Mobile Browsing

Converting normal websites to ‘mobile browsing’ is really needed? If needed, how to implement it easily?

Right now there is no such traffic or data transfer from mobile devices like desktop or laptop. There is no guarantee that people will switch to mobile browsing to surf the internet as on date.

If we compare the previous history of desktop browsing, I predict sooner or later mobile phones will be used for browsing more than desktop computers.

Desktop browsing increased when the bandwidth capacity increased by Internet Service Providers (ISP). Because of the high speed broadband connections at affordable cost, video and audio streaming is made possible to the internet.

Desktop browsing got momentum because of high speed internet connection and higher bandwidth.

In the same manner speed and bandwidth of wireless/GPRS internet connectivity increased, mobile browsing will get momentum.

Mobile browsing will generate more traffic than desktop computers when the speed and bandwidth of wireless internet connectivity increased.

The SMS communication among present generation youngster makes sure that they have better ‘dexterity’ with mobile phones than computers. When this ‘present’ generation matures to middle ages they prefer mobile phone than computer to browsing.

Technology growth has great impact in life style changes.

Desktop browsing may be obsolete when ISPs increase the speed and bandwidth of wireless internet connection.

At one point of time, most websites will have dual versions. Once for desktop browsing and another for mobile browsing.

Techie guys will manage with the single website for both desktop and mobile browsing with little compromise in user experience. This site is such one. I do not maintain two different domains for desktop and mobile browsing. You can view this site both desktop and in cell phone browser with ease.