Cheat your Gene code

We have psychological or mind responses which was very useful for survival, when we were living as Hunters. Those responses or behavior were genetically programmed.

Then, we were farmers did agriculture, them we were industrialist and today we are somthing.

But those genetically programmed psychological responses still prevail in present days, but they are not needed now.

Our mind is genetically programmed to jealous, greed, fear, desire for survival.  They are survival instincts for the living style of past era.  Now they are not needed, but we still have them and follow them blindly.

We have to cheat our gene code to not to have jealous, greed, fear, desire in present day living style.

We have not given sufficient time to evolution to reprogram or upgrade mind as per present days.

We live in silicon civilization, but we have and follow the mental reflexes of stone age hunters, like ferociousness of lion in zoo and betta in bowel.

We have to cheat our gene code as far as mental instincts.

Action Vs Thoughts

Is our thoughts deciding our life?  Is our life goes as per our thinking?  What is the impact of thoughts in life?

Thoughts are nothing to do anything with our life.  It is our actions deciding our life.  Life goes as per our actions.

Then, why so much important to thoughts?  Thoughts stimulates actions, our action impacts our life.  Our actions are influenced by our thoughts.

So thoughts are important, because it controls our action and in turn our action controls our life.

Can we detach actions and thoughts? Can we remove the influence of thoughts over action?  Yes, we can.   We can act by our intellect or logical mind instead of emotional thoughts.

Let our thoughts be anything.  Let it be positive, negative, happy, sad or anything.  But if we are alert while doing action or speaking, then we can execute our actions without the influence of thought.

You may think negatively, but do not let your negative thoughts influence your actions.  Always act positively and speak positively irrespective of your thoughts.

Be alert to not to let your thoughts influence your actions.

Don’t control your thoughts, let it flow.  But, control your actions, control your speech and be alert while acting or speaking.

The Blunder called Belief

Belief is a cognitive blunder in the evolution of mind.

When we believe something, which means it does not exist in reality.  We expect it to be. We do not need to believe a fact.  We believe in God, we believe in religion, we believe in this that.

When we are not certain about something, we develop a belief about the uncertainty to make it certain as per our convenience or as per our like.

Somebody believe in God, somebody do not believe in God.  Both are believes.  Both parties believe something.  In reality, we do not know whether God exists or not.

In day today life, we have various believes about relationships, events, products we use.  We believe soap could kill germs.  We believe education will secure source of income.  We believe good things will happen to good people, bad things will happen to bad people.  We believe struggling for money, being middle class is a symptom of good nature.

We believe in savings is good.  We believe spending is bad.  We have a belief about money, we believe somebody is good and somebody is bad.

Without logic and without facts, we have many believes in life.  We have to question our belief.  Assume something and believe the assumption, this is the way our belief system develops.

Depend on logic and facts.  When facts are not available, then have a belief as per your like but understand that it just a hypothesis.  Be ready to remove your belief when facts available against your belief.  Do not be adamant with your belief when facts are against it.

Stress in Decision Making

Taking decision is not stress free. If we postpone taking decision, our stress level will increase. Actually decision making is stressful if we don’t have sufficient data.

Decision by Fact vs Hypothesis
When we have facts, we do not need to take decision, because facts will tell what to do. When we do not have facts, we have to make decision by hypothesis.

To take decision we need bravery rather than intelligence. Of course intelligence is must, but bravery is best for taking decision. The decision making ability is must for an administrator. It needs for all human being, but for administrator it is essential.

Foregone decision must be avoided. Decision according to situation or circumstance is best. Circumspect is a man of decision. He knows the decision to be taken according to the environment.

Worrying after taking decision is useless and foolish. It is better to think thousand times before taking decision. But decision should not be retreated after embracing it. It is impossible like recalling an arrow after bowing it. Like words, decision is a slave to us before taking it. After taking decision, it will be our master.

Taking decision is the one of the major ingredients of leadership quality. A leader without the ability to take decision is like a pen without nip.

We should not expect all our decision would be right. To take a right decision, it needs larger experience and greater analytical power. Out of two analytical is important. Do not worry about the wrong decision, because right decision can be taken from the experience gained at wrong decision.

