Turn towards your Boss

Your boss is waiting turn towards him.

You boss is waiting to train you, guide you, help you to improve in all the aspects. Just turn towards him. He will absorb and lift you.

Many sub-ordinates logger heads with their immediate bosses for various “developed reasons”. They develop anti-incumbency spirit with their management. Develop hate and averse. Identify and organize other people with the same spirit.

Many employees complaint is salary issue.

My subordinate offered 6k per month. We offered what he demanded. Within two months after joining he sniffed everybody’s salary. Started salary comparison. He started murmuring as he is underpaid, his salary is lower than X,Y,Z. He forget that the company has given what he asked.

If the Boss express his favor to somebody by his own likes and dislikes, the “disgruntled employee” raise it as a partiality issue. If the somebody is a female, character abuse will be executed.

The Disgruntled Subordinate forgets why he has joined the company – for career progress, salary, status, making a living, exploring the opportunity to realize himself and his skills, and support his family, and etc.

Immediate boss is the gateway for all the needs and wants of a subordinate. If an employee turn towards his boss, boss will give him the key for success.

Instead, if employee shows his back to his boss, he will not progress. He will burn by the jealous over the progress of others who have inclined to your boss.

By all this negative measurement, disgruntled employee turns towards “exit”.

God/Boss does not fire/terminate this type of employees. He waits for his sub ordinate to turn towards him. Ready to forgive everything. Guru always expects a perfect disciple to transfer his knowledge. Like Guru, Boss expects a receptive subordinate to transfer his knowledge.

Mostly disgruntled employees quit the job. Their negative attitude and negative emotions over the management, push them out of the company.

Like the boss of the company, the Boss of the universe, Boss of our soul is waiting for us to turn towards Him. He is ready to forgive all our sins when we turn towards him.

We do not know, why we born, what is the purpose of life, what is after death. We do not even try to know these things. Indulging in worldly matters and forget to fulfill the soul’s quest to return to God.

If you are not interested in what is after death, salvation, realization, never mind. Peace of mind is guaranteed till your last breath if you turn towards God.

God is very patient. He is waiting for you always. It is your choice.

I have turned towards my boss, the God.

Smart Programmer

Smart Programmer work less and produce more. He get the job done without giving stress to their client or immediate boss. At the same time he does not have stress or does not work till he burn out.

Smart programmer understand clearly, what has to be done, what is the need of the client. He works in a line and length with requirement to fulfill the needs of the client. He does what makes client happy, not what is easy to him.

Smart programmers has technical expertise. He innovates new ways to get the job done quickly and easily. He does not look at his monitor for whole day. He works few hours a day and show more productivity than stress free programmer and stressful programmer.

If a task needs 8 hours of labor, he takes 5 to 6 hours and be relaxed in remaining hours. He does not take 12 to 14 hours to complete a 8 hours job and saying ‘I am working more, staying upto midnight in the office…’.

He is quick in his work as well as leaving the office quickly in the evening.

Smart programmer is stress free because of his skill in time estimating. He does not over estimate or under estimate. He will convince the client or immediate boss that why he needs such a timeline to get the task done.

Smart Programmer has both communication and persuasion skills.

When client or immediate boss, forcing to complete a task in too short time, smart programmer will not agree. He has guts and confidence to oppose the immediate boss if he is charged inhumanly.

Smart programmer know what he can and can’t do. He will not commit for what he can’t do.

Focusing on client’s requirement, be truth full to what he can do and can’t, being positive in communications and having guts and confidence to oppose when he is demanded more inhumanly, and with little bit creativity. These are the attitudes of Smart Programmer.

In overall, the stress level between the smart programmers and the clients will be lower or zero percent. They keep themself happy and keep the client happy.

Being a smart programmer is not related to technical skill alone. It is related to attitude more than technical skills.

Elizabethan Age Society – Shakespeare Literature

Shakespeare’s dramas mainly written over royal society of Elizabethan age. Shakespeare did not deal with peasants, potters, and people who lived in the ‘edges of the life’. He did not deal with the people who live by serving to Royal section of England.

There may be few dramas written over about ordinary people. But what are the dramas are famous and prescribed to schools and colleges are dealing with the plots of kings and lords of england.

For Example: King Lear, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet , Hamlet and etc are having the main characters from royal sections.

The feelings and emotions dealt might be common to all the people. But the characters who express the feelings are Kings and Lords.

A society compromises all sort of people, and living standard. The main society includes sub-systems and sub-societies. Literature can not record all the sections of a society where it was written.

Through Shakespeare literature, we can study royal society of Elizabethan age. Other sub-systems/sections of the Elizabethan age are not covered in Shakespeare’s literary contributions.

