How to survive in abusive office?

Like domestic violence, work place violence is too bad, affecting both mental and physical life. But, it has less attention, awareness, social movements, and talk compared with domestic violence.

When your work place is abusive, how to survive.

You are threntened, ill treated, dumped, humilated, you don’t get the recognition, respect you deserve. Your hardwork is not appreciated. you are driven to have a self doubt on your skills, experience, achievements. You started longing for appreciation, attention. You are uncomfortable in your office.

If you face any one or more than one mentioned above, then you are in abusive work place. Either your colleague or your manager or immediate boss consciously and constantly abusing you to get something from you. Willingly or unwillingly you have do or provide what they expect from you. It should look like you are acting on your own, self instead by the force.

What is expected from you might be varying. Satisfy the ego, submission, play a subservient role, do an extraordinary /dirty work, quit the job, express fear, accept him/her as your boss or anything. Jealous, salary difference, work pressure difference, felt competitive might be also the reasons for abusive treatment in your work place.

Legally, you are not obliged to do, but you are forced to do by abuse. You can not complain, since its your job. As long as you depend on salary, you are not going to complain or seek relief from your work place abuses. If you are such person, this article is for you.

Be aware that you are in abusive environment. This awareness is the first step towards the relief. Don’t fight. Accept the reality that you are being abused.

Believe in what you are. You are not what is expected from you by your abusers. You are not what is described by your abusers.

Don’t let listen to those who have already surrendered. They want you to join the band wagon, which they are already in.

Don’t hesitate to speak/ask to your abuser when you have to. Be intact to abusings. Let the abuser keep abusing, you keep move around.

Think, remember – Did you abuse anybody in the past, and present? Did you help in abusing? If you, seek forgiveness from God and never abuse anybody.

In your spare time, do what is interesting to you. Stop doing it when you loose interest. Don’t compel yourself do something in your leisure time.

Spend time with your friends, family members. Let your mind be occupaid by who you love or who is loving you.

Never never never quit the job because of being constantly abused. What is the guarantee that you will not be abused in the new office.

Accept the reality – Why you are working.
You are working because you don’t have sound bank balance, you don’t have ancestral wealth to sit and eat, you are not from well off background. You are working because you need money to live your life. By working you gain experience, strengthen your career, make you employable, sellable in job market. You work because you dont have capital or entrepreneurship to start a business. You work because you get a job.

So, you have to work for yourself as long as you can irrespective of whether your work place is abusive or not.

God provides to whomever He choose. God takes from whomever He choose.

Go on.