Self Pressure – Self Image

We have self image about ourself.  We expect what is happening to us should be within acceptable range of our self image.  We can not accept if something happening breaching our self image.

A person studying good at school and college, started to believe about  himeself as a good performing guy.  He can not accept, if he is given low rating in his job.  Poor feedback in job is breaching his self image as good performing guy.

We develop a belief system about ourself by seeing our face.  If anything  happening to me beyond my belief system, I can not tolerate.

I have a belief or opinion that I am a good programmer.  I understand business models and implement them as softwares. Sometimes if I can not understand a business model and not able to implement as softwares, I can not tolerate, I will start to doubt my skills.  My confidence dilutes.

The fact is nobody knows everything.  There are things which we can not do.  Not everything we can accompolish.  When the task is within our command, we get it done, and develop confidence.  When the task is beyond our comand, we are not able to do it, and loose confidence.  We afraid what will happen bad because of the failure.

Failures, not able to uderstand, not able to complete a task all are part of life.  If our self-image allows failures too, then we will be comfortable in embarassing moments too.  We are not special, not to be scolded, criticized, embarassed.  As long as our self image is flexible, we will be in a bliss.

Understand the Spy in your team

While discussing with your team, speak only publicly sharable opinions, thoughts.  Don’t speak anything which your supervisor or management should not come to know.

For example, when do you plan to resign your job – don’t discuss your plan in public.  Don’t criticize your manager or management in public.  When management come to know your plan, personal negative opinions, you will have bad consequences. How come management know your feedback when you discuss it with your close buddy?

There is always a spy in your team, in your colleagues.  He or She will cascade the information you leak.  You never know who is that spy.  One among your trusted colleagues is the management spy.

Don’t be skeptical about that spy or management encouraging spy attitude.  Managers need spy/information to manage the team,  Management should know the up to date pulse of its employees to manage them.

You can not identify who is the the spy.  But, be aware that there is a spy who eagerly waiting for your confession to inform the management.  He or she may get some favors due to their spying. It is best to avoid speaking what you don’t like your management to know.  Don’t speak such things with your colleagues or in public.

Survival Salary

Survival Salary is just opposite to Sky Scrapping Salary.

Survival Salary is paid only to live. By getting the survival salary, you can not have any comfort in your life. You can fulfill your needs to keep breathing. You can afford for some cloths to cover your nudity.

Mostly, 30% of salaried employees getting low salary to keep them self alive. 40% – 50% of salaried employees are getting the salary to meet out their little desires and comforts. 30% – 20% of salaried employees are getting the salary to afford for their comfort and able to buy other’s comfort and time to lead a luxury life. Look around you. The ratio may be slightly vary, but by and large it is a fact.

By education and market trend, some youngsters may get a sky scrapping salary at the very early stage of their career. But everybody can not get it at early stage.

Those who begin their career with survival salary, see the world indifferently, start criticizing the society, reluctantly accept the jobs. They start to feel that they are failure, slowly develop cognitive errors and moving towards their negative side.

There are few people, who begin their career with survival salary. Soon they ascend in their career, productivity, and relationship with management to get a comfortable salary. Out of comfortable salary receivers, some ascend to get a sky scrapping salary.

Salary is not a destiny. It is a reflection of our various socio-cultural-economic aspects in synchronization with the skill set. If we change our productivity, attitude, and relationship skills, our salary will also change.

Survival Salary is a door to sky scrapping salary, for those who are ready to change and improve them self, but lacking the skills now to get sky scrapping salary.

Working is Charity

If you are working, you are doing Charity. Working is an indirect way of Charity.

Out of my salary, I donate from few hundreds to thousand to orphan homes or some trust taking care of deserted people. I was thinking, this is my only charity activity.

Later I realized, working in a company is also a ‘Charity’. By making the company profitable, you help the company to expand and recruit more people. By employing new people company gives the employees a ‘living’.

Employment to an individual is a rise of new family. Basic needs with or without additional comfort are provided to three or more people in the society.

By helping your company to grow and recruit more people, you are indirectly providing provisions for people to have a living. It is a good charity through it is indirect.

Dedicate your work for the good company or good proprietor.

There are companies/proprietors who suck your blood and keep the profit with them self. They do not expand the company or give you more salary. You are treated as working machine, not human being. If you are not emotionally or physically well, do not work in such company.

