Guilty Conscious

Guilty conscious is a conflict between our conscious and actions. To get rid off guilty feeling we have to accept the conflict.

We have our expectation about our self. We maintain a sort of self-image and project it to society. Normally our actions are within conscious framework.

When our actions are not matching with the discipline of our conscious, we start having guilty conscious or self anger, and all sort of self-killing.

We have to accept the illusion called conscious. If we try we can change our conscious. If we try we can stop changing our conscious.

Our conscious changes without our awareness and effort. Out internal and external experiences, lessons in life shapes our conscious. If we have awareness about conscious, we can regulate it.

Sometimes, out actions are based on our emotions and hidden stresses. Moreover we are human – an animal with reasoning and logical skill. We have animal/biological urges.

Depending upon our situation and stress level, we may succumb to our emotions and urges. Socially successful people are good at handling their emotions.

Succumbing to emotions, committing mistakes are part of life. As long as we accept our true nature, we will not have guilty conscious. Accept your weakness and strength. Accept your bad and good.

Be aware, we have created our self image and social image. Do not give much importance to it.

Whatever self-image we maintain, we will have hungry. If somebody does wrong to us, we will have angry.

The opportunity to express our emotions will depend on situation, our confidence level, and various context.

If our emotions are not worthy of conscious we are in, we may try to suppress it or wait for an opportunity to express it without spoiling our social/self image.

If the emotions are strong as stress it does not care the conscious/self image. It find its way to ventilate. Later, we will have guilty conscious for it.

Sometime, other people try to inject guilty feeling. Never never never succumb to suck trap. Guilty conscious by any source is meaning less.

If you accept yourself exactly as you are, you will realize that it is foolish to have guilty feeling for any thing.

We should not stick to your social/self image too much. Self image is subjective to the ‘consistent situation’ we repeatedly have.
We should not feel for our actions if it violates our conscious.

Guilty conscious is a self torture. It is a semi suicide. Accept the difference between how do you like to be and how you are actually. How others are expecting you to be and how you can be. You will never have guilty conscious.

You can not satisfy everybody, but you can satisfy yourself.