Turn towards your Boss

Your boss is waiting turn towards him.

You boss is waiting to train you, guide you, help you to improve in all the aspects. Just turn towards him. He will absorb and lift you.

Many sub-ordinates logger heads with their immediate bosses for various “developed reasons”. They develop anti-incumbency spirit with their management. Develop hate and averse. Identify and organize other people with the same spirit.

Many employees complaint is salary issue.

My subordinate offered 6k per month. We offered what he demanded. Within two months after joining he sniffed everybody’s salary. Started salary comparison. He started murmuring as he is underpaid, his salary is lower than X,Y,Z. He forget that the company has given what he asked.

If the Boss express his favor to somebody by his own likes and dislikes, the “disgruntled employee” raise it as a partiality issue. If the somebody is a female, character abuse will be executed.

The Disgruntled Subordinate forgets why he has joined the company – for career progress, salary, status, making a living, exploring the opportunity to realize himself and his skills, and support his family, and etc.

Immediate boss is the gateway for all the needs and wants of a subordinate. If an employee turn towards his boss, boss will give him the key for success.

Instead, if employee shows his back to his boss, he will not progress. He will burn by the jealous over the progress of others who have inclined to your boss.

By all this negative measurement, disgruntled employee turns towards “exit”.

God/Boss does not fire/terminate this type of employees. He waits for his sub ordinate to turn towards him. Ready to forgive everything. Guru always expects a perfect disciple to transfer his knowledge. Like Guru, Boss expects a receptive subordinate to transfer his knowledge.

Mostly disgruntled employees quit the job. Their negative attitude and negative emotions over the management, push them out of the company.

Like the boss of the company, the Boss of the universe, Boss of our soul is waiting for us to turn towards Him. He is ready to forgive all our sins when we turn towards him.

We do not know, why we born, what is the purpose of life, what is after death. We do not even try to know these things. Indulging in worldly matters and forget to fulfill the soul’s quest to return to God.

If you are not interested in what is after death, salvation, realization, never mind. Peace of mind is guaranteed till your last breath if you turn towards God.

God is very patient. He is waiting for you always. It is your choice.

I have turned towards my boss, the God.