Office Politics and Groupism is natural instinct

Office politics is Good to the growth of the company. It is true. It is also good to the growth of individuals involved in. Office politics is good to both employer and employee as long as ‘Win Win’ approach is maintained by management.

Why do people create politics and groupism in work place? What is the need? Are bad people only create politics?
Is good people not involved in politics? Why do politics exist in office?

The core behind office politics is Biological instincts to Survive and succeed. It is not the human mind which makes politics in office. It is not either good or bad character.

Like hungry, sleep it is a biological instinct. It is not a character or behavior or mind set. It is a biological need of every living beings.

When you join in a company, there may be different groups already existing. You find it difficult to mingle initially. They too hesitate to accept you. You do not think as they are bad or you are good if you are not accepted.

There are few dogs living in a street. You may know how the dogs will react, When new dog comes to the street. Existing dogs fight with new dog. The fight will be equal or unequal or one sided depending upon the strength level. This is just an animal instinct, part and parcel of genetic in all living organism, which can move.

If you watch any animal TV channel, see lion’s life. Lion live in community. From 10 to 30 lions living together. One or two male will be sharing the leadership.

Young male lions in the groups are growing. Leader lions will ‘push’ young lions out of the group, because these young male will be a threat to their fathers. These leader lions want to be an top and un-challenged. It will be thrown out if somebody has the ability to challenge.

‘Pushed out young lions’, follow the survival the fittest rule. They want to have their own group to lead, when they become adult. There are some lion herd with older/weaker leader lions. These young male will kill the old lion and captured the group. All cubs of the old lion will be killed by new leader. Then new leader will start producing its own clan. Later these new leaders will be killed by next generation lion cups. It is a cycle. Ruthless cycle for leadership and dominance.

This is lion politics. This is animal politics which can move. Neither bad nor good. It is biological instinct. Human politics is happening in offices and social life in the same way.

Every human being has the right to live, succeed and reproduce. This is not character. This is registered in gene. Competition begins at sperm level. One sperm out of millions reach its destination. Every sperm like to win the race. None is ready to sacrifice its chance. Politics begin at sperm level.

Office politics can be two types: Positive politics and Negative politics.

Your contestant is better and stronger than you. You will improve yourself due to biological instinct to supercede. You will make yourself further stronger than your contestant. This is positive politics. Here, you are improved and company also benefited by your new skills. All due to politics.

Negative politics is straight opposite. You do not improve yourself, rather you improve jealous. You try to stop your contestant’s growth. Trying to make him weaker than you. Here nobody benefited. Soon you will be doing politics in another company if your contestant aware of your tricks and manages your disturbance.

Positive politics leads to ‘Win Win’ situation. Everybody wins here. You improve your skills and productivity and your contestant too. The company get benefited by both you and your contestant’s improved productivity. As long as company encourage positive politics, it grows.

The chances of loosing the battle is more if you follow the negative politics. Negative politics is heavy damage to both company and the individual.

It will be stagnated or loose its productivity and business after loosing human resource in ‘Win Lost’ situation. ‘Win Lost’ is a negative politics. Here nobody improves anything.

Less alcohol intake is good for your health. Too much of Alcohol intake is bad for your health. Little bit attention to office politics is good to your improvement. Don’t allow office politics to occupy your head completely. It will lead to ‘Win Lost’ situation.

Best way to deal office politics is they are Salt to Food.

Have an attitude as ‘Everything is God Willing’. Do not compare yourself with anybody. Everything is God willing. This will make you ignore office politics. At the same time listen and response to your biological instincts to keep you survive and succeed.

Biological instinct is also God willing.