How do you find a good company to do your ‘charity of working’? It is very simple.

In this ‘Silicon Civilization’ or age of semi-conductor, if any company expects you to work for 8 hours per day with weekly two off, It is your company. The proprietor who is running such company is not running a company, he is actually doing a charity. It is the company which takes care of your work life balance.

Join with the person who is already doing charity by recruiting you. Help him to do more charity by recruiting more people. Providing a ‘living’ to a family is better than donating money.

Helping to build a better society is the best charity.

You can contribute to such charity by working in a company which is already doing charity. Be part of it, ‘help’ it to ‘help’ more people to have a decent living.

Feel your work as a charity.

Which will give financial freedom

Recently I heard one of my friend’s colleague is earning huge money from his blog. So he resigned his Job.

I thought if my get popular, I could have earn sufficient money to give up my job. I will be free from work and attain financial freedom. Another friend said, if he succeed in his MLM business, then he will be free financially.

Every one has their idea of satisfying their need in one or other way. But in reality things will be different.

When is monetorized I may loose the pleasure of blogging. I see it as my business not a hobby. When I start to expect something then I have to face either satisfaction or frustration. Blogging will become pressure to me when it becomes business to me. Then I have to ‘work’ to keep up the revenue generation expectation of Anyway I have to keep ‘working’ for something.

If my friend succeed in MLM, then twenty four hours a day will not be sufficient for him. He will be running on heels to ‘show the plan’ to many people. He will be busy attending or conducting more meetings. His downlines will be ringing his mobile phone.

I do not find anybody stop ‘working’ or feel their needs are satisfied after succeeding in MLM. While struggling in MLM it your part time business, when succeed in MLM it is your full time business.

Nobody in this world stop working till their last breath either directly or indirectly. There is no such thing like if you attain that then no need to work for our needs.

There is no end for need. Need creates more needs. Fulfilling one need leads to another need. If you need a car for traveling, then your car needs fuel, maintenance, and a driver, a parking space if you are in a crowded metro city. You need to work more to earn more after fulfilling your traveling need than before.

Whether MLM, Blog, innovative products, concepts, ideas, career goal, education and etc; nothing is going to fulfill your needs without ‘working’. It is the ‘working’ alone can fulfill your needs. Others are illusion or false ideologies.

So be ready and happy to ‘work’ for anything. Have enthusiasm to work.

Job Profile you never Quit

Many people desire to quit their job, want to escape from pay check/rat race. They desire for a residual income. They try to build a network in MLM. Some try to start a blog, a social networking site and etc. Some want to start their own business. By these activities they believe, they can attain financial freedom and security.

People believe job is not secure. You can list your own negative reasons for going to job.

But these are due to false belief and unnecessary fears over job.

I will tell you a job profile, you will never quit.

In your current job, you do not need to report in the morning by 9am or 10am. Of course, which is a the official time to report. But, you can decide your reporting time as per your work. You can reach 30 or 45 minutes late, no issues. At the same time if there is a need to report early, you will report.

This ‘flexible reporting’ will not affect your salary as long as you are doing your job well. An average six to eight hours you need to work per day.

There is no work pressure. Whenever a task is assigned to you, it is you have to confirm how much time and resource you need. You will not be pressured for less than what you assess.

If some of the tasks are beyond your skill or ability, you are free to convey as it is beyond your talent. The task will be re-assign to somebody else who can do the job. You will not be blamed or put down because of your inability. Both your strength and weakness are accepted.

Company will not pressure you to upgrade/improve your ability. It is you have to improve yourself. If you improve and upgrade yourself, company will appreciate in all the aspects. Otherwise, company will accept you as you are.

Salary will be paid promptly and more than enough. Every year there will be a hike depending upon your performance.

Company’s economy is very sound. Company has good business. Salary is consistent and definite.

No office politics stress. Opportunity is equal to everybody. Management maintains a ‘Win Win’ policy rather than ‘Win Lost’. At the same time, it will not interfere in relationship among staff. If you want to start a group/politics, you can but you can not put down anybody. If you do not want to participate in office politics, you will be protected against other political groups.

Nobody is allowed to put down others. Your team will be changed or different work will be given to you if you do not feel comfortable when working with somebody.

