Why Electric Bicycle is not Good to Environment?

Electric bicycle is not good to environment contrary to its popular belief ‘ it is go green’. It may pose similar threat to environment like fossil fuels, chloro-flora carbons in the future if it is adopted massively like petroleum powered motor vehicles. How?

If you think, pollution of petroleum can be avoided, then go for manual cycling instead of electric bicycle. The electricity you use to charge is generated from burning coal, or nuclear reactor. The more you consume electricity, the more pollution you cause somewhere else, if the electricity is made out of burning or colliding something.

Beware of battery profeliration and its careless disposal.

More numbers of cycle batteries will be available than car, automobile batteries. If these bicycle batteries are not disposed properly, then it will harm the environment. After few years, we will be grieving over careless handling of batteries from the cycles left to rust. Cycle left to rust is a common sceen can be seen in our neighborhood frequently.