Opportunity Blocking

This is a different way of doing politics to put down the competitor. Never giving any opportunity to competitors. Ability is nothing without opportunity. Ability needs opportunity.

Opportunity blocking can be implemented by supervisors, managers, and those who are in lead position. They assign work to their sub-ordinates.

To implement ‘opportunity blocking’ one has to be close to the management, and able to influence it.

If ‘somebody’ is capable of challenging the manager/lead in the office, manager can prevent the opportunities and keep him idle. ‘Somebody’ can not prove or impress the management without opportunity.

Manager’s ‘target’ wants to grow, achieve. But no opportunity offered to him for proving his/her excellence. He may have to move to another company for better scope. This way manager can root out his competition.

But ‘opportunity blocking’ is very dangerous to work life balance. Manager has to divert the opportunity to somebody else. He can not do all the work. So he may prefer somebody from his ‘Piggy List’ to look after the opportunity.

These piggy people are without any individuality and skills for achievement. They are ‘piggy pathing’ the manager, because they are inferiors. Manager hands over responsibility to them, but it is his responsibility indirectly. His work load is increased. His head has a very high traffic of office issues both work and politics.

This leads to stress and low productivity. Remember the ‘piggys’ never reduce manager’s work load. They may satisfy his ego. They may not get things completed.

At this point of time, company has to hand over the task to somebody, who can get things completed. The default choice is ‘somebody’, who is put down by manager/lead without any opportunity. His head is cool, with high energy because he is without any work. He will ‘gallop’ into the task with the freshness and spirit. He makes it completed. Anyway company is benefited.

The scapegoat is ‘piggy’. Being piggy is pity but comfort. Read ‘Lord of the flies’ by William Goldings to know about piggy and politics.

Your boss is not giving good opportunities to prove your skills. He diverts it to somebody in his favors. Do not change/quit the company because you do not have any scope to progress. Please be patient, and have good spirit. It is just a delay, not a permanent state. Soon you will get your opportunities.

The situation is temporary. Soon you will be the center of action. Opportunities will come to you naturally. It will reach you when your competitor breaks down under pressure of more work in long run.

Those who blocked your opportunity can not withstand the pressure of more work. Since they have taken your opportunity along with their regular work, they have more to deliver. People break under pressure in long run.

Never develop any negative feelings when your opportunities are blocked. So never fight, compliant, and argue with your management as your opportunity is blocked.

If immediate supervisor or somebody else is blocking your opportunity to show your skills, do not get irritated or feel for it. Simply spend your time to learn new things. Have leisure time with your friends, be relaxed and cool. Increase your energy level to receive the opportunity when it ultimately reaches you.