It is best to take right decision. It is acceptable to take wrong decision. But, it is worst of all to be indecisive rather than taking decision.
While taking decision do not be worrying as it may go at astray. Do not fear to take decision. Decision must be taken at any cost. Right decision makers are like winners in the game. Wrong decision makers are like runners in the game. ‘Indecisivers’ are spectators to the game. So take decision when and where it is to be taken.

There are very rare and few circumstance when decision should not be taken.
A problem is solved by a right decision. It is left as it is by indecision. But become worse by wrong decision. In such situation it is better to avoid taking decision. Time can solve many problems.

First, find out whether this situation/problem really needs a decision/solution. If it is true, take the decision without hesitation. If it is not true then leave it as it is. Whether to take decision or not is also a decision.

Hitler Concentration Camps are back

Hitler’s concentration camp is re-created in Companies when they plan for layoff or downsizing or head count reduction.

If you work in such company, you know that everyday will be a nightmare. You hear rumors saying, 5% lay off, 10% lay off, suddenly 30% lay off or total shutdown.

Fear, rumors, anxiety are the prevailing moods in companies when they become concentration camps.

Everyday you work is your lucky day. You are survived by one more day. Nobody knows who is next, but everybody fears. Some try to establish rapport with their managers, believing that they will be secured. Poor guys, they do not know, manager is also an employee, he is too subjected to downsizing.

Many quit, because of fear of being fired. They want to join to other companies before being pinked.

You should know how to handle your fear, anxiety. Otherwise, you will quit by fear of lay off, when there are chances you may be retained.

Fragile and empty showcase of big corporates are exposing now. All these have direct impact on professional colleges and indirect impact on people’s value system over education and job market.

Funny thing is in spite of all these fragility, still corporate employees are prey to loan market. Failure of corporate will have severe impact on banking industry.

Praising the Past

I see many old people who praise the past and frustrate with the present.

“Those days were paradise, clean air, no scarcity, people were good and honest, women were obedient. But nowadays everything is deteriorated compare to the past, the whole life is machine….”

But truth is every grown up man has positive view about his past and negative view about his current days. Men belong to all the centuries feel the same.

I read few short stories of ‘Pudumaipittan’, (Tamil literature). The stories I read were written around the life and society of Tamilnadu, especially Madras/Chennai during second world war (Before Independence). Pudumaipittan criticize the poverty, hypocrisy of the society. In between lines he satires the politicians of his day. The society he depicted is not much different from my society in terms of attitude towards fellow human being.

Apart from the scientific progress through the centuries, Human attitude is not changed in all the times.

Praising the past is meaningless, apart from technological comforts to those who can avail it, the past and the present are same in the attitude towards life. If past were paradise, no need for Bhudda or Mahavira and other spiritual leaders.

Why still people praise the past? It has to be studied in different view.

If you watch the kids or boys or youths, they do not praise the past. They enjoy the present. when the same youngsters, grow up as middle age or old people they started praising the past. At least they praise their boyhood and youthful periods.

So, praising the past is psychological rather than living standard or life style issue.

For everybody till their youth life is carefree. The overall mood is happiness. From middle age onwards commitment, needs, chasing the time and stress are become ingredients of life. The overall mood is frustration, a sense of disgruntled.

Those who enjoy the current life never praise the past. Those who last the happiness in current life, think old is gold.

No kid or boy or youngster praise the past.

Solar Current

I am charged by Solar Current. After realty, I am tempting to jump in Solar Electricity.

Ten years back, I was hijacked by Web Application wave. 6 Years back I eloped with “Blogging”. Two years back my mantra become Realty.

Like Sea is having ‘water currents’ in different directions at various depths, everybody’s life has different current, sometime ‘drifting’ too.

We should be very careful before ‘Slipping’ into a current. I decided not to Slip into this Solar current. After spending 8 to 10 hours in the office, I could not afford for anything other than this ‘partial writing’ or blogging. Weekends – OOPs – lot of lessons from the past how to use weekends. Weekends are very precious in my life.

I do not have time and money to research with Solar current. If any company/individual innovates something and sell a Solar domestic plant, I could buy it if it is affordable to me. Other than this stand, trying to innovate or create something to reduce Solar plant cost or increase its productivity from 15% are not possible to my life style.

Buy a domestic Solar plant if affordable to me. That’s it.

