Guilty Conscious

Guilty conscious is a conflict between our conscious and actions. To get rid off guilty feeling we have to accept the conflict.

We have our expectation about our self. We maintain a sort of self-image and project it to society. Normally our actions are within conscious framework.

When our actions are not matching with the discipline of our conscious, we start having guilty conscious or self anger, and all sort of self-killing.

We have to accept the illusion called conscious. If we try we can change our conscious. If we try we can stop changing our conscious.

Our conscious changes without our awareness and effort. Out internal and external experiences, lessons in life shapes our conscious. If we have awareness about conscious, we can regulate it.

Sometimes, out actions are based on our emotions and hidden stresses. Moreover we are human – an animal with reasoning and logical skill. We have animal/biological urges.

Depending upon our situation and stress level, we may succumb to our emotions and urges. Socially successful people are good at handling their emotions.

Succumbing to emotions, committing mistakes are part of life. As long as we accept our true nature, we will not have guilty conscious. Accept your weakness and strength. Accept your bad and good.

Be aware, we have created our self image and social image. Do not give much importance to it.

Whatever self-image we maintain, we will have hungry. If somebody does wrong to us, we will have angry.

The opportunity to express our emotions will depend on situation, our confidence level, and various context.

If our emotions are not worthy of conscious we are in, we may try to suppress it or wait for an opportunity to express it without spoiling our social/self image.

If the emotions are strong as stress it does not care the conscious/self image. It find its way to ventilate. Later, we will have guilty conscious for it.

Sometime, other people try to inject guilty feeling. Never never never succumb to suck trap. Guilty conscious by any source is meaning less.

If you accept yourself exactly as you are, you will realize that it is foolish to have guilty feeling for any thing.

We should not stick to your social/self image too much. Self image is subjective to the ‘consistent situation’ we repeatedly have.
We should not feel for our actions if it violates our conscious.

Guilty conscious is a self torture. It is a semi suicide. Accept the difference between how do you like to be and how you are actually. How others are expecting you to be and how you can be. You will never have guilty conscious.

You can not satisfy everybody, but you can satisfy yourself.

Life of Addiction – Thoughts and Attitude

Many of our thought process and ‘day dreams’ are recurring in our life. We are habituated to have such ‘day dream’ and thought flow. It is a sort of ‘addiction’ to the psychological responses or behaviors. This type of psychological addiction is very subtle. It is not very easy to understand why we behave in such way.

We are slaves to our addiction. We have to attain freedom from our addictions.

Some people get tense always. Some people are always cool. Some people are always feeling inferior and some always feeling superior. All are addiction to respective mood. If you are addicted to get angry, then you get angry for anything and everything. A set of psychological addictions becomes our character and attitude. They are our immediate responses to evens in life.

People who are positive, always positive in all the situation. People who are negative are always negative in all the situation. Some people find problems in the workplace and change the office and keep changing the offices for the same reason again and again. They may be addicted to find problems in their work place.

Some people are always happy and some are always sad. Some people are always having depression without any reason. All because of addiction.

Normally, smoking and drinking are defined as addiction. But 99% of our character and attitude are addictions. We get addicted to behave in such way.

All types of addiction are genetic or we developed with or without our awareness.

Certain addictions can improve our life. Certain addictions can ruin our life. Human is empowered with get the control over all types of addiction. We can create new addiction and erase old addiction. Awareness or conscious about your consciousness can control your addiction. It is like watching yourself by you.

Phobia is also an addiction in some cases, it can be eliminated by conscious effort.

Please be aware that any activity which you keep doing or repeating without valid reason or sufficient emotional thrust; means you are addicted to that activity.

Psychologically induced high blood pressure is normally life long. Because the person gets addicted to the mood or mental state which increase blood pressure and pulse rate. Until removing the addiction to that ‘mood’ medicines are useless. If the person remove the addiction to that mood, within a fraction of second blood pressure will come to normal. This is not a medical miracle. Just having control over your addictions of mood.

Some people get addicted to be cool, calm, and relaxed. Whatever happen they can sleep well. Masturbation is mainly due to addiction, except at the early stage.

Addiction is not wrong. If you do not addicted to the sound of your name, then you will not identify you with your name. Depending upon the impact of addiction over you, your surrounding and your life, it can be termed as good or bad. If the addiction improves your life continue it, otherwise remove it. Removing is nothing but stop involving in that activity. Good or bad which you have to decide.

After starting my blog, slowly a new addiction developed in me. That is addiction to ‘blogging’. I try to blog when I am not moved by anything to write. Some impulse is pushing me to write about something. I come to aware that I am addicted to Blogging. I decided to remove it.

I started to blog for expressing about something which stirs me. Something which gives feast to my analytical skills. Of Course. I am proud being addicted to analyze. This addiction with limitation (not too much) improves my life and career too.