No firing. Company will not fire you at any cost. Firing is a negative management policy. So, no firing. Legal cases are exceptions.

Whenever you have problem, you can discuss with your management freely.

Yearly twice or thrice, you can have short time vocations.

You feel so comfortable in your office than your home. No fear, no tension.

If you are offered such a job profile or your current job will be changed like that, do you give up your job? Do you think of starting MLM or blog or any other residual income source?

You will find your job is better than your dream business. You focus only in your job not any other things. You will not update your resume. You will not appear for interview. You will continue in the company as long as possible.

Well, do you thing the job profile which I explain now is a joke or illusion or dream.

You are absolutely wrong. This type of job profile is available in your current company. Even your job can attain such a profile by a slight change in your attitude. You need to get rid of your imaginative fear over job. You have to get rid off over-expectation from your job.

At the same time, you should be ready to give up your job if things are not favoring or ‘Job Profile’ is bad.

Every company I worked I find one or more employees enjoying this job profile. In your company too you can find somebody enjoying this profile. They may be friend or relative or ‘piggy pather’ or extremely skillful or showing their back to their boss. Any how, they manage to get a comfort and enjoying their job.

Love the job or hate the job, both are in your control. Whichever you want you can choose. Some company – same job, for somebody it is a heaven and for somebody it is a hell. Something difference in the individual perception, but not with the company.

If you hate your job, please quit. If you love your job, please continue. Never mind anything. Sooner or later you will land up at the ‘Job Profile’ if you have courage to follow your instinct.

Be Confident when your colleague is Fired or Terminated

Relax, Be cool and calm, and be positive, if the company you are working is firing your next sitting colleague. Just be cool and relaxed. Be detached. Do not get angry with company or do not have pity at your colleague. No need for having emotions in this issue. Use your brain than emotions.

Do not get fear as you may be fired. Just be cool. Birth and death are not your control. Many things are in divine control. So just relax. You do not know, you will join this company few years back. You are not going to work permanently here. Some day you also have to leave, the reason may be anything. But you must exit. As long as you are working here, have courage to say not, when you have to say. Do not work too hard or strain yourself. Work what you can. Keep your temper always cool. Never get tension and never get fear.

Your company is not the end of the world. World is a big market with lot of varieties. The colleague who is fired will be in a better position than the current. It is foolish to have the illusion that your colleague’s life is over. This is mind’s negative imagination. As long s/he confident, enthusiastic, and positive, s/he can find a niche in the job market. Just relax. Termination or retirement is just another event in life. See it simply. There is life after layoff.

Job change due to Consultancy

Job changing is also happening due to consultancy screwing. Highly profiting business is head hunting.

When you do not have an intention to change or you like to continue in the current company, you will receive consultancy calls like anything. If you are skilled and potential candidate and you are in booming and growing industry, then you may receive 3 to 5 consultancy calls per day. If your resume is short listed by the client of the consultancy then you are hot.

A female with a charming voice or a male with a highly professional and cordial voice will contact over your mobile phone. They will tell that their Prestigious client has a vacancy which best suit your profile. Prestigious client will pay more than what is your CTC (Cost to Company) and etc. If you listen their pitching and get oscillated slightly, you will be tossed like anything.

When you attend the interview with their prestigious client, you will find which may be smaller than your current company.

If you are in India and in software industry, you will be told that an American or Canadian or Australian or any foreign client is waiting for you to conduct the interview. H/She liked your resume very much. Moreover H/She will be catching the flight by today or tomorrow evening. So you suppose to attend the interview as early as possible, otherwise you will miss a Golden Opportunity.

If you attend the interview in hurry burry (get permission from current office by telling a lie), you will be received by a typical Indian, who is with full of ego and high handed behavior as Interviewer. He will have fleeting glance over your resume. Then he will ask the traditional question, Tell about yourself. Though your resume has important things about you, you have to answer this question.

I do not join the company, who asked the traditional question, which is not any way helpful if you are a technical person. Within a week, the prestigious client of your consultancy will contact you directly. The consultancy will be skipped.

One time, a consultancy call was pitching about a CMM level company. I asked is it possible to get 100% hike from my current CTC. Consultancy said it will discuss with the company. Then they contacted me again and said that salary was not an issue. When I attend the interview that CMM level company, said my current CTC is beyond their budget.

