Blogs are Literature?

Are Blogs literature? There are plenty of content written in Blogs. Are they part of Literature?

There may be copied content in Blogs. People simply copy content from another websites and post it their website with or without changing the words. This is eGarbage.

There is another type of copying is cGarbage. cGarbage is Concept Garbage. This can be referred as tGarbage – Theme Garbage too.

God Divinity Salvation
The concept of Milton’s Paradise Lost is God or divinity. The concept of Pilgrim’s Progress By John Bunyan is God or Divinity. There are various and countless works written woven around God, Divinity, Salvation. These three are copied as concept or theme for many or countless early literary works.

Love is the theme of millions of literary works from all over the world in all the languages. From Romeo and Juliet to Lila Majnu all sharing the central theme Love.

There are common themes like Revenge, Society, Humanity, Charity and etc.

There is no single concept which is unique and not copied over. Billions of books written for Personality Development.

When cGarbage can be called as Literature, eGarbage also can be called as Literature.

Existence of Blogs in Olden Days
Baccon’s essays, Charles Lamp’s essays and other coffee house publications after Renaissance can be considered as forerunner to Blogs. Those works were written in the form of blogs but in printed format since 15th century. Now the blogs are written electronically in Internet. Earlier there were few people who are educated among educated few ‘contribute’ to English Literature. Now many are educated and many are writing blogs but are the bloggers contributing to Literature?

Yes, the bloggers contributing to literature. Literature reflects the Society. Blog reflects every aspect of life in detail. Some body write about politics, some write about environment, some write about divinity, some write about health care, some write about tourism, everything from personal perspective about every aspect of life.

By reading a blog, it is possible to study about the country and its culture. If you read the technical blogs you can understand technical penetration in day today life of the country the blogger belongs to.

At the same time, efficiency in writing is different from simply writing. I am able to speak is different from, I am an Orator. But all are speeches. The quality of writing may differ but what ever is written is content and it is literature.

Blogging is Literature.

In the next centuries, Blogging literature will be studied as part of English Literature. Blogging Literature is global as well as local. Like American Literature, Indian Literature, Blogging Literature will have its niche in English Literature.