Surrender to your Immediate Boss to avoid Office Politics

There is a strategy to escape from ‘office politics’. No loss, no tension. You are safe and secure forever. Surrender to your immediate boss.

Having good rapport with your immediate boss is the easiest way to get your niche in office politics.

Never try to voluntarily get close to the boss of your immediate boss. It may provacate irritation and fear to your immediate boss. Soon he will execute harassment. If he allows you to create rapport with his boss, you are free to establish relationship with his boss.

There may be competitors to your immediate boss. Never never never get close to those people. They may have equal designation with your boss or having race with your immediate boss. Each one is trying to put down another. Avoid getting into cross fire. Never get close to ‘enemy’ of your immediate boss. This is worst mistake.

Show your ‘Sub-Ordination’ explicitly in your attitude and body language. Let others understand as you are in side of your boss because of his designation. So none will disturb you.

Remember, no other person can harm you like your immediate boss. No other person can help you like your immediate boss. He is the one who can either remove or give you peace in your work place.

At the same time be detached. Keep distance from your boss. You should be able to say ‘No’ when you have to say ‘no’. Otherwise, your ego will get wounded.

When your ego get wounded by your boss, you start to hate him. You will develop negative feelings. Soon, your negative feelings will be reflected in your speech and actions. Your relationship with your boss will get friction depending upon the maturity level of your boss.

Good immediate boss never put down the ego of their subordinates. They must have realized that to be successful they need the support of their subordinates as a team. He has to understand everyone’s need and what satisfy them. Some seek money, some seek respect, some seek comfort. Successful boss provides what every subordinate is expecting. Even they do not express it, he has to find and provide.

Be detached from your Boss. You may be promoted or changed. Your immediate supervisor will be changed. Change your ‘sub-ordination’ to your new immediate boss. Don’t repel your new boss. Show your subordination to the designation, but not for the human being who is holding it.

The thumb rule is establish good relationship with your immediate boss. You will have peace.

Reasons for Job Stress

Working hard or working long are not the reasons for stress especially job stress. Stress is a psychological response than physical. Food habit also plays role in stress.

Everything is mindset. You are working with a lady, beautiful lady. You are attracted by her and she too attracted towards you. Spending time with her – speaking, seeing, and everything is a great pleasure to you. You don’t feel for working long now. You like to work long. If the office is closed sharply by 6pm, you will feel it is too early to close.

You will not have job stress now. Job is a pleasure now. You love to be in the office rather than spending time outside. You work long without minding working long. You mind only the beauty where you get hooked.

Soon either you or the lady may be fired or transfered from the office due to office politics. Anyway, there is no job stress till you spend time with the woman.

You are sound financially. You have family support. You are well off. Job is not a mandatory in your life. Job will not be pressure to you. You will not have Job Stress. Job is one more activity in your life.

If your job is what you like to do, you will not have stress even you work for 24hrs a day.

You will not have job stress if you are able to lead your life without a need to work.

You will not have job stress if you are able to say ‘NO’ when you like to say no.

If you are confident and aware that loosing the current job is not going to affect your life anyway, you will not have job stress.

Job will not be a pressure to you when you are able to unload ‘Job Conscious’ from your mind. Fill your mind with what is interesting to you. What to fill your mind is up to you. Fill good things. Best is to fill by God’s wisdom.

People who meet one or more features discussed above are successful in both personal and career life. They do not have job stress. They have high productivity. Professional management adorns and absorbs such people.

Fire is hot. Anyone touches the fire will feel hot. This is common to all. Fire will not respond differently depending upon individuals. You, me, and everybody feels the same when we touch fire. If job gives stress, everybody working in your office should have stress, but only few are stressed out. All the people working are not getting stress. You can see in your office that many/few are enjoying their job, no stress, no tension.

Job Stress is subjective. It depends upon how you interpretate the concept ‘JOB’. Changing the bosses, companies on behalf of job stress will not give any result. It is your mind-set and attitude create stress. Wherever you go, you will have the same unless you change. It is you have to change.

Ignore the Office Politics to Reduce Job Stress

Office politics and work stress are closely related. Ignore the office politics to reduce stress. It is not the workload alone which is the reason for stress. It is our mindset and smouldering negative emotions, which create stress.

Your stress level mounts when your mind is obsessed and got feverish with negative thoughts or negative emotions. Work load is not an issue if you are happy and you have sense of well being.

You will have detractors if you are skillful and talented. You will have competitors, you will earn jealous of others. The existing employees or senior by date of joining have fear or jealous at you. You will have tough time if you are smarter than your immediate boss or superior. You will be insulted directly or indirectly. What they want is to get you out of the company and let them be on top always.

Your relationship stress mounts if you react to the above scenario negatively.


My friend is a programmer. He is well talented with high productivity. He was a quickly promoted to higher levels. The programmers working in the company who are senior to him by date of joining get jealous at him. They represent the management. They insulted him directly or indirectly. They always teased him, put him down many times.

Those who are close to management or acting as immediate boss or superior expect others to be meek to them in all the aspects. Those who are better than them will be tossed like anything.

