Stressed Out Programmer

Stressed out Programmer do great jobs with great stress.

Both Smart programmer and stressful programmer are technically sound in getting the job done. The difference lies in their attitude. How do they feel at their work which makes the difference.

Stressful programmer do not express them self properly. They have communication problem in both mother tonque and foreign language.

They do not express their emotions from small to big. They bottle neck everything. Later on they blast out everything.

Technically, they are good at time estimate, but they do not express it properly. If their client or Project Manager wants to done the work quickly, they agree to complete the work in short time. They do not fight or argue for the time estimate which they feel right.

They work for long hours. From morning to midnight. They work like anything to get the job done ‘quickly’. They never express their inability work or tiredness.

Emotional Well Being:
While working their emotional well being will be negative. They have angry and aversion. They feel for ‘running on heel’ to finish. They have thoughts like, ‘This task can be done in four days, but forced to do in 2 days or less… nobody cares or technically not sound to estimate the time as I am…”. But they do not express their thoughts to the right person.

If they feel four days is must, it is their right to demand it and work comfortably. It is programmer’s responsibility to educate the client or Project Manager about the time required and reasons for the time required.

It is every individual’s responsibility to take care of their health both mentally and physically. Stressful programmer ignore their responsibility to maintain their health.

Fear of Unknown:
Stressful programmer have fear of unknown. They have anxiety always. They have fear of loosing their job. They never say ‘NO’ to their client or immediate supervisor for ‘in-human’ requests. They always say ‘YES’ and suffer a lot.They want to be too good to the management.

Ego and Comparison:
They have ego or pride as they are working hard and long and completing the tasks. They compare them self with others and develop lots of negative feelings and complex.

Stressful programmers always compare them self with smart and stress free programmers.

Salary Hike:
They have desire for salary hike or deserve it, but never express it. Instead of expressing, they expect management to reward it.

Nobody gives what you want till you express your demand. Those who express have two results. Either their demand is granted or not granted. For those who do not express have only one result. Not granted, since nobody aware of their expectation.

Skill is not the only deciding factor in salary fixation. Lots of socio-pollitical factors are involved in it.

Immediate Boss Relationship:
They always think they are better than their immediate boss. It may be or may not be true. Their relationship with their immediate boss is always bad and stressful.

Immediate boss is a designation, do not expect it to be superior in skills.

Job Hopping:
Stressful programmer tend to change job often. For any problem in the workplace, they think ‘Job Hopping’ is the only solution. When problem arises, leaving the current job is not solution. It is a sort of escapism.

Programmers are getting stress by their attitude and emotions. They do not express and bottle neck. They have fear of unknown and anxiety. They want to be too good and suffer for being too good. They compare and complain everything around them.

By changing the attitude, stressful programmer can become Smart Programmer.