I was lost away by many current in the past. Every current drop me somewhere at the end. It give me some knowledge. experience to me. Both good and bad experience.

Running Free Internet Classifieds –, was a failure, but it gave me a career, earnings, salary to have a decent living.

Blogging is utter flap as of now, but I know everything about blogging now. Last year, I earned ‘peanuts’ from my blog through Google Adsense. Indeed, it helped me to pay my daughter’s school fee. It does not cover whole fee, but covered mostly.

Realty is neither failure or success, but I bought a 2BHK flat in Chennai outskirts, and a piece of land in my native place.

Whenever I come across a current, I jumped immediately without thinking. Now, I consciously decide to avoid Solar Current. I may go for a Solar Lamp, Charger in a Slow Phased manner as middle class consumer. That’s it.

We can not stop depending on GRID all of a sudden. Moreover, Solar buzz in my district(Tamilnadu) will disappear once the ‘drama’ at Koodangulam atomic power plant is over.

Is this Thought Required Now?

Is this thought required now? Have you question your thought like this?

There are countless loosely coupled thought originating in a day. Many or all of them are not required.

Whenever I have a stream of thoughts, I question them, Are they required now? Logically, the answer is NO. I am not referring ‘day dreams’. I am talking about stream of thoughts or racing thoughts which stir our emotions and leading to action. Later we feel guilty for behaving like that.

Day dreams do not force us to act. Any thought, which are capable of binding with emotion, have high chances of getting into action than day dreams.

We have such kind of unnecessary thoughts, and we will end up unnecessary actions and unnecessary consequences.

When, I started questioning my ‘emotion packed thoughts‘, I realize they are not needed at all.

My physical energy level increased when I stop the racing thoughts. I do not know the relationship between physical energy and thoughts.

I am not emotionally hijacked when I avoid the thoughts bind with emotion.

Emotions suck body energy. When we are emotionally balanced more energy retained in the body.

Avoiding unnecessary thoughts, avoid unnecessary emotions, which avoid energy loss.

To by physically energetic, ask yourself, Is this thought required now.

Mood Cycling

Mood Cycling is a psychological disease. It create genius as well as people who faced debacle. The reason for cyclic mood may be anything like chronicle depression, loss of nutrition and etc. It can be treated by consulting a psychologist.

Many people live with depression or cyclic mood problems without knowing that it is a disease happened to mind like other diseases happened to body.

People affected by “cyclic mood”, hang an in a mood without any valid reason and suddenly swift to other or opposite mood without valid reason.

Throughout our life we are traveling between moods. We stop at ‘happiness’ if any of our expectation happened. If anything happened opposite to our expectation we move to ‘sadness’.

If somebody is better performing than our self, we move to ‘hate’ and hang in jealous mood.

We move to ‘FEAR’ mood, if our life or our beloved ones life, or our career, job or our social status is at risk.

If our beloved one dies, we move into depression.

If our day to day life, the incidents happening around us and how we are reacting to the happenings are taking us to a mood. We hang on in the mood for a while. By another incident we are taken to another mood.

I was in sadness yesterday. Today by some incident, I move to happiness. Tomorrow by some incident, I will move to romantic mood. Day after tomorrow, I may move to depression by another incident.

The incidents may be countless, but the unique list of moods we get in our life time will be not more than 20.

Happiness, sadness, jealous, aversion, love, sexy, romantic, fear, angry, dullness, confidence, guts and etc. You can add your moods into the list.

We do not have control in which mood to dwell in. Our environment and incidents happening around us decide in which mood we should be.

You can not be happy or joyful when you travel in Chennai’s metro bus(Pallavan) in peak hours. It is crowded and congested. The bus swallow the passengers two to three times more than its normal capacity.

If you are standing inside the bus, you will be squeezed, you will be suffocating. You can not be joyful while traveling in such condition. You are in stress.

You will be in ‘romantic’ mood if your girl friend or lover traveling with you in the crowded bus. Here both will be in romantic mood.

All of a sudden, you move to ‘happiness’ or a sense of relief mood if you get a seat by chance in such traveling.

Same bus, same crowd but we can ‘travel from mood to mood’.

The default mood of a traveling in a crowded bus in peak hours can be overcome by additional activities.