My friend who had got friction with such people. He started to develop angry feelings, and negative emotions. He did not fight with them explicitly. He kept ‘bottle necking’ his angriness and negative feelings. Even after office hours, he was thinking about them. He was always having the angry feelings and frustrations. His head was overloaded with angry thoughts. He was obsessed or got feverish with his detractors thoughts.

He did not think about his girl friend, his parents, God, brothers and sisters, and friends. But, kept thinking about his competitors.

His productivity in the work got reduced slowly. He was not able to concentrate in his work. His productivity reduced due to wasting his mental strength by having a non-stop ego friction. His workload was also increased. All led him to severe stress and depression problems.

He met me and discussed his problem. He said that he was not able to concentrate in his work. He had some health problems. He suddenly started speaking about his office detractors. He was about to quit the company due to these problems.

I understood his real problem. I explained the real reason for his mental tiredness and lack of concentration. I suggested him to stop thinking about his office detractors. I told him that he would get back his mental strength if he ignores their ill treatment, if he forgives them.

Company pays him, he does not need to bother about others. I told him few tips for how to ignore his detractors.

Office politics is everywhere. Learn to ignore it. Just concentrate on your work. As long as, company is paying you and the workload is bearable ignore other things.

My friend realized the his problem. It is not the work load or his immediate boss which give him stress. It is the way how he responded, which actually give stress to him.

My friend develops pity at his detractors in the office. He is happy that he is skilled enough to earn jealous of other people. He thinks about what he likes and who like him. His angriness disappears. He regains his form and productivity. He is rising to further higher level in his career.

Slowly and steadily, his detractors skip him. They will find another rising star for screwing. My friend is happy and healthy both mentally and physically.

Job change due to Consultancy

Job changing is also happening due to consultancy screwing. Highly profiting business is head hunting.

When you do not have an intention to change or you like to continue in the current company, you will receive consultancy calls like anything. If you are skilled and potential candidate and you are in booming and growing industry, then you may receive 3 to 5 consultancy calls per day. If your resume is short listed by the client of the consultancy then you are hot.

A female with a charming voice or a male with a highly professional and cordial voice will contact over your mobile phone. They will tell that their Prestigious client has a vacancy which best suit your profile. Prestigious client will pay more than what is your CTC (Cost to Company) and etc. If you listen their pitching and get oscillated slightly, you will be tossed like anything.

When you attend the interview with their prestigious client, you will find which may be smaller than your current company.

If you are in India and in software industry, you will be told that an American or Canadian or Australian or any foreign client is waiting for you to conduct the interview. H/She liked your resume very much. Moreover H/She will be catching the flight by today or tomorrow evening. So you suppose to attend the interview as early as possible, otherwise you will miss a Golden Opportunity.

If you attend the interview in hurry burry (get permission from current office by telling a lie), you will be received by a typical Indian, who is with full of ego and high handed behavior as Interviewer. He will have fleeting glance over your resume. Then he will ask the traditional question, Tell about yourself. Though your resume has important things about you, you have to answer this question.

I do not join the company, who asked the traditional question, which is not any way helpful if you are a technical person. Within a week, the prestigious client of your consultancy will contact you directly. The consultancy will be skipped.

One time, a consultancy call was pitching about a CMM level company. I asked is it possible to get 100% hike from my current CTC. Consultancy said it will discuss with the company. Then they contacted me again and said that salary was not an issue. When I attend the interview that CMM level company, said my current CTC is beyond their budget.

CMM Level and big MNCs are numerous like petty shop or tea shops nowadays.

If you are in dilemma when replying to consultancy in the first call, there are chances you may change the job without your interest.

Changing the company for 10 to 30 percent hike is not good in case you are already settle down in your current company.

Their next strategy is making you attend the interview is, make yourself committed. They snatch the word from your mouth and convey that they have informed and confirmed to their client. So if you fail to attend interview you may have guilty feeling. So you will attend the interview to keep your word.

Consultancy is also one of the reasons for salary hike. They always tell you that you will get more than current CTC. It is very rare you move to another company without change in pay.

Quick job hopping is not good for both you and your employers. If you everything going well, stay in a company for minimum one year and maximum 2 to 3 years. But do not continue for more than 3 years in the same company. This is not good for both you and your employer.

Do not be scapegoat for consultancy enticement. Unless you personally decide to move to another company never listen consultancy pitching. Ignore at the first call.

Consultancy is charging you it is not because you are skilled and qualified. It is because your industry is good. There may be a booming or great demand. It is seller’s market – Employee’s market.

If you industry is not good then you have to chase consultancy. I remember that few years back, I charged consultancies; even I paid to register with them. They will conduct a mock interview too. That time was buyer’s market – employer’s market. Now things changed, main reason is industry is good and growing. Soon you may be paid to attend interviews.

You dodge consultancy or consultancy dodge you, nothing depends on you or consultancy. It is the market decides everything. Your experience, skill, and everything will be counted if your industry is good.