Blogging gives satisfaction to me. Initially, I blog when I can and what I like at my comfort. Later I come to know that, revenue can be generated from blogs through advertisement programs, which entice me to ‘keep blogging’. Now it is getting a stage of addiction.

I do not want my blog to be filled by ‘Vacum’ content. I want my blog to be having something stirs my feelings and analytical skill. So I stop looking my blog every day. Whenever I am about to blog something, I postpone it for two or three days. If I still have the trust after three days then I write. I gave low priority to blogging activity. Slowly the blogging conscious is removed. Often I give break to blogging activity. Now I am free from blogging addiction.

Our life is just a collection of our addictions.

Tranquility and Beauty in Chennai Beach

Chennai has the second longest and beautiful beach in the world. I love going to beach. Long sand beach, green parks, and walking pavements are adding comfort to the place. Steel and cement chairs for sitting give relaxation to you. Ships on the long view are super.

The cool breeze make you relax. It makes you energetic, chills your body. It kisses all over your body. The more benefitter is lungs. The breeze is pollution free.

Laying down on the sand or sitting on the chair or walking slowly over the pavements and inhaling the cool breeze make you realize that it is still the ultimate pleasures are in nature.

All over the sea shore boats are parked by fisherman. It is also a sitting place to enjoy. Goto the tip of the beach. Fill your eyes with endless ocean in front of you. Feel that you are nothing in front of the ocean. Throw your pride, ego, success, failure and everything overlapping your soul, into sea. Wash your soul and make it clean.

Then look above your head. Sea the endless blue sky. Feel the vastness of the space and universe. You are the tiniest of all tiny objects. Even a dust in the universe is vaster than earth. The importance you give to this life and you are meaningless. Realize your true nature at beach. The endless sea and vast sky can help you feel the breathing bags just a bubble.

Heaven will come to earth on full moon day. Goto beach on fullmoon day. Look at the east. Woman’s beautiful forehead is dotted with red color kumkum. Like that dark sky has white dot moon. Surface of the sea is shining like silver coated. Beach on full moon day is able to compare with ‘original heaven’ if really exists.

Ships anchored near sea side will be light up fully. They looks like tiny ‘Island of lights’. The Chennai harbor after sunset looks like constellation of stars. The light house acts as a star of earth for those who try to visit earth. May be aliens. Pole star to reach earth.

The ultimate comfort and relaxation is at the laps of nature. During weekend go to beach. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility in Chennai beach.

Writing can control Mind, cure obsessive compulsive disorder

Mind is fast. It is difficult to control it. Especially when it is obsessed with some repeated thoughts. Ego stimulated feelings or negative feelings like jealous, angry will stir your thought like anything. No need to say about sexual feelings. Emotional hijack is the final stage.

People suggest yoga, medidation, pranayama and other highbrow breathing concepts to control the mind. But ordinary people cannot practice such things. Many people do not have time and ‘mind’ to learn and practice.

Silicon civilization is the busiest civilization on the earth. Even human breathing length is shortened here. Too busy to have a relaxed breath.

Instead of controlling the mind, we can divert the mind. Diversion is easier than controlling.

Writing is one of the easy ways to divert the mind. When you start writing, mind changes its focus to the topic you are writing. You can not write one issue and think about another issue. Mind is synchronized with writing. Without your effort mind will change.

You get angry with somebody in your workplace or neighborhood or while traveling or etc. But you are not able to express your feelings. You can not express your angry feeling to your boss. You can not express your angry feeling to your teacher. You can not express your angry feeling to your spouse.

You can express your all feelings freely if ‘Unconditional Love’ exists.

All your suppressed emotions come out as thoughts. You shout, beat the source of your angry. You design diligent plan to put ‘them’ down. All in day dreams or thoughts or imagination. While working, eating, speaking to somebody your mind is busy developing angry thoughts. Not only angry thoughts , suppressed sex feelings completely hijack your mind. Mind will be busy generating sexual thoughts.

In this situation you can not stop your mind. Why you have to stop your thoughts? that’s you have to decide. If you wish to stop proceed further.

All this ‘smoldering’ thoughts and stress increase the relevant stress.

If you are angry at a person, then start writing the good features of that person. Immediately mind will switch to produce good thoughts. If that person is inhuman and does not have a single good character from your point of view, then write about your good friends or good things or places you like or people you like.

Then your mind stops producing the obsessive thoughts. It becomes cool and happy by thinking about what you like.

What you stuff in the mind that will reflect in thoughts. Suppressed emotions can lead to obsessive thoughts. If you stuff anger, it will produce angry thoughts, if you stuff sex, it will produce sexual thoughts, if you stuff fear it will produce fearful thoughts. To counter fear you need to stuff courage into your mind.