You can overcome the travel stress by jumping into ‘serious’ discussion with co-passengers. I often do this.

It is natural that human is cycling through moods. But how a cyclic mood or “mood cycle” can be a disease.

1) No bad things happened to you, but you are sad.

2) You have come to sad mood by some incident. You are not able to shift to other moods. You stay in sad mood for longer period or forever irrespective of things happening around you.

It’s time to meet psychologist.

Enthusiasm is the best mood. It helps to over come fear of unknown, fear of failure, and propel us to achieve goals with unknown end. It helps to come out of failure, frustration and depression and any negative mood.

Do you know, what is your default mood?

Does default mood exist?

I do not know that what is the default mood or first mood of man when he born, mood of a baby in womb, mood of just born baby.

But, I pray to God to let the ‘Enthusiasm’ be my default mood.

What is Idol Worship as per Quran

What is Idol worship as mentioned by Quran. Even many muslims think statue worship is Idol Worship. Which is absolutely wrong.

Idol worship not only related to worshiping statues or images or symbols alone. Even if you symbolizes anything as God the almighty, which may be accepted.

As per Quran, anything which occupies your mind more often than God is Idol Worship.

If you think of money and doing business for money like anything, money becomes your God. Doing business for making more money rather than meeting out your basic needs. It is Idol Worship.

Someone cheated you. You get angry with him. Days and nights you think of the person who cheated you. You imagine how can you retaliate. Nothing is more important to you than revenging him. Now the person who cheated you is your God. He occupies your mind more than anything in twenty four hours a day. Now you are committing the sin Idol Worship as mentioned by Quran.

Anything which occupies your mind for longer period and often is your God.

If you allow anything to fill your mind other than God, you are committing Idol Worship.

You have decease. If you always thinking and worrying about the decease, the decease is your God. you are worshiping the Decease.

You have some fear. You always speaks about your fear, you always act by your fear, thoughts of fear haunting you like anything. Now fear is your God. You are worshiping Fear. This is Idol worshiping.

If your brother or sister or children or friend or relative died unexpectedly. You keep thinking about the died person and sulk in depression. Now the died person is your God. You are worshiping the death soul.

You get a good job with high salary. You always proclaim your job and salary proudly. Your body language reflects your job and the richness. You move with the people, speak, think, live based on your Job and Salary. you enjoy your identification with your profession. Now your Career is your God, not God is your God. You are Idol worshiping your Career.

Here is a Example from Hindu Mythology:
In Mahabaratha, Krishna has a separate episode with Kamsan his uncle.

As per the oracle, Kamsan will be killed by his sister’s son. Kamsan tried to avoid it. But later on, Kamsan comes to know, Krishna is his sister’s son, who escaped from all his efforts to kill him.

Now, Kamsan afraid of death, being killed by Krishna. Every second he thinks about krishna. Wherever he looks he see Krishna’s face. Whatever sound he hears, it seems to be Krishna’s voice. While breathing in and out, he utter the name of Krishna.

Now Kamsan’s god is Krishna, because Kamsan fills his mind with Krishna. Now Kamsan is doing Idol worshiping.

Shivering/Haunting/Thinking about something other than God more often or always is Idol Worship.

Hope, some how you understand what is Idol worship as prohibited by Quran.

Worshiping statues, images, icons, symbols are not only Idol worship. Of course there are also Idol worship, but Idol worship is not confined to statue worship alone.

If our mind is vibrated by anything other than God is Idol worship.

During Vinayagar Chaturthi or Ganesh Chaturthi, even some muslims also think about the elephant statue.

Some people(hindus) keep thinking about the elephant statue because of Devotion. Some people(muslims) keep thinking about the elephant statue because of angriness and aversion. Both act on the elephant statue based on their emotions.

Whatever may be the emotion but both sections keep thinking about the elephant statue more than anything else. So both are committing the sin Idol Worship during Chaturthi.

Quran contains God’s message to worship God alone, but mistakenly people worship Quran more than God.

Idol worship is a sin happening mostly at thought level when compared to statue worship. Idol worship is committed by people from all the religion including muslims.

If you are a Muslim, not agreeing with the above explanation for Idol Worship, damn sure you have not read Quran at least once in your life time.