in any other English translations. If anybody read Rashad’s translation without prejudice or forgone decision, he/she will agree that his translation is the best source of path to Submission.

I accessed this in my smart phone and listen, read. Quran player link https://blogya.in/quran

Actually, my friend Nooril Hassan presented Rashad’s translation to me to improve my english language. He encouraged me to read everyday. Nowadays, a day is not passed without reading it. Every time, I read it, some verse inspired me.