How to complete Big Project

Sculpturing a statue, filming a movie, writing a novel, constructing a building, doing small investment for big return, and developing a software all are projects. A project means anything broken down into small tasks leading to a big finish.

If you sum up the quantity of food eaten by a man’s full lifetime, the size of total food will become a huge mountain. During a course of time this ‘Food of Mountain’ is eaten in small quantity in proper intervals. Swallowing the big ‘Food of Mountain’ at once is impossible and leads to bottleneck. But we all do this eating project successfully without our consciousness. We do it consistently without minding when it gets completed. There is no pressure of time. We cannot swallow all at once. There is no bottleneck by time or quantity. Completion attained by consistency. This is the best attitude for project completion with an artist spirit.

Don’t expect the project completion or rush to finish. This expectation will make you tired rather than the work. No hurry No worry, just work for the day, and get the current task completed. That’s all. Consistency and time leads to completion. No human is completing anything.