True Financial Freedom

Can man free from money? Is financial freedom possible?

Everybody has their own views for money. Is spending less than the earning can be a way to financial freedom? Is buying lot of assets financial freedom? The bank deposit, assets and everything will vanish once you stop earning. They are not sources for freedom from money.

Is secured Job and Salary give Financial Freedom?
Don’t think your salary is consistent, because you cannot work forever. Paycheck is the rental for the time you have been utilized in a particular domain, where you are specialized.

If you spend your time to earn, you will not have time to spend. If you are not spending, you are not living. You will become machine. Machines don’t live, don’t spend but earn for others.

Reducing the expense within our earning limit isn’t a way for financial freedom. It is a self-torture.

Financial freedom is not living without money. It is living without worrying for money.

Saving and Investment
Money saved will be spent in the future. Money converted to asset and asset will be re-converted to money. Investment is just a transformation. There is no permanent state for money. Money neither can be destroyed nor created. It can be transformed from one state to another. Saving is a myth. It does not happen practically.

How can we attain financial freedom? How much we earn, will be spent today or tomorrow. More we spend more comfort and more standard of living. Everybody has own saturation and satisfaction level for standard of living. So ‘how much to earn’ differs from person to person.

It is the ability to earn consistently is the real way for financial freedom. Our standard of living will fix ‘how much’ we have to earn. We must be able to earn that amount consistently forever. Not today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, consistently forever we have to earn. Volume of the amount is not an issue, but how long we are able to generate the income, which is important.

We are financially free if we know how much to earn and make it consistently. People who are financially free have such ability.