Just start writing about what is opposite of echoed in the mind. That is all. Mind will divert easily.

If you have angry thought, just write about what you like. If you are sad, then write about what is happy to you. If you have too much of sex urge, then write about divinity.

Write about opposite of running in mind or something different or strange from what is running in mind. This will change your thought flow.

This type of writing habit can cure obsessive compulsive disorder. Writing for minimum on one or two pages is enough. If you practice this type of writing, you can feel the drastic change in your mental health.

Opportunities Missed by Fear of unknown and Hesitation

Fear of unknown and hesitation miss many opportunities in life. From love to comfort many un-availed things are missed out in life.

If we express our love, the girl would have accepted. She may be waiting for your courting. But we may hide our emotions and feelings because of many imaginative fears. But, at the same time we keep boiling our desire. We act like we are brother to the girl, but we romance in dreams. It is like, we have a chocolate in our mouth, but we do not swallow it or we do not spite it out.

If we apply for the job, we could have got it, but we do not apply for big jobs/post with big salary. But we hesitate with lot of complex. We satisfy with our self with how we are now, due to many sentiments, our convenient logic. If we ask for the promotion or hike, we will be given, but we do not ask, instead of asking, we wait for our boss to do it. The boss may be busy with some other issues. Your due may not be his first priority, but he aware that you deserve the hike/promotion. We may like to do something, but we do not do immediately. We wait for some good time to do. Like that you Boss may be. If we ask we could have it.

At the same time, we should not expect our expressed desire/demand should be done immediately. It may be executed immediately or later on or denied. Our duty is express. Whether we make request or not that is in our control, but the response is not in our control. We should be ready to accept the response, whatever may be. But we should express.

If you keep bottle necking your desire to get hike/promotion, the end will be beginning at another office. If you have ventilated your pressures, you could be comfortable in the current office.

The opportunity we miss, which will haunt our mind for long time, than opportunity we availed. If I asked, If I asked – this murmur will continue till you sleep in coffin. Even if you ask and your request is rejected, that will affect you for the moment. But missing due to non-expression will torture you for long time. If you try, you may succeed or fail, but you will be in peace. If you do not try, you will loose your peace.

A man, who had love with woman, will not be obsessed by her; woman to whom he had requested but denied will not obsess him. But, he will be obsessed by woman to whom he had not expressed his love.

Kill the fear of unknown, inferiority complex, and hesitation. Dare to realize your dream and desire the best. You deserve to be best. Ask your best.

Obsessed with Ideas

I meet two people with many Ideas, They have quest to achieve something in the Internet. They keep thinking about many innovative concepts. One guy explained his idea to me. I asked my doubts, while clarifying my doubts he get another idea. They he tried to jump to his new idea. But I forced him to stay with the idea he was explaining. His head seems to be business model factory.

I am not sure whether this is creativity or any problem/stress in the mind. Because, for many years they are living with their ideas. Idea produces more ideas. The problem is none of the idea in their head gets executed practically. They keep stuffing their head by ideas. But nothing gets de-stuffed. Idea in its own abstract form can not succeed. It needs to be practically implemented.

Which stop them from executing their ideas? If they have executed any one idea and stick to it, then things will be different from now. Two things stop implementing the ideas. Lack of confidence and lack of belief on the Idea. Feverishness or mental obsess about the idea also prevent the action at the same time urging for action. It reaches a stage of Action constipation. Third reason is the idea is beyond their capacity to execute.

If they are in any one stage or more, they dont act practically, but keep thinking about the idea, keep speaking about the idea, and keep producing ideas. They like all their ideas and want to implement all. They will have bottle neck of time and resource and confidence. Nothing will be implemented

They did not earn single bit of currency from their ideas. But they keep boasting their ideas to others and enjoy the oral appreciation from the innocent listeners. They like the listeners but not the executioners. Because they do not like their ideas to be executed by others.

Many people are wasting their time and mental energy to be obsessed with ideas. Real idea will blossom like flower and you will not be obsessed with other ideas. Focus on only one thing, which will definitely give result either positive or negative or at least your mind will be free from more ideas.

Implement what comes to your mind. Definitely you will earn either money or knowledge or both. At least, you stop suffering from new ideas. Choose what is best and what you can do and stick to it. Implement it; certainly there will be a positive result: money, knowledge, or no more ideas and you will wake up from your world of ideas. Once you realize the pain of implementation, you will dare to come out with another idea.

Surrendering to God reduce Stress and Fear

Surrendering to God reduce Stress and Fear

After developing an attitude of surrendering to God, I feel comfortable. My stress and fear level reduced. Soon it will be completely removed.

I was searching for people, incidents, works which give stress and tension to me. But later on I realized stress and fear in not outside. There are inside me. It is an attitude and personification problem. We do not have control over outside things. But we can control how we react. Our wrong responses are main reason for stress.

