Smart Programmer

Smart Programmer work less and produce more. He get the job done without giving stress to their client or immediate boss. At the same time he does not have stress or does not work till he burn out.

Smart programmer understand clearly, what has to be done, what is the need of the client. He works in a line and length with requirement to fulfill the needs of the client. He does what makes client happy, not what is easy to him.

Smart programmers has technical expertise. He innovates new ways to get the job done quickly and easily. He does not look at his monitor for whole day. He works few hours a day and show more productivity than stress free programmer and stressful programmer.

If a task needs 8 hours of labor, he takes 5 to 6 hours and be relaxed in remaining hours. He does not take 12 to 14 hours to complete a 8 hours job and saying ‘I am working more, staying upto midnight in the office…’.

He is quick in his work as well as leaving the office quickly in the evening.

Smart programmer is stress free because of his skill in time estimating. He does not over estimate or under estimate. He will convince the client or immediate boss that why he needs such a timeline to get the task done.

Smart Programmer has both communication and persuasion skills.

When client or immediate boss, forcing to complete a task in too short time, smart programmer will not agree. He has guts and confidence to oppose the immediate boss if he is charged inhumanly.

Smart programmer know what he can and can’t do. He will not commit for what he can’t do.

Focusing on client’s requirement, be truth full to what he can do and can’t, being positive in communications and having guts and confidence to oppose when he is demanded more inhumanly, and with little bit creativity. These are the attitudes of Smart Programmer.

In overall, the stress level between the smart programmers and the clients will be lower or zero percent. They keep themself happy and keep the client happy.

Being a smart programmer is not related to technical skill alone. It is related to attitude more than technical skills.