Practical Spirituality for Materialistic Man

Practical Spirituality for Materialistic Man

Too much of anything gives problem. No much of anything gives problem. We need to maintain a balance between too much and no much to be peaceful and balanced.

Balancing in all the needs of life and wants of life is important for a man of material life. Health, wealth, fame, recognition, importance, ego, pleasures, pains, success, failure, etc all are needed in proper dosage to be happy and stable in material life. Neither in excess nor in scarcity – balanced fulfillment of all is required to have a satisfied life.

If you are leading a material life, too much of spirituality is bad. It affects your material life. If you like or can not avoid material life, then do not involve in spirituality too much. Like pickle to curd rice ratio, keep spirituality a bit low and fulfill your materialistic demands. Distribute your efforts/time 80℅ for material life and 20℅ for spiritual life.

Identify what you want and where are you in the life and channelize your energy/efforts accordingly.

If you are into earning money, getting married, having children, bringing up children, then you need to address all the ingredients of material life.

Going to temple or your worshipping place, reading/reciting your religion’s holy books, doing prayer for material gains, doing charity, remembering God or Divine force if possible, avoid committing sins if possible, forgive other’s mistakes as well as your mistakes, pray good luck to all your loved ones as well as your hatred ones, watch your thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, speech if possible, but do not control them (you can not control them, let it be) – are your spiritual involvements. Rest you have to focus on your material life.

Mukti, samadhi, enlightenment, awakening, realizing brahman or aatma, mystical experience beyond mind, etc. are not for you if you are into material life. They are for a person who is into 100℅ spiritual life and completely detached from material life and have no commitments in material life.

There are yogic practices, breathing techniques, watching breath, strict religious process, narcotic intakes to break the crust of I or melt the crust of I to connect with Divine energy. These practices completely removes all the delusions we have, these delusions are propelling our life. If you get rid of these delusions, you will experience true nature of You, but it is not the scope or objective of family man. As a materialistic man, you do not try anything like these. You just live with the crust of I, do not break it. Live with your delusions, do not erase your delusions. It is difficult for an uprooted tree to grow again. Don’t uproot. Just undergo and experience both good and bad of life without resistance like a tree which experiences all weathers and seasons patiently.

Aging and experience will give you wisdom. Wisdom will give detachment to life, detachment from what is You gradually, yes Gradually. No sudden spikes of wisdom for family man. Wisdom will gradually dilutes your delusions. What state is attained by ardent yogic practices, that state you will gradually reach through aging, experience, wisdom. Aging, experience, wisdom is the path for family man, not yogic practices.

If you seek advice for your materialistic life problem, then get advice from an experienced person from materialistic life or atleast who is wearing your similar shoes. Do not seek advice from spiritual person for your materialistic life problems. Your material life is immaterial to spiritual person. His/her advice will not solve your problems. Be aware from whom you need to get advice. Sharing, lamenting are different from getting advice. You can share your grievance to some one you trust. But, you cannot get advice from anybody, especially from a spiritual person for your materialistic problems.

As a materialistic man/woman, you live with your fears and live with your desires. You pray for your fears and pray for your desires. Divine energy wants you to live like a human, that is why it has given you a chance to born as human. So, live, experience, die as a man/woman. Cosmic energy wants to experience, how it is to be you, so be you.