Can web apps win Native apps

Will Web apps win native apps?

Web apps VS Native apps = ?

What will be the impact of web hybrid apps in smart phones?

Is there a scope for Web Apps in mobile platform?

Native apps for android are buzzing since 2008, whereas hybrid apps are sprouting in recent times especially after phonegap buzzing in the industry.

Whatever concept/idea can be implemented in web apps is already available in native apps – not like they can be done in native apps, but they are already done in many variations and in many duplication.

If you think of doing a photo gallery or audio player – there are variety of multiple apps already available in the stores. Developing one more app for the over crowed concept/ business model has no scope or meek possibility for monetization.

Html5 has great scope for redefining the user experience and interaction with millions of active legacy websites and billions of new websites going to blossom. But in app world where this fit in?

Html5 canvas can do wonders. But the same wonders are already done and available in app stores.

Trying and implementing the capabilities of web in mobile platforms, might be good for techie to demonstrate his ability. It is a sort of ability demonstrated or verifying new capabilities attained. But, its scope as app for monetization is questionable, other than landing in job or keep employable to a techie, where hundreds of variations already available in app store.

Will Web Apps be adopted

I see lots of html5 demos in internet, but I see them as ability demonstrated.

Ability demonstrated – Will it be used, adopted? Yes, they will be consumed by the industry like how web applications were consumed after out casting desktop application.

We are in a transition period – what is web, what is surfing, what is website and what is an app – everything is being redefined and reinterpreted due to mobile penetration. No more websites, only web apps.

Dynamic websites eliminated the desktop applications where frontend and back end running in same machine or distributed through networks. I remember FoxPro or dbase or devoper2000 application either as standalone or distributed across close networks in the same premise. Birth of web application made those standalone applications obsolete.

New capabilities of html5 will make native apps obsolete. When web apps can access device accessories like camera without phonegap plugins, native apps will become legacy applications. Because from browser without installing anything we avail what native apps provide. History will be repeated, but when? no idea as of now.
Exception may be to graphic intensive games.

Advantage of Web Apps over Native Apps

One of the major advantage of web apps. It is they don’t need to be installed like native apps. Use and throw, don’t store it in your device. Apps installed can consume battery, CPU, memory, space even when not used. They are active by their services/deamon even when they are not used. Check out the Nexus 5 battery drainage issue in Google. Device browser can run web apps or websites with the capability of native apps.

I hate installing apps which require internet connection , because the same can be done through html5 as web apps / web sites without the need to install.

Witness the transition is going to happen.