Good and Bad of Career

Every man in this world must earn for their bread and butter. We should work or do something to meet out our needs. Depending upon the educational or skill set we earn. The modern world called it as ‘Career’. Every one should have a career, whether your pay cheque is for $1 or $100000 or more. You may be a manager at MNC or house keeping staff in a MNC, everything is career.

Our life style has two boundaries. Before starting a career and after starting a career.

Before starting a career we are free birds. Read the books we like, roamed anywhere at anytime. Chatting, laughing with our friends. Day or night has no restriction for our enjoyment. We have lot of games. We play many indoor and outdoor games. No hesitation, no fear. Mind is not obsessed with anything. No need to think about what is next. See all the movies. Watch or enjoy the beauties of girls in our sphere. Lots of bear parties. Those who are interested in particular game or activity, dedicate their whole time for it.

It is a state of consciousness, where your mind is free from time restriction, no fear about failure. Mind is highly energetic. No tension. It is a life with out commitment. You can move, turn, and change any way you like. You have full freedom and power in driving your life.

When the evil hands of career trapped you, first thing you lost is your freedom. You are forced to read book related to improve your career. Second thing you loose your friends. Career throws the friends to different corner of the world. I remember my father searched and meet his village, school, college friends after his retirement. Once you are caught by career you will loose your contacts with your friends slowly.

Then you loose your ownership to your time. Something or somebody will be the owner of your time. Whatever may be your pay cheque, what level of (high profile or low profile) designation you have, the core activity of your career is selling the time. Without selling your time you can not enroll into a career.

Your interest is coffined. Whether you like or do not like you have to do the responsibilities piled on your head. You loose the freedom to say No when you like to say no.

You can choose your friend but you can not choose your colleague, you have to adjust with your colleagues.

Fun and play or games are completely removed from your life. It is very rare to find people who are playing the games which they played in their teen ages or before trapped by career. You do not have time and you do not have teammates to join with you. Everybody is in shortage of time and running on heels for the sake of career. All the pleasures of youth are gone.

Career does not like the free mind. It keeps filling the mind with targets. It will obsess you with the ‘next thing’ to be done. What is next is always hooking your head. The job consciousness is forcibly stuffed in you head. You can not de-stuff it even after your retirement, since you will not have anything to fill other than your career.

Career sees you as a resource. You are a resource to execute some task or to be utilized. You are committed to career.

The tyrant career keeps you as its slave. But look at your children or any dependents you have, especially who are in their pre-career stage. They enjoy their life because of you. You have mortgaged yourself for them. They live to the full spirit like how you lived when your father or guardian surrender to career. You enjoyed your youth because your parent surrendered to career. Now, its your turn for the sake of your children or dependents.

Have Involvement to Succeed in your Office

Involvement is one of the important attitudes for success.

When people are required to work as team, only those who are getting involved will inspire and lead others. If more number of individuals get involved in a team then it will out perform the opposition.

The good example is cricket match. Eleven people in a team. Two teams have to combat. All the eleven guys are not performing well up to their ability. All players in a team will not be satisfied with their performance. Even some may not have chance to play. Even they win or loose some are satisfied and many are not satisfied. Cricket is the only game where all the guys playing in a match can not be happy or satisfied even they won. Those who are batted well or bowled well and lead the team to victory will be happy; others who did not bat or bowl well will not be happy even their team wins, may be acting or managing as being happy.

If you play the game (cricket) you can realize it. If you bat well, but your team lost, still you will be happy by your individual performance. Your team wins but you did not bat well, then you will be disappointed personally. This is applicable from street cricket to International cricket.

Involvement is the main factor for individual performance and satisfaction while working in team. Depending upon the level of involvement your chances of performing well will get increased. More involvement leads to more performance.

Any type of team-work from software development to war fare need involvement from its collection of individuals to succeed. Involvers contribute more; get more credits then those who are not involved. Involvers get more return, benefits, fame than ‘Un-involvers’. Involvers move to front, un-involvers pushed behind

All the people who have interest are not given equal opportunity to get involved. From cricket to software development and from politics to war fare opportunity to grow is in-equal. People who have influence and management support and able to express ‘themselves’ are given the opportunity first. Some time they steal the opportunity of others. Rarely opportunity is left open to people who are skilled but inferior in ‘politics’ after superior people failed to perform well.

Even you get the opportunity to involve, you have skills but you must have good time, positive mindset, above all God’s grace. Involvement, Opportunity, skill, and ‘timing’ all should work in a sequence.

In the above features involvement is the most important thing. Those who are trying to involve alone get the opportunity or snatch the opportunity or create opportunity. For others opportunity will be given when ‘not used’. Even you have God’s grace but you are not involving then no way to utilize God’s grace.

Your quest to grap the opportunity to get involved is very important to succeed any where and every where. If you hesitate or wait for your turn, then if involvers failed by their bad time, then you will be given the ‘unused’ or ‘forced’ opportunity. But it is very rare, because the hunger of an involver is more intense than non-involvers.

So involve with a positive mindset that you will perform well and succeed and grab the first opportunity to succeed.