Opportunities Missed by Fear of unknown and Hesitation

Fear of unknown and hesitation miss many opportunities in life. From love to comfort many un-availed things are missed out in life.

If we express our love, the girl would have accepted. She may be waiting for your courting. But we may hide our emotions and feelings because of many imaginative fears. But, at the same time we keep boiling our desire. We act like we are brother to the girl, but we romance in dreams. It is like, we have a chocolate in our mouth, but we do not swallow it or we do not spite it out.

If we apply for the job, we could have got it, but we do not apply for big jobs/post with big salary. But we hesitate with lot of complex. We satisfy with our self with how we are now, due to many sentiments, our convenient logic. If we ask for the promotion or hike, we will be given, but we do not ask, instead of asking, we wait for our boss to do it. The boss may be busy with some other issues. Your due may not be his first priority, but he aware that you deserve the hike/promotion. We may like to do something, but we do not do immediately. We wait for some good time to do. Like that you Boss may be. If we ask we could have it.

At the same time, we should not expect our expressed desire/demand should be done immediately. It may be executed immediately or later on or denied. Our duty is express. Whether we make request or not that is in our control, but the response is not in our control. We should be ready to accept the response, whatever may be. But we should express.

If you keep bottle necking your desire to get hike/promotion, the end will be beginning at another office. If you have ventilated your pressures, you could be comfortable in the current office.

The opportunity we miss, which will haunt our mind for long time, than opportunity we availed. If I asked, If I asked – this murmur will continue till you sleep in coffin. Even if you ask and your request is rejected, that will affect you for the moment. But missing due to non-expression will torture you for long time. If you try, you may succeed or fail, but you will be in peace. If you do not try, you will loose your peace.

A man, who had love with woman, will not be obsessed by her; woman to whom he had requested but denied will not obsess him. But, he will be obsessed by woman to whom he had not expressed his love.

Kill the fear of unknown, inferiority complex, and hesitation. Dare to realize your dream and desire the best. You deserve to be best. Ask your best.