Overcome False Fear and Subjective Failure

False fear can spoil your life. Many fears are false or subjective. A man ride his vehicle. He meets an accident. Luckily he survived with small wounds. Next day while driving he gets fear as he may meet accident again. Because of the fear he stops driving. Whenever he try to drive, he gets the driving phobia. This is false fear, it prevents the joy of driving. He has to overcome the false fear, drive normally.

Some time if you see some other getting accident, you may develop a phobia as you too may get accident. This is also a false fear, must be overcome.

Do not get stuck by your failure or fear. Many people quit or give up their study, research, entrepreneurship, and career advancement because of some subjective failure. If you fail in your current project, which is not a verdict as you will fail in rest of the projects.

When I was promoted to Manager, I did well. I received whole hearted support from my management. When I moved to next company, I was not able to perform well as Manager. Due to various office politics, I struggled to be a Manager. Then I started to convince myself as I am not capable of Leading people, I should work as subordinate only, Manager job is a tough, etc. It was a conclusion because of the recent ‘subjective failure’. I forget my past success.

This is actually a false fear. Even there are failures here and there, I have to keep maintaining my position and keep trying to advance it, rather than confining myself within a boundary, due to fear of struggles. Those who are leading, are never stuck by their failure in leading people.

Many executives when promoted to lead people, they may fail to command their sub-ordinates and not having proper chemistry with their superiors. So they may be considered as they are not capable leaders. Even, they may start to convince themselves as they are not. This is a wrong conclusion.

Under a positive situation or different scenario they will perform well. They should not convince themselves as suitable for junior position. They have to keep strive for better position even they are made to fail.

When people fail, they think they can not win for ever. Nothing is permanent. Many failures are subjective. People with lack of awareness believe that failure is permanent. They lead a failure life, even though they are capable of winning.

Identify such false fears. Kill it at the root. Live happily and bravely. This life, human mind, and body are beyond scientific measurements. They can perform any miracle. Just believe you are worthy of how do you like to be.

You may succeed in the past, which is also not a affirmation that you will succeed for ever. So never identify your position by your success and failure. Identify yourself as How do you like to be identified. You deserve what you desire.