Beware of Jealousy Colleague

Beware of jealousy colleague

Never get too close to colleagues like friends. Your skill or pay may stir jealousy people. Some staff or your project mate may be close to you. But even without their awareness they may develop jealous with you.

You may be admirable by others, that even rise jealous.

Jealousy Colleague’s Attack
Those who have jealous over you, try to disturb you or distract you in many ways.

They voluntarily pick-up problems and fight with you. All of a sudden they may shout at you. They create scenes as you are doing something wrong.

They try to even blackmail as ‘I am going to report to Boss’ based on a flimsy issue. Sometime they try to ‘steal’ your work.

They do all sorts of things to eliminate you or put you down. If female staff is the reason for the jealous then they may go at any extreme.

How to Handle Jealousy Colleague
Better way to handle the jealousy people is just ignore them. Don not retaliate them.

Let them get sick by their jealousy. Forgive them, pity at them. Laugh at their dirty things.

At the same time never never never afraid of them. Never give up the job because of silly politics. Just keep working and improve your skills.

Never waste your energy with jealousy people. At the same time keep some distance from them. They may try to threaten you, have courage and be steady and firm.

As long as you ignore them and emotionally balanced, they are the losers.

Happily, learn how to handle jealousy people and overcome them.