CIBIL – Defaulter Vs NPA

NPA stands for Non Performing Asset.

Are you listed in CIBIL defaulter list? If so, do not get panic. Listed as defaulter is not so serious like NPA. Many do not aware of NPA. Defaulter status does not eliminate your chances to get next loans completely.

Even if you miss one EMI you can be declared as ‘Defaulter’ though you complete the loan later. If your next creditor or bank denying to issue loan since you are defaulted in the EMI in last loan, you can give valid reason to Justify why did you defaulted and you are having a scope to convince the loan issuing authority. You can give reason for why you have defaulted your EMI. Like, You are sick, you are fired and etc provided you should have cleared your loan.

What is more serious than ‘defaulter’ is NPA. If you are listed in NPA list, you are at dead end. You can not get loan from any nationalised or private banks. If a bank manager issues loan to a person who is listed in NPA, can be sued. The person issues loan has to justify why he has given loan to person who is listed by CIBIL as NPA.

NPA is deadly than Defaulter.

If you miss out an EMI, you can be listed as Defaulter. Next month you continue to pay your EMI including the pending EMIs. In case you fail to pay the EMI for the next three months, your loan is a Non Performing Asset to the Bank.

If any loan does not yield result(EMIs) for 90 days, it is a Non Performing Asset( NPA ). The loan holder’s creditability is completely damaged. If any loan which is not functional for more than 90 days, it has to be mentioned in NPA, otherwise the manager or authorised person has to give reason why the loan is not listed in NPA.

How to avoid listed in CIBIL defaulter list

If you know that you are not able to pay your EMI for next month or so, you can inform the bank in advance in writing and confirm that you can pay cumulatively later on. So that your case may not be informed to CIBIL by your bank.

Keep good relationship with your bank. Inform your situation if things go wrong, in advance and confirm that you can pay the loan even if you fail one or two EMIs, in writing. This will maintain your creditability with the institution where you get loan and may avoid you get listed in CIBIL defaulter list.

How to avoid listed in NPA list

If you are listed in defaulter do not worry, but resume paying your EMI within 90 days.

NPA is a killer status than Defaulter.