Stress Free Programmer

Software industry is highly stressful. But not all the software engineers are working stress fully. Only few, rest working without stress.

There are three types of programmers. Stress free programmer, Stressful programmer, and Smart Programmer. They are technically strong, having good experience, have communications skills etc. Especially in outsourcing companies, you can find the first two types of programmers.

Stress free programmers are always cool. Only clients or supervisor or immediate boss who is extracting work from them will get stressed out. They put the pressure on programmer. But stress free programmer sends the pressure back to those who give it.

Their logic is simple. Do what is easy to them. Stress free programmer do what they like and what is easy to them. Never work hard to fulfill the real requirement.

There is a module which has ten tasks. Four are easy and six are very tough. After completing the four easy tasks, stress free programmer will inform the module is ‘completed’.

It is their superior or client has to test and point out the remaining six tasks.

The lazy programmer will avoid the work in various ways. They simply drag the days without accomplishing anything. They stay in the office for days and nights but without little progress.

For stress free programmer asking ‘help’ means give the code not guidance.

They intelligently stimulate other hard working – result yielding programmers by asking ‘help’. Hard working programmer squeeze his brain to solve the task assigned to lazy programmer.

Somehow the stress free programmer get the code from hard working programmer and paste in his file. There are several ways he tries to get the task done without breaking his head.

Some time the client get stressed out by getting the job done from stress free programmer. He will close the contract and move to other company. Soon, the cool programmer will be relaxing in bench.

Here is an example of how stress free programmer work without stress and make his client go mad. Programmer and client may sitting across the continent or sitting in same office.

The task is creating a HTML form for reservation booking. In the form there are fields to enter ‘From’ and ‘To’ date. Both must be validated.

Assume that current date is : 2007, March.

Programmer will validate the fields are empty or left out. He conveys to client as the form is completed. Now client test the form, he will raise a bug ticket as the system is allowing expired dates. If the current year is 2007, booking can be done for future years, but not 2006 or 2005 or below.

The programmer ask the client to explain the bug in detail. Soon he will do some work in the form and conveys the bug is fixed.

Client will raise another bug as current year is not allowed in booking. Programmer will argue as he has done as per previous bug. Booking can be done for future years. So current year is not possible.

Client has to explain as if the current month and year is March 2007, booking can be done for April, May… of the current year as well as future year. Programmer will fix and close the bug.

Client will rise another bug as month is not validated. After several rounds of ‘bug re-opening’ and heated arguments, programmer will fix the month as current month or future months. He closes the bug.

Client will raise another bug as month names older than current month is not allowed to book. System should allow months older than the current month. Programmer will argue as he did exactly as per the previous bug – current month or previous month alone allowed in the booking. If the current month is march, January or February cannot be booked. He will argue with client as he did exactly as client required earlier.

Client has to explain if the current month and year is March 2007, Jan Feb of 2007 should not be allowed. But Jan Feb of 2008, 2009 or more can be allowed. Now Programmer will fix month validation and close the bug.

Again client will find another bug in date. The logic applied to month has to be applied for date/day too. Client will not raise the bug now. Because of the stress in getting the job done from stress free programmer, he will close the contract move to another company or keep the reservation process manually.

Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Seconds have to validated in a sequence in reservation process.

Stress free programmers keep the stress at client end.