Future is Lay down not Predicted – PHP

Is future predicted or determined or neither predicted nor determined? It just flows on its own.  People are just aligning with future.

I never predicted my future 14 years back.  I never determined my future 14 years back.  I started my career as a PHP programmer 14 years back. I neither predicted nor deterministic in planning my career.

I grow as PHP grows.  My salary increases as scope of PHP increases.  I worked in small companies when PHP was thriving in small companies and in small projects.  I started working in big companies, when PHP was accepted for big projects, and accepted in big companies.

I did not plan anything.  But, Apple’s journey was deterministic.  Steve Jobs changed the way people listening music.  Steve jobs and Apple lay down their future.

Bill Gates and Microsoft built their future.  Bill Gates revolutionized the way people living.  He lead the computer to masses.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs changed the way people living.  They are pioneers in the path they walked, because they lay down their path.

People are expecting electric vehicles to revolutionize the way of commuting.  But it is not happening right now.  High upfront cost, long charging time, and low mileage are challenges in adapting electric vehicles.

Someone successfully changed the way people living.  Pioneered in the path they walk and path is lay down by him/her. He/She harvest the initial profit.  She/he maintains monopoly.  Once the path is successful, rest of the population started walking in the success path.  Later people earns some benefit and survive in life.

I am one among the many who walked in the path, which is lay down by Rasmus Leardorf.  Rasmus found the path to build the web in faster and easier way.  PHP made web development is easy and faster comparing the web development technologies in the years 2000.  PHP made the hosting cheaper.  Hosting companies and PHP revolutionized web development.

Fourteen years back I am driven to walk in the path, which was successful till date.  It was not my conscious decision to choose PHP.  In 2004, when I was looking for a job very badly, I got a Job offer as PHP programmer since PHP needed huge man power to built the web.  There was a need for PHP programmers at affordable cost in huge numbers around year 2004.  Internet was blossoming and it requires simple technology and huge cheap labour to grow.  So PHP reached India.

I slipped into PHP river and just float on its way.

Rasmus addressed the web development challenges at early stage and accelerated the web.

Pioneers address a problem, find a solution, changed the way people living.  They are deterministic to change something.  When the change is accepted and requires further human resources to get implemented, next set of people join the bandwagon and make a living.  Next set of People are just align into the path.  They do not build their future.  If the path they walk is successful, then they become successful.  They do not build their success.  They just walk in the path of success laid by innovators.

Innovators, creators build the future.  Followers just align with Future created by innovators.

If you are a mass follower, in order to be successful, walk in the path of successful revolution, something changes the way people living.  You will survive at least, if you do not have luck to thrive.  Choose a revolution – a change, which will last for 20 to 25 years