Every human has his/her own value system to life. Our value system, faith, belief everything matters. If your fundamental value system is wrong then you are prone to stress.

Surrendering to God is the best way to solve problems which gives your stress. If you are able to solve, it will not be a stress to you. It is a stress because; it is beyond your control. Even you juice your brain you can not do anything for things beyond your control. Developing an attitude of surrendering to God has great result in getting rid of stress and fear.

Live without any Fear

Live without any Fear

Live without any Fear. Fear is like a Break to a vehicle. Courage is an accelerator to a vehicle. Do not keep pressing the break then vehicle can not move. At the same time you cannot drive without applying accelerator. Both break and accelerator must be needed to drive a vehicle.

Whether you fear or do not fear, nothing is in your control. Universe will go on its own way, whether you fear or not. Fear is a state of mind or negative conscious which expects only negative. Life is full of uncertainties. Nothing is permanent. Everything including the world is perishable. You can not stop anything. You can not make anything. Have an attitude of let them go is best way to deal the life.

When we have fear our dreams, our speech, our action, and our behaviors are in a different manner than if we do not have fear. Fear stops you live happily. Certain fears are foolish; fear for death, fear for illness, fear for failures are stupid fears. When death, decease, failure come no one can stop it. You do not need to fear for such things, which you do not have control over them.

You can feel the difference when you act with fear and act without fear.

Example: You save some percentage of your current salary as a security to future. This is because of the fear of uncertainty about the future. But God comes to you and confirms that no need to fear about future. Your economy will be prosperous and you will have consistent income for the next hundred years. Then will you save money from your salary or spend fully. Those who have ‘fear of future’ save money for future. Remember you do not have control over next second.

How do kill the fear? Action cures fear. If you fear for driving, keep driving is the only way to cure the driving phobia. When you have fear of death strongly believe or keep saying mentally as you will live long, when fear of decease comes keep saying mentally as you will live healthy. When fear of failure comes, keep saying you will win. A positive pep talk or thought have great impact. Counter your fear with courage. Stop the negative by positive.

Fear is not out side, it is in the thoughts. It is the thoughts which maintain the fear as cauldron. If you change your thoughts, fear will disappear. If you fill your head with courage, you show courage. If you fill your head with romance, you reflect romance. If you fill your head with fear, you reflect fear. But whatever you reflect, life goes on its own way. Life does not bother what you stuff in your head. So it is better to fill the head with tranquility. Fill the head with a sense of well being.

Mind set for Interview

Hi, my dear friend.

Yesterday you told me that, you were called for interview from the reputed MNC Company. You felt so nervous and obsessed over the interview.

Just relax. Do not push or rush yourself for anything. Just realize that this not a must win situation. You are already comfortable of current job. So be cool. Nothing is going to change your life. This is just another company. This is just another interview. This is just another day. Nothing special. No need to boost your self. No need to be obsessed by interview thoughts. Just relax. Joining or loosing this big company is not going to change your life upside down. God can give anything and remove anything from you. Be balanced and keep your mind calm.

No more nervousness. Your mind will be free soon. You will be so comfortable, expressive, audible and fluent in language during interviews. You will be as you. Remember you will get only what is due to you. So try without expectation.

Power of Now cures the effects of OCD Depression in Action

My friend is suffering from OCD, and depression. Reading Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle has given some awareness and relief from his mental disabilities.

He is undergoing psychiatric treatment for his illness – OCD and depression.

He was suffering from repeatative thought patterns which haunt him continuesly. Fear of loosing job, uncertainty of future, insecurity about everything, children future, job tension are his obsessive tensions.

He is having Sizodon, Lamosyn – but those medicines are not able to relieve him. He has undergone Sudarshan kriya from Art of Living and Shambhavi Maha mudra from Isha yoga. Both did not have positive effect on him.

While watching YouTube videos about depression, he stumbled upon Eckhart Tolle videos. He was impressed by Eckhart Tolle’s simplicity and speech about Karma. Later my friend, come to know about the book Power of Now written by Eckhart Tolle.

He purchased the book.

Power of Now is not a self motivational book. It is a book about mind and thought process. It explains how mind behaves. It is about Enlightment.

Reading the Power of Now gave relief to my friend. It gave him awareness about mind and thoughts. It made him understand that he is not his thoughts. It taught how he has to differentiate himself from his thoughts.

My friend felt much better after reading the book, he is somewhat relieved from his anxieties. Power of Now mitigated his OCD, and Depression. My friend is not cured completely, but he is able to manage OCD and Depression with the awareness he learnt from that book.

Power of Now did not control his thoughts, but mitigated the influence of thoughts in his actions with awareness.

For safer side, he continues having medicine and regular checkup with doctor. He did not try for enlightenment told in the book.