Procrastination Saves Money

Procrastination is also good. It saves money.

Procrastination is considered as a wrong or bad habit normally. But it has good aspect too.

Procrastination is bad if it is applied to good things. It is good if applied to bad things.

You do not want to completely stop an activity or addiction, but you like to reduce the frequency of the activity (Reduce number of time you indulge in that activity). You can procrastinate it.

Procrastination Saves Money
Many people are addicted to shopping. Either need or want, they buy things which they are not going to use it. Women are addicted to shopping more than men.

If you procrastinate buying what you want or procrastinate going to shopping, it saves your money.

For example, I smoke ten cigarettes a day. I like smoking. I do not like to completely stop it, but want to reduce the count. When I have the appetite to smoke, I can procrastinate the temptation. So if I procrastinate for six times, my count would be four. Procrastination helps to reduce number of cigarettes per day.

We can procrastinate expressing certain emotions till we get a safety outlet to ventilate.

You have fallen in love. You want to express it to your lover. When you meet your lover, he/she is with their parents are attending some function or in party. Procrastinate your decision to express your love. You will find a nice opportunity a loneliness to express your love.