Not only Shakespeare, until the 19th century or beginning of Industrial revolution all the literature dealt with kings and lords and high society. It is natural that literature or media deal with popular individuals, individuals in power, individuals with wealth, and individuals who has the attention of common public.

Life of the common man was started recorded in literature during western colonization was questioned. T.S. Eliot, John Osborn(Look Back in Anger), Earnest Hamingway are the beginning of new stage where kings and lords were completely forgotten by Literature. Moreover during their period there were no kingdoms and kings.

Things changed when patrons of literature changed.

Literature is written for its patron. When kings and lords were the patron, literature was written for them. When common public become the patron, literature,is written for the common public. The plots of literature changed when its patrons are changed.

Even today, see what is the most discussed items in News Media including TV, Internet and Dailies and weeklies. Individuals who are able to have their impact on the common public in anyway are the target of Media. This is by and large. There are few exceptions too.

why electric bicycle is not successful in indian market?

Electric bicycle is too costly for Indian cycle market. Regular users of bicycle in India are low income people and school students mostly. For these segment cycle is low cost transport machine. Price of an electric bicycle/kit is not affordable to these regular and today commuters.

Cycle means no maintenance. This is our mindset about cycles mostly. Battery powered bicycle require maintenance. This will raise complaints retail shops, which is new to retail shop owners. Support to cycle after sales never exists.

No local Support
Street cycle mechanics have to upgrade to electrician. Otherwise they could not manage the issues in electric bicycle.

Above all, cost is the major obstacle to get an entry in to electric cycle.

Ozone layer Depletion

Ozone is an oxygen element. Molecular formula of ozone is O3. Above earth’s surface from 9.6 km to 48 is called ozone layer. The ozone (O3) is formed when our oxygen (O2) is exposed to electric discharge by ultra violet rays emitted by sun.

This layer protects the earth from harmful causes of ultra violet ray. Direct exposure to ultra violet can cause many diseases. Ultra violet can decimate the cells of living organism. The presence ozone layer is the unique feature of earth and their feature makes earth as a unique planet in the universe. Without ozone layer no possibility for the existence living organism.

The shadow of God (ozone layer) is now emaciated by the activities of a living being which was once inspired by Satan- yes that is man – homosapiens. The nitrogenous wastage from any source, halogens, chloro-fluro-carbons, and bromine are the chemical substances, which create hole in ozone layer. These produced by human for a comfort life, which is leading to no life.

Straight above the Artic circle, northwest Asia ozone is like almost disappeared that is called ozone hole. Where there is an ozone hole, there is no filtration of Ultra violet rays.

The harmful chemicals keep destroying the ozone layer. If this destruction continues ozone this whole planet will be directly exposed to Ultra violet rays. Then Earth has to renounce its unique feature ‘Existence of life’.

In 1987 USA and other 22 countries signed. Montreal Protocol Treaty to stop using the ozone destroying compounds.

We cannot construct the ozone layer, the best we can do is stop destructing the ozone layer. Due to the global awareness the destruction ratio has slowed down, but not completely stopped. Because, many countries do not follow Montreal Protocol.

We cannot go back to Stone Age civilization from the current Silicon Civilization.

Both developed and developing countries have to acquire and aware of alternate chemicals, which will not affect ozone layer. This is the possible way to stop destructing the ozone depletion.

The more modernized civilization spoils the precious features of our planet.

Investment in Schools Colleges

Education has become investment. Like mutual funds, shares, real estate education is an investment. Parents investing in education for big returns.

The major attribute of education is economy, the ability to get a job, get an high paying job. Other attributes are status, recognition.

Educated brides and grooms are a ‘sellable / disposable commodity’ at ease in the matrimonial market.

People believe that studying in ‘good school and colleges’ yield more job opportunity and earning potential. Of course, it is true. Parents are ready to ‘invest’ in college admission if the college draws big paying companies for campus interviews.

Indian schools, give better job opportunity against uneducated person. Educated person has an edge over uneducated person for jobs. That its.

Other than economy, education does not make a big difference between educated and uneducated. All the crimes are done by both uneducated and educated people equally.

Lack of Entrepreneurship in Indian Education

Indian english medium schools produce massive white color, blue color ’employees’. Entrepreneurs have to give ‘decent’ job opportunities to this ‘work force’.

Entrepreneurship does not require education. It requires attitude.

Both uneducated and educated people can be found as entrepreneurs or bosses. But all the people doing white or blue color jobs are educated people only.

Without entrepreneurs, ‘educated employees’ can not survive. Indian schools and colleges produce employees.

Attitude produce entrepreneurs.

Does present day educational system teach attitude? If so, In which Indian school or college is attitude taught?

Money has a value, not attitude. Indian education has a value, not attitude.

