Solar Engineering

B.E Solar Engineering will attain the status of B.E Computer Science within couple of decades. Parents will be buying the Solar Engineering seats for their son/daughter in order to get high paying jobs like Information Technology today. Fathers of daughters will be very eager to give their daughters to Solar Engineers. Everything will happen when Conducting Electricity via internet is made possible like data.

Electricity can be exported to western countries from the Solar farms in India. Not only India, all the countries which fall under equator region where sun shine is abundance throughout the year.

There is large employment opportunity will arise in Solar Energy industry in order to setup, maintain, manage Solar Forms.

Like water cans served in domestic market – homes, Batteries charged with Solar electricity will be served to homes at retail level.

Once the small and medium sized indigenous players jump into Solar Energy business, Corporates will slowly enter into the market.

Offshore Solar plantation will be setup with foreign investment and maintained by indigenous human resources. Electricity harvested will be exported to Western countries.

Like today’s Offshore IT managers, Solar Plant managers have to send PPT to their onshore stake holders, saying ‘we improved the process, so our plant is able to produce 12000 watts of electricity from 10000 watts OR we were spending $1000 per day to produce 10000 watts of energy per day. After implementing our new innovation, we are spending $700 per day to produce 10000 watts. We saved $300 per day, so $9000 per month – $108000 per year….”

Solar Energy is going to be cheapest once Solar Panel price is reduced. The Chinese Solar panels seem to be cheapest of all. But the challenge here is Storage and Transport. Capacity of batteries have to be improved like storage capacity increased in computers(hard disk).

Once we are able to transport electricity over internet like data, inter continental energy business will be corporatised.

Unlike western countries, sun shine is almost throughout the year in Asian countries and African countries. Cheap labor readily available to work in Solar Plantation. Thousands of highly qualified English Speaking Solar Engineers will be produced from Indian Colleges. They will be ready to work from African deserts to Arabian deserts. Western countries have to invest, that’s it. Otherwise they have to depend on ever ticking nuclear plants.

Instead of waiting for Asian/African countries initiate Solar Plants, Western countries have to initiate Solar Plants in equator region, Storage and Conduct Electricity at safe and cheap way to meet out their Energy demand in eco friendly way.

Unlike IT, Solar Engineers need not work in late nights, but they have start working from early morning.