CMM Level and big MNCs are numerous like petty shop or tea shops nowadays.

If you are in dilemma when replying to consultancy in the first call, there are chances you may change the job without your interest.

Changing the company for 10 to 30 percent hike is not good in case you are already settle down in your current company.

Their next strategy is making you attend the interview is, make yourself committed. They snatch the word from your mouth and convey that they have informed and confirmed to their client. So if you fail to attend interview you may have guilty feeling. So you will attend the interview to keep your word.

Consultancy is also one of the reasons for salary hike. They always tell you that you will get more than current CTC. It is very rare you move to another company without change in pay.

Quick job hopping is not good for both you and your employers. If you everything going well, stay in a company for minimum one year and maximum 2 to 3 years. But do not continue for more than 3 years in the same company. This is not good for both you and your employer.

Do not be scapegoat for consultancy enticement. Unless you personally decide to move to another company never listen consultancy pitching. Ignore at the first call.

Consultancy is charging you it is not because you are skilled and qualified. It is because your industry is good. There may be a booming or great demand. It is seller’s market – Employee’s market.

If you industry is not good then you have to chase consultancy. I remember that few years back, I charged consultancies; even I paid to register with them. They will conduct a mock interview too. That time was buyer’s market – employer’s market. Now things changed, main reason is industry is good and growing. Soon you may be paid to attend interviews.

You dodge consultancy or consultancy dodge you, nothing depends on you or consultancy. It is the market decides everything. Your experience, skill, and everything will be counted if your industry is good.

Good and Bad of Career

Every man in this world must earn for their bread and butter. We should work or do something to meet out our needs. Depending upon the educational or skill set we earn. The modern world called it as ‘Career’. Every one should have a career, whether your pay cheque is for $1 or $100000 or more. You may be a manager at MNC or house keeping staff in a MNC, everything is career.

Our life style has two boundaries. Before starting a career and after starting a career.

Before starting a career we are free birds. Read the books we like, roamed anywhere at anytime. Chatting, laughing with our friends. Day or night has no restriction for our enjoyment. We have lot of games. We play many indoor and outdoor games. No hesitation, no fear. Mind is not obsessed with anything. No need to think about what is next. See all the movies. Watch or enjoy the beauties of girls in our sphere. Lots of bear parties. Those who are interested in particular game or activity, dedicate their whole time for it.

It is a state of consciousness, where your mind is free from time restriction, no fear about failure. Mind is highly energetic. No tension. It is a life with out commitment. You can move, turn, and change any way you like. You have full freedom and power in driving your life.

When the evil hands of career trapped you, first thing you lost is your freedom. You are forced to read book related to improve your career. Second thing you loose your friends. Career throws the friends to different corner of the world. I remember my father searched and meet his village, school, college friends after his retirement. Once you are caught by career you will loose your contacts with your friends slowly.

Then you loose your ownership to your time. Something or somebody will be the owner of your time. Whatever may be your pay cheque, what level of (high profile or low profile) designation you have, the core activity of your career is selling the time. Without selling your time you can not enroll into a career.

Your interest is coffined. Whether you like or do not like you have to do the responsibilities piled on your head. You loose the freedom to say No when you like to say no.

You can choose your friend but you can not choose your colleague, you have to adjust with your colleagues.

Fun and play or games are completely removed from your life. It is very rare to find people who are playing the games which they played in their teen ages or before trapped by career. You do not have time and you do not have teammates to join with you. Everybody is in shortage of time and running on heels for the sake of career. All the pleasures of youth are gone.

Career does not like the free mind. It keeps filling the mind with targets. It will obsess you with the ‘next thing’ to be done. What is next is always hooking your head. The job consciousness is forcibly stuffed in you head. You can not de-stuff it even after your retirement, since you will not have anything to fill other than your career.

Career sees you as a resource. You are a resource to execute some task or to be utilized. You are committed to career.

The tyrant career keeps you as its slave. But look at your children or any dependents you have, especially who are in their pre-career stage. They enjoy their life because of you. You have mortgaged yourself for them. They live to the full spirit like how you lived when your father or guardian surrender to career. You enjoyed your youth because your parent surrendered to career. Now, its your turn for the sake of your children or dependents.