Time Machine See you Past and Future

Time Machine can help you to face problems and choices by making you see yourself.

There are many science fiction stories have the plot of Time Machine. With time machine we can travel between times.

But personally I do not believe the concept of time itself. Time does not exits in reality. Time is an illusion. If there is no events, no need for time.

Let us come to time machine. If you are traveling in time machine you go back in the past, you can see yourself. How do your react, what do you speak when you meet yourself.

Can you prepare a questionnaires what would you like to ask or can you guess what your younger version will ask to you. What kind of advice ‘both of you’ will exchange.

If I see my ten year old younger version, I remember what were the situations I faced 10 years back, How did I react. Now I am 32 years old. At 22 years of time my belief cum value system, faith are totally different from what is now. Situation, problems, choices, opportunities, interest, needs are totally different. Both are me (version 22 and version 32). But both are two different persons in many aspects.

The success and failure, comfort and struggles, loses and gains might have sculptured me a lot.

At 22 years old, I made few decisions, selected few choices. Some were right move, and some were wrong move, I realized that later on. Now I know, what was the right decision. But past is past. Let it go.

Even now, I am taking decisions, but only my future version of 42 years old knows the result. I do not bother about the results of my decisions. We can take decision by our experience and knowledge what we have now.

There is no use of knowing the right solution for the wrong decision taken in the past. The knowledge will not help you any way to take decision for a current problem. Similarity of the problems may reduce your tension level but results may differ.

I do not mind my decisions when I was 22 years old. But I concern about my feelings, my mental reflexes to the old problems. The impact of problems over me.

During my 22, I was emotionally imbalanced while facing the problems. I worried too much unnecessarily. I hesitated a lot. I afraid a lot. I was obsessed a lot.

The big problems at 22 years old are not at all a problem now. Problems were problems. I had to take either right or wrong decision. But my emotions were definitely wrong. I could be emotionally balanced. No needed to worry, no needed to be obsessed. No needed to stuff problems to head. Which I realize now. I could have handled the situation calmly. I mean I could be emotionally cool while facing the problems. I could have seen problems easily than assuming the world is going to end.

The importance I gave to the problems was too much, now I realize. I bottle necked many emotions. I could have expressed, which I realize now.

The only feedback I like to give to my ‘past version’, is that he could be normal instead of got tensed to problems and decision making. He should have stop worried. He should not have hesitated. He should not be afraid. He could be emotionally well balanced with a sense of well being in all the circumstance.

Nobody knows what is right or wrong solution to a problem until taking decision. No need to re-write the decisions taken in the past which was wrong later on. But ‘He’ could be cool, steady and stable to the problems he came across. No obsess or no hurry or no guilty feeling in the past.

Now the situation changed in the Time Machine. The ‘future version’ of myself after ten years has come to see me. Myself at 42 years old has come to see my present(32 years old).

As a senior what will be the feedback/advice to me by my ‘Future Version’ after a decade. I too have problems/choices now like my past version at 22 years old. Still I am emotionally imbalanced to my problems and decision making. Still having fear, hesitation, tension, hurry like my old version.

My ‘future version’ will give the same advice, what I have given to my ‘past version’. Because my problems are silly to him. It is good to be balanced, detached from problems,decisions,choices and results. ‘He’ will say to me as ‘Problems are problems, some decision have to be taken. Right or wrong will be known later on. But keep cool and relaxed always’.

Have a dream that you are going to meet your past and your future will meet you. Visualize the advices for the problems, choices you face at different stages of your life by different versions of yourself.

How many of you have come to realize now that if you have expressed your willingness, you could have got many things which you missed in the past.