Commitment at Work

My employee does not show commitment in his work. I assigned him in a key project. This is a very important project to be finished at the earliest. In the mean time he took leave without waiting for my permission. He just passed an intimation that he is taking leave.

He already got 15 days of leave, which begins from next week. He promised me that he will not take any more leave, once he got the approval for 15 days leave for his marriage. I argued with my management to get his 15 days leave.

Now he took leave again, he failed is words. He seemed to be not caring about the project he is doing. He seemed to be care free as let the project finish automatically instead he has to finish it. By and large, he is not committed.

There is no commitment from him towards the work he is doing. I felt disappointed. I got angry.

Here is my analysis for the situation:

The role your employee is not Bill Collector or District Magistrate or Police officer or Military General or President of United States or Prime Minister of India to have such a very high commitments.

Your employee is an amateur programmer. He is getting a survival salary per month as salary. You can not give guarantee for his job. Of course, you do not have job guarantee.

You can not expect commitment from your employee unless he is interested in his work.

Your employee can show commitment in two cases:
1) He is interested in his work.
2) He is very badly depending upon the salary and job for his social positioning.

You can not force your employee to be a dependent on his salary. It is related to his financial and social conditions. This is out of your control.

You can only make him interested in his work, by creating interest in his works.

If he does not show commitment, do not get angry. Do not take it personal or have negative feelings.

If your employee is not showing commitment, that is not your fault. It is his fault as he has chosen a career, where he can not show interest.

The simple logic about commitment is, Commitment can be shown, it can not be demanded.

Expecting commitment is stupid. Let it be shown.