Mood Cycling

Mood Cycling is a psychological disease. It create genius as well as people who faced debacle. The reason for cyclic mood may be anything like chronicle depression, loss of nutrition and etc. It can be treated by consulting a psychologist.

Many people live with depression or cyclic mood problems without knowing that it is a disease happened to mind like other diseases happened to body.

People affected by “cyclic mood”, hang an in a mood without any valid reason and suddenly swift to other or opposite mood without valid reason.

Throughout our life we are traveling between moods. We stop at ‘happiness’ if any of our expectation happened. If anything happened opposite to our expectation we move to ‘sadness’.

If somebody is better performing than our self, we move to ‘hate’ and hang in jealous mood.

We move to ‘FEAR’ mood, if our life or our beloved ones life, or our career, job or our social status is at risk.

If our beloved one dies, we move into depression.

If our day to day life, the incidents happening around us and how we are reacting to the happenings are taking us to a mood. We hang on in the mood for a while. By another incident we are taken to another mood.

I was in sadness yesterday. Today by some incident, I move to happiness. Tomorrow by some incident, I will move to romantic mood. Day after tomorrow, I may move to depression by another incident.

The incidents may be countless, but the unique list of moods we get in our life time will be not more than 20.

Happiness, sadness, jealous, aversion, love, sexy, romantic, fear, angry, dullness, confidence, guts and etc. You can add your moods into the list.

We do not have control in which mood to dwell in. Our environment and incidents happening around us decide in which mood we should be.

You can not be happy or joyful when you travel in Chennai’s metro bus(Pallavan) in peak hours. It is crowded and congested. The bus swallow the passengers two to three times more than its normal capacity.

If you are standing inside the bus, you will be squeezed, you will be suffocating. You can not be joyful while traveling in such condition. You are in stress.

You will be in ‘romantic’ mood if your girl friend or lover traveling with you in the crowded bus. Here both will be in romantic mood.

All of a sudden, you move to ‘happiness’ or a sense of relief mood if you get a seat by chance in such traveling.

Same bus, same crowd but we can ‘travel from mood to mood’.

The default mood of a traveling in a crowded bus in peak hours can be overcome by additional activities.

You can overcome the travel stress by jumping into ‘serious’ discussion with co-passengers. I often do this.

It is natural that human is cycling through moods. But how a cyclic mood or “mood cycle” can be a disease.

1) No bad things happened to you, but you are sad.

2) You have come to sad mood by some incident. You are not able to shift to other moods. You stay in sad mood for longer period or forever irrespective of things happening around you.

It’s time to meet psychologist.

Enthusiasm is the best mood. It helps to over come fear of unknown, fear of failure, and propel us to achieve goals with unknown end. It helps to come out of failure, frustration and depression and any negative mood.

Do you know, what is your default mood?

Does default mood exist?

I do not know that what is the default mood or first mood of man when he born, mood of a baby in womb, mood of just born baby.

But, I pray to God to let the ‘Enthusiasm’ be my default mood.