Oxygen As A Commodity

Do we realize that we are consuming oxygen at free of cost. Nothing is free of cost in the world except oxygen. Earth is giving the oxygen without expecting anything from us. Earth does not trade with humanity. But humanity makes everything tradable. Even, water is a selling product nowadays. Potable Water is sold. There will be a scarcity for oxygen if we don’t care now.

Every body knows oxygen and water is important for our life. Water is sold in bottles and pocket. Our grandfathers never thought of purchasing water. But we are purchasing water in our life time. We never think of purchasing oxygen in our life time, but let our next generation should not buy oxygen. Let oxygen be free, not a commodity.

Evey body in this world give something to take. We do/provide something for our living. What ever we take/consume we have to pay or barter something either directly or indirectly. But we never give or repay anything for consuming oxygen. Oxygen is freely consumed by everybody. Do we repay to earth for providing oxygen? Nothing.

Only trees recycle or refill the environment by releasing oxygen and consuming carbon dioxide. Stop cutting trees is the old slogan. Nobody cares… People and industries keep cutting the trees. Grow trees…not every individual can do it. If you are living in city, you can not find a space or time for growing a tree.

But people live in cities and everybody can do a small contribution to the earth. Like saying ‘thank you’ to the earth for providing oxygen.

Just grow plants in pots in your home.

This is the easiest way to refill oxygen consumed by everybody.

You can use balcony, terrace, and etc to keep pots and grow plants. This may be small or micro or macro level contribution to our environment. Little drops of water makes the ocean. Like that if every individual in the world grow plants, which will be a great change at global level. Global warming will be stopped or at least get reduced definitely.

It is individual responsibility to refill the oxygen consumed from the environment. Everybody must realize it.

Grow either trees or plants to refill the oxygen consumed.

You may be wealthy or middle class or poor, but you can grow a plant in your home in a pot. If every individual brings up a tree or plant, we can see the change in few years.

Just promote this message if interested. At least grow a plant in your home and motivate your friends to grow plant in their home. Our simple effort will stop Climate Change, Ozone Depletion and Global Warming. This may solve our water problem too.

Think of a simple contribution to the earth for providing oxygen.

What is Idol Worship as per Quran

What is Idol worship as mentioned by Quran. Even many muslims think statue worship is Idol Worship. Which is absolutely wrong.

Idol worship not only related to worshiping statues or images or symbols alone. Even if you symbolizes anything as God the almighty, which may be accepted.

As per Quran, anything which occupies your mind more often than God is Idol Worship.

If you think of money and doing business for money like anything, money becomes your God. Doing business for making more money rather than meeting out your basic needs. It is Idol Worship.

Someone cheated you. You get angry with him. Days and nights you think of the person who cheated you. You imagine how can you retaliate. Nothing is more important to you than revenging him. Now the person who cheated you is your God. He occupies your mind more than anything in twenty four hours a day. Now you are committing the sin Idol Worship as mentioned by Quran.

Anything which occupies your mind for longer period and often is your God.

If you allow anything to fill your mind other than God, you are committing Idol Worship.

You have decease. If you always thinking and worrying about the decease, the decease is your God. you are worshiping the Decease.

You have some fear. You always speaks about your fear, you always act by your fear, thoughts of fear haunting you like anything. Now fear is your God. You are worshiping Fear. This is Idol worshiping.

If your brother or sister or children or friend or relative died unexpectedly. You keep thinking about the died person and sulk in depression. Now the died person is your God. You are worshiping the death soul.

You get a good job with high salary. You always proclaim your job and salary proudly. Your body language reflects your job and the richness. You move with the people, speak, think, live based on your Job and Salary. you enjoy your identification with your profession. Now your Career is your God, not God is your God. You are Idol worshiping your Career.

Here is a Example from Hindu Mythology:
In Mahabaratha, Krishna has a separate episode with Kamsan his uncle.

As per the oracle, Kamsan will be killed by his sister’s son. Kamsan tried to avoid it. But later on, Kamsan comes to know, Krishna is his sister’s son, who escaped from all his efforts to kill him.

Now, Kamsan afraid of death, being killed by Krishna. Every second he thinks about krishna. Wherever he looks he see Krishna’s face. Whatever sound he hears, it seems to be Krishna’s voice. While breathing in and out, he utter the name of Krishna.

Now Kamsan’s god is Krishna, because Kamsan fills his mind with Krishna. Now Kamsan is doing Idol worshiping.

Shivering/Haunting/Thinking about something other than God more often or always is Idol Worship.

Hope, some how you understand what is Idol worship as prohibited by Quran.

Worshiping statues, images, icons, symbols are not only Idol worship. Of course there are also Idol worship, but Idol worship is not confined to statue worship alone.

If our mind is vibrated by anything other than God is Idol worship.

During Vinayagar Chaturthi or Ganesh Chaturthi, even some muslims also think about the elephant statue.

Some people(hindus) keep thinking about the elephant statue because of Devotion. Some people(muslims) keep thinking about the elephant statue because of angriness and aversion. Both act on the elephant statue based on their emotions.

Whatever may be the emotion but both sections keep thinking about the elephant statue more than anything else. So both are committing the sin Idol Worship during Chaturthi.

Quran contains God’s message to worship God alone, but mistakenly people worship Quran more than God.

Idol worship is a sin happening mostly at thought level when compared to statue worship. Idol worship is committed by people from all the religion including muslims.

If you are a Muslim, not agreeing with the above explanation for Idol Worship, damn sure you have not read Quran at least once in your life time.

Silicon Civilization

We are living in Silicon Civilization. Human history has witnessed various known and unidentified civilizations.

Every civilization has its own life style, comfort level, technical expertise, cultural and economic system, and of course Spirituality and God.

In stone age people were having expertise in using stone for their extra comfort in hunting, fighting and sheltering.

Like that, we had Steel age during the Industrial revolution. With the expertise in chemicals we had ‘Plastic Age’.

Now, we are in age of Semi-Conductors. From poor to rich are using semi-conductors in one way or other way. From cell phone to Rockets, chips are every where.

The world is shrinking closer and closer from civilization to civilization. People across the continents can communicate just like that in silicon civilization. No other civilizations have achieved such a technical advancement than silicon civilization.

The main difference among civilizations is Technical Expertise.

There are other minor conceptual differences among civilizations. There are definition of Sin and Crime, create of God, preaching of spiritual leaders, commodity pricing, freedom and role of women. Above all, the overall conscious of people.

Collective Conscious of society is different from civilization to civilization. Each civilization has its conscious. The people believe something, and practice something. Many people have a search in their life without the clarity of what to be searched.

Is the technological advancement and its impact in the day to day life formatting the conscious of people or growth of brain? OR Are the conscious or growth of brain leading to technical advancement?

Conscious is not static. It is keep changing. Why it is changing, and how it is changing is still a mystery. In a man’s life, the conscious of childhood, boyhood, adulthood, middle age and old age are different.

Conscious is the only source of self identification or ‘I am’. ‘I am’ is keep changing within a life span of man.

Conscious is the crux of sense of well being.

The actions we do and the actions acted upon us, the thought we generate and the thought generated for us, the level of comfort, the level of stress all are changing our conscious slowly without our awareness. Change may be either in positive or negative way.

Everything in and around us shapes our conscious.

When you do not watch TV for a year, you may notice a slight difference in your conscious from others.

If you receive an appreciation and you are receiving scolding, both mount two difference conscious respectively.

By and large, conscious of all the civilizations are not same. Each civilization has its unique consciousness.

Silicon Civilization has attained the highest technical expertise compare to all other civilizations. Does it give the best sense of well being to its people compared to other civilizations?

The living standard and level of comfort in day to day life of silicon civilization is the best among all other civilizations. There is no doubt in it. But is it eco-friendly?

The more technical advancement leads to more harm to eco-system. No other civilization has done such a damage to earth like silicon civilization. More indulgence in material life, lead to less involvement in human values.

Moreover, it is the most complex living system.

Is Silicon civilization the best civilization in terms of sense of well being, complexity, and stress level in individual and society.

Does every individual have sufficient biological space in the age of Semi-conductors?

Does silicon civilization gives the best conscious to its people compare to all other civilizations?

Survival Salary

Survival Salary is just opposite to Sky Scrapping Salary.

Survival Salary is paid only to live. By getting the survival salary, you can not have any comfort in your life. You can fulfill your needs to keep breathing. You can afford for some cloths to cover your nudity.

Mostly, 30% of salaried employees getting low salary to keep them self alive. 40% – 50% of salaried employees are getting the salary to meet out their little desires and comforts. 30% – 20% of salaried employees are getting the salary to afford for their comfort and able to buy other’s comfort and time to lead a luxury life. Look around you. The ratio may be slightly vary, but by and large it is a fact.

By education and market trend, some youngsters may get a sky scrapping salary at the very early stage of their career. But everybody can not get it at early stage.

Those who begin their career with survival salary, see the world indifferently, start criticizing the society, reluctantly accept the jobs. They start to feel that they are failure, slowly develop cognitive errors and moving towards their negative side.

There are few people, who begin their career with survival salary. Soon they ascend in their career, productivity, and relationship with management to get a comfortable salary. Out of comfortable salary receivers, some ascend to get a sky scrapping salary.

Salary is not a destiny. It is a reflection of our various socio-cultural-economic aspects in synchronization with the skill set. If we change our productivity, attitude, and relationship skills, our salary will also change.

Survival Salary is a door to sky scrapping salary, for those who are ready to change and improve them self, but lacking the skills now to get